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Pre-Ninth Age of Reclamation








183 centimeters (6 ft 0 in)


128 kilograms (283 lb)


Green, Blue, Orange, Brown
(Disputed Accounts)


Combatives, Grave robbery, Oratory


Wimid, embellished as Wimid the Endless, is an Unggoy warlord said to operate deep within the former Covenant territories following the Human-Covenant War. Stories hail Wimid as a Unggoy prophet with an Oracle's voice as his guide and purported endless Unggoy armies at his disposal. Concrete evidence of his military victories are limited, however, rumors spreading through former Covenant space suggest his presence has motivated several Unggoy uprisings on former Covenant worlds to varying success.

Beyond the current myths, Wimid is a leading representation of unique threats born in the power vacuum created by the dissolution of the Covenant Empire. Aristocratic vaults once containing Forerunner artifacts are plundered. Radical forces have stepped up to fill gaps in galactic power. Armed with an ancient Lifeworker reseeding device and its accompanying digital ancilla, Wimid's destiny is clear. And no one will stand in his way, not even his own clones.

Physical Description

Very little is known about Wimid, even his physical description has changed over time. Before he led his own army, however, he served in the Covenant military against the humans. In his time, he earned a number of vicious wounds from human weaponry. His face, in particular, was said to be "maimed and gruesome" from an encounter with a fragmentation grenade. These wartime scars made Wimid unattractive to prospective mates for a time but in that period was considered rather insignificant but of above-average stature. His height is the only physical descriptor that remained constant.

Since rising to infamy in his rebellious and upstart campaigns against Covenant frontier polities, verbal descriptions have transitioned from ugly to "undeniably handsome." Before this rise, his eye color was said to be a common orange but has since come to include brown, green, and blue pupil colors. While his physiology is considered attractive by Unggoy standards, Wimid is also noted for having "many-a-brood look" or common facial features, whatever that entailed among collective Unggoy macro-culture. When combined with his many subordinates, they tend to suffer from "same-face syndrome" though it's more often treated as an enduring quality for his admirers calling him an "Unggoy among Unggoy." In summary, Wimid is the Unggoy physical equivalent to an attractive "everyman."

Only on very rare occasions does Wimid leave the safety of his body armor, a modified variant of the Unggoy Imperial model favored by Covenant remnant factions. Colored a standard deep blue, the armor is adorned with holography markers depicting the symbol for an Unggoy Deacon once used in Covenant society. The symbol has since been repurposed to identify Wimid as the foreman of his own movement.

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