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Walter Richardson
Walter Richardson Vladimir Gorbachevs Son
Biographical Information
Homeworld United States of America, Earth
Born June 7th, 2570
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6 feet 1 Inch
Weight 170 LBS
Hair Color Silver, Grey
Eye Color Blue
Political and Military Information
Rank Contract killer
Affiliation Ultranationalist Party
  • Reclaimer Era
Equipment and Skills
  • SRS99 series sniper rifle
  • M6 Pistols
Abilities Marksmanship
Specialty Contract killing and Warfare tactics

If I was going to kill you, I'd have done it when you walked to your car this morning and been gone by the time your body hit the sidewalk.

—Walter Richardson

Walter Richardson was the son of Vladimir Gorbachev, older brother of Ivan Gorbachev, and a contract killer, consistently recognized as one of the deadliest, most discreet and skilled assassins.


Walter watched his father die at the hands of a skilled Spartan, and barely knew his mother. He later joined a branch of the United Nations Space Command, where he became a member of a special forces unit. Walter did not progress much further in his career because of his tendency for insubordination, and he eventually left the military.

Sometime after being discharged, Walter joined a Private Military Company, through which he obtained his contracts.

Walter was hired by an unknown contact to kill the UEG President, John Charet. After having his nightclub raided by the UEG police department and a sangheili, he was forced to abandon the club, leaving it in the hands of his trusted friend, Jack Forester. When he arrived in Washington D.C. he tracked down and killed Mark Frost. While the police had gathered enough evidence to obtain a conviction, Walter had bought a safe house in Los Angeles. He was then tracked down by UEG police agent Ryan Wilson, and Josh Konaree. After coming home from a victory party, he was tackled by Josh and pinned to the floor. Ryan had arrested Walter. He was then taken to a local police department to await trial and conviction.


Walter appears on the outside to be friendly and affable, although during his hits it becomes clear that he is a very cold, nihilistic individual who exhibits signs of sociopathy. He enjoys improvising and takes pleasure in adapting to changing situations to suit his own gain.

Skills and Abilities

Walter has an expert level understanding in the use of disguises in order to access unauthorized areas of a location. He is physically strong even when compared to average adult males of his size and build; being able to climb pipes, move and dispose of bodies, snap necks, knock opponents unconscious, and jump from balcony to balcony with minimum effort.


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