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Yuri Rosch
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May 19th, 2529

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M6-series service pistol

  • AV-series Sparrowhawk (pilot)
  • AC-series Vulture (commander)




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"What did you expect? ONI's science division is the best in the galaxy!"
―Yuri Rosch

Yuri Rosch was an Office of Naval Intelligence field commander who served the the United Earth Government during both the Great War and the War of Reclamation. A loyal soldier of deep personal convictions, Rosch rose to prominence first as an operative handler within the NAVSPECWAR division and then as a an operations officer for ONI's Section Three. Rosch proved himself a capable officer during the Great War, serving in both tactical and frontline capacities against the Covenant Empire and Insurrection. Following the end of the war, he was instrumental in the formation of ONI's private security force of which he himself led a large offensive task force. As part of Vice Admiral Serin Osman's sweeping reforms under the Legacy Initiative, Rosch was appointed director of the Internal Security Command (ISCOM), an ONI initiative for containing and eliminating treasonous and subversive elements within colonial governments, the military, and the UEG itself. Though he harbored private doubts about some of the measures enacted by his superiors, Rosch ultimately believed that military power was key to humanity's survival and carried out his orders without hesitation.

Personality and Traits

Yuri is, first and foremost, an uncompromisingly loyal officer of the UNSC. With no immediate family to speak of, he never entered into any sort of relationships after graduating from the academy and entering into the Office of Naval Intelligence. While noted for being extremely intelligent and tactically gifted, he was also a zealot with an almost fanatical devotion to the UNSC's goal of defending humanity. This passionate dedication often drove him to take risks that other officers in his position shied away from or deemed irresponsible, such as his tendency to personally direct field operations from the front lines of combat. Those who were less aware of his intense feelings towards his military duties would often brand him as a "glory seeker", though Rosch swore that this was never the case with his forays into combat.

"If I needed to sacrifice a thousand aliens in order to save just a single human, then I would do it in a heartbeat."
―Yuri Rosch

During the years following the Human-Covenant War, Rosch's vivid memories of the destruction the Covenant had wrought on humanity caused him to conclude that the United Earth Government needed to remain aloof when dealing with other alien races. He was privately appalled by the UEG's membership in the Interspecies Union, though he never made his misgivings public. Rosch held the view that humanity could only survive in the galaxy if it stood alone against alien races, and he considered it his duty to preserve human lives at all costs, regardless of the toll his efforts might take on other species. While conducting operations against Covenant Loyalists after the Human-Covenant War, Rosch gained infamy for the ruthless nature of his tactics, which often took the lives of noncombatant Loyalists as well as warriors.

Rosch also despised the Insurrectionists, mercenaries, and other criminals who made up the galactic underworld that rose to prominence following the end of the Human-Covenant War, considering them to be just as much threats to humanity's security as aliens were. While he shied away from being as ruthless with human criminals as he was with aliens, he still advocated for increased military action against the Syndicate and other criminal groups and participated in many brutal counter-insurgency operations against Insurrectionists.


With Team Jian

With Felix-116

"I'm told by my Section Three colleagues that you're a deceitful show-off who enjoys flaunting authority to no end. It only seems fair that my request for a SPARTAN-II officer would get you assigned to me."
―Rosch upon meeting Felix-116 for the first time.

With David Kahn

With Simon-G294

"The very existence of a rogue Spartan has put every last one of us in danger. Tell me, do you really think his life is worth more than the lives of millions of innocent people?"
―Rosch interrogating Cassandra-G006 on Simon's whereabouts following the outbreak of war with the Path Walkers