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Yvette Kelsi
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September 21st, 2514



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Yvette Kelsi is a former UNSC Army soldier that deserted her post during the Battle of Vodin. In order to flee the carnage of that battle, she joined a motley crew of smugglers and criminals aboard the freighter Stormfalcon. She would remain with the Stormfalcon crew for five years until their ship was shot down by Covenant Banshees in the skies over Mazovia.



Yvette was drafted by the United Nations Space Command Army a few months after her eighteenth birthday to help combat the Covenant threat. During her first deployment to Vodin, Yvette witnessed her company get massacred and abandoned by their superiors against a numerically superior enemy. While her comrades were dying around her, she ran from the battle into a nearby forest. For three days she was forced to eat off the land and hide from Covenant forces hunting her. Eventually, she came across the crew of the Stormfalcon, who were a rag-tag group of smugglers, criminals, and former insurrectionist fighters. Yvette eventually convinced the crew to take her aboard and escaped the planet as it was engulfed by the battle.

For five years, she traveled with the Stormfalcon to one glassed colony after another. While making a supply run to Mamore, a young girl named Elżbieta Pryce (later nicknamed “Beta” by Eve) took refuge aboard the ship. Yvette was the one to discover her hiding inside a ventilation shaft. She took care of the girl and soon became her protector and friend.

After finding nothing but destroyed planets, the crew eventually made its way to the planet Mazovia and took a job to deliver a high-concentration of desiderfruit to a well-paying buyer on Terra Nova. Selling the prized fruit would buy the crew passage to the safety of Earth, but fearing that she would be apprehended and thrown in prison for deserting, Yvette decided to stay on Terra Nova with Beta.

But before they could load the rest of their cargo onto the ship and leave the colony, the Covenant attacked Mazovia. With the Stormfalcon still on the ground, a CCS-class battlecruiser cut off their escape and launched an overwhelming swarm of Banshees over the region. Unable to escape the pursuing Banshees, the Stormfalcon was struck, critically damaging its engines and hull. With the ship depressurized, Yvette noticed that the crates meant to be carrying desiderfruit were actually carrying shipments of the dangerous drug known as Feride.

Stuck in the cargo bay when the hole was torn in the ship's hull, Yvette and Beta were caught in the strong current of air flowing out of the ship. Yvette held on to Beta as best she could but lost her grip from the force of the depressurization being too strong and her hands slipping. Unable to do anything, she watched as Beta was swept out of the ship. The Stormfalcon does not reach high into the atmosphere and thus could not escape to low orbit and the damage suffered by the Banshees would send it crashing back to the surface.

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