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Yoshika Agata
Biographical information

Nagoya, Japan, Earth

Date of birth

July 27th, 2519

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color



In accordance with Project: JAVELIN

Medical Status


Chronological and political information
  • Human-Covenant War
Yoshika Agata: "Incredible. The Covenant's incorporation of bioengineering into walkers allows for unmatched mobility while mechanical sections are designed more like battle armor than a conventional vehicle. It's beautifully . . . simple."
Rueben-B235: "I'd hate to see what you technophiles call complicated."
―Yoshika and her team investigate a downed Scarab.

Yoshika Agata (Japanese: 吉賀 アガタ Agata Yoshika) was an operative of the Office of Naval Intelligence's Beta-5 Division and augmentee of Project: JAVELIN, codenamed EPHEMERA, who served as the Covenant technology expert in ONI's Anvil Team during the Fall of Reach.


Early Life

Yoshika was born to Daisuke and Aiko Agata on July 27th, 2519. Brought up as her parents' only child in the city of Nagoya, Yoshika displayed anti-social tendencies early on and was diagnosed with a form of autism before she was two years old. The effects became more noticeable when she continually re-opened a cut on her shoulder from climbing to reach a quartz crystal that eventually scarred over, this repeated self-injury frightening her parents. Later on, however, she became very close friends with a child from her neighborhood named Reika Fujimoto, and as they interacted more often, the symptoms of Yoshika's autism became less noticeable. By age four, she had caught up with and even surpassed the developmental markers for her age and was deemed recovered from the disorder.

ONI Career


Beta-5 Division

Deep Winter: "Ephemera? What an interesting codename."
Yoshika: "I'm sure the one at HIGHCOM coming up with the codenames is the same one coming up with all the stupid names for AI."
―Agata converses with the Onyx AI.

Fall of Reach

Personality and Traits

"I'm not one to stand in the way of someone else's morality. I'd risk getting some of it on me."
―Yoshika Agata

Weapons and Armor

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