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War of the Triumvirate


  • Stalemate, all three factions too weakened to continue fighting
  • The Bloodied Claw suffers heavy casualties, and a serious hit to business, forcing them to withdraw from the war
  • The Empire of Koroku lose their capital, but maintain a stranglehold on their other worlds
  • The Hives suffers catastrophic casualties, but remains otherwise strong, ending the war in the best position.

The Bloodied Claw

Empire of Koroku

Tzxyzyl Hives


The War of the Triumvirate was a three-way war fought between the competing empires of The Bloodied Claw pirate clan, the Unggoy-led Empire of Koroku, and the exiled Tzxyzyl Hives. The war destabilised the Frontier, leading to the devastating War of Kings. Despite the relatively small sizes of each faction, the war was extremely bloody, and laid waste to several worlds, with a few planets changing hands several times during the war.






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