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Yanme'e Berserkers are a specialist group of Yanme'e, specially bred to be immense and bulky Yanme'e that excel at fighting. While still larva and young hatchlings, they are constantly fed food that has special hormones mixed into it: these hormones accelerate natural growth, as well as adding to the natural developments slightly, and in the end the Berserker stands at 7' feet tall with immense legs, six keen eyes, long arms with razor like claws on them, and overall increased muscle and exoskeleton mass. Of course, the Berserker's are not without their disadvantages, as all take some time to learn how to use their unnatural seeming bodies, as well as the tendency throughout their life to be a bit top heavy; in addition, the capability of flight that normal Yanme'e possess is removed, impossible due to their heavy weight.

Berserker's are armed with the specially designed Berserker Assault Armor, but they general lack any carried weapons. Their battle tactics, like their name and appearance, mainly relies on psychological warfare and sheer brutality. They will generally attempt to corner small groups of opponents to them maul to death, while larger groups of opponents are charged at, the heavy exoskeleton's and armor protecting them from projectiles, for the most part.

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