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Zach-D111, born Zachariah Weaver, is a SPARTAN-III commando who trained with the illicit Delta Company. The youngest member of Ferret Team Boson and formerly the most bombastic, Zachariah turned his unfocused anger into dutiful action after mellowing in age. His coolness under pressure makes him a confident communicator and warfighter with an overbearing, go-getter attitude.

Born and raised by his single business tycoon of a father, Zachariah never knew his mother and grew up as heir to a modest-sized interstellar freight corporation. When the Covenant attacked Tribute, Zachariah was successfully evacuated to Earth but his father was killed and much of his company was destroyed, falling into bankruptcy. With nowhere to turn, he jumped at the opportunity provided by recruiters for the SPARTAN-III Program.

Passionate for weapons in general, Zachariah became certified as Ferret Team Boson's weapons maintainer and heavy weapons specialist. Following multiple desertions among Delta Company, Zachariah distanced himself from his team and joined ONI's Project BRUTUS as a junior Spartan liaison. While proud of his Spartan status, he has found enjoyment in a partial civilian life far more than his peers.

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