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Vilda Stenbeck
Biographical Information
Full Name

Vilda Simona Blix-Stenbeck

Service Number



New Alexandria, Reach


April 23, 2521 (UNSC Military Calendar)

Physical Description



5 feet 6 inches


141 lbs.

Political and Military Information

Unified Earth Government




Commander (O-5)


Staff Operations Officer



"A former Operations Officer who has turned into a Staff Operations Officer, she's a pain in the ass and a genius. If she's right, she will argue till you accept. If she's wrong, she'll convince you she's right."
―An excrept found inside of Vilda's folder written by Stephan Ferguson.

Commander Vilda Blix-Stenbeck, Eng.D., is an Office of Naval Intelligence Section Three Staff Operations Officer. Originally from Section One, Vilda was promoted to Section Three by late 2551 and worked with the Beta-5 Division. She made a name for herself as an extremely aggressive officer that did whatever it took to get the job done. Not long after her recruitment into Section Three, she spearheaded many projects within the Asymmetrical Action Group. By 2559, Vilda serves as the interm Director of the Asymmetrical Action Group aboard the UNSC Infinity to support engagements against the Created and its allies.


Early Life

Born Vilda Simona Blix in New Alexandria on Reach, Vilda grew up in a wealthy upper-class home with an older sister Georgia. While her father worked as a successful doctor for the family, her mother was working with her foundation. At a young age, Vilda was viewed as a lovely and caring person that everyone envied to be. Her natural ability to make people smile led her to become a favorite across her neighborhood she grew up in throughout her childhood. Taking up dancing at an early age, Vilda was pressured by her mother to be the perfect person that ever graced the dance floor. The high standards and emotional abuse put onto her, forced the young Vilda to bottle up her emotions, and focus on the task at hand. Vilda's older sister became her role model, someone who was always a go-getter and willing to not step down towards her abusive mother. Despite Vilda's ability to fight and protest against her mother, she was often forced to do things when her father came into play. Tired of being pushed around by her parents, Vilda started to develop a mindset that manipulated them, so she was able to get what she wanted from them.

"Father was not around, and mother turned to be the one woman I hated the most in my life. Could put a stick up her rear, pull it out and get diamond."
―Vilda on her life at home.

Schooling was extremely rigorous for her, due to being enrolled in the top private schools that New Alexandria had to offer. Her father was willing to spend an immense amount of credits for Vilda to become the next genius to grace the Human race. As her dancing, standards were held extremely high, which forced Vilda to perform on a stage that she struggled with always. Tutors were hired to assist Vilda in subjects she struggled with, but her parents were not keen on watching their daughter struggle in school classes. Resorting to berating and emotionally abusing their daughter, Vilda underwent an immense amount of childhood trauma that transformed her from a loving child to a ball of manipulative hate. The love she once shared was cut off, and Vilda focused on getting her scores to get what she needed to get away from her abusive parents. She got her break when Vilda learned her mother was having an affair, Vilda built up evidence and then anonymously sent it to her father.

Vilda before leaving for Cornell University.

Vilda watched as her parents fought violently over what was happening; she read their body language and what words were used throughout the arguments. Vilda learned how her mother was extremely manipulative and quickly left her father to be with the person she was having an affair with at the same time. Later, Vilda learned her father was having an affair, and she felt that no one in her life was a good role model for her to follow. As Vilda continued her education and pursued a top university, she learned that her sister had become an addict and struggled to keep her life together.

Luckily, Vilda attended Cornell University, and she escaped her hell on Reach. As a student, Vilda developed a knack in psychology as well as anything else she put her mind to, which motivated her to do better than the rest of her peers. When her sister visited Vilda, she forced her to get clean and watched as her sister turned her life around. Both of them knew father was evil, and their mother was never going to rejoin their lives; their father remarried to someone who was 24 years younger than him, which worried Vilda because her new step-mom was the same age as her.

"You enjoy solving severe problems. I saw your work in a class, a marvelous job. We're looking for some people who want to solve critical issues."
―ONI Recruiting Officer.

Upon graduating from Cornell University with a double major in Psychology and Statistical Sciences, she enrolled in a Doctorate Program for Statistical Science and specialized in Operations Research. In her third year of graduate school, Vilda was approached by an Office of Naval Intelligence recruiter who took a keen interest in what she was doing. In 2546, the UNSC was in a bloody war against the Covenant and needed people who were willing to break the chain and win. With one more year left, Vilda looked at the Office of Naval Intelligence as a place where she was going to take on the top problems in the Galaxy. Taking up the recruiter's offer, Vilda soon began her process of joining the UNSC Navy, where she was going to become an intelligence officer.

Office of Naval Intelligence

Human-Covenant War

The newest addition to the Directorate of Analysis, Ensign Vilda Stenbeck.

Recruited into the Office of Naval Intelligence in 2546, Vilda joined Section One and underwent the Professional Trainee Program and Officer Candidate School, where she transformed from a graduate student into a military intelligence officer that was designated to be an Intelligence Collection Analyst for the Directorate of Analysis. She was assigned to the Counterrorism Division, with a focus on the Covenant. As a young Intelligence Collection Analyst, Vilda learned about how the UNSC was struggling with bundling relevant data for white special operation forces to conduct raids against quickly. Working in a small team called Nerve Team, Vilda worked on creating a new way of packaging a target profile together that allowed white special operation forces to know who their target was and what the objective of the mission being handed to them to execute. Vilda loved the hard problems; she found herself diving into each issue that required complex problems that had multiple variables. Making her way to Lieutenant, Junior Grade, Vilda was known for being someone that was not shy from hard issues.

During 2548, Vilda was promoted to the Mission Support Activity, where she joined a new group of prospective Operation Officers who were going to assist with building target profiles for black special operation forces. In a quick time, Vilda's security clearance was bumped to SECRET, and she began to work on projects for the Mission Support Activity. Vilda was assigned to a Target Profile Nerve Team that was tasked with gathering information on a target known as the Prophet of Truth. Known to be the leader of the Covenant, Vilda worked on finding ways to figure out how he communicated and what type of decisions he was bound to make. As a target profiler, Vilda made a name for herself as she began to predict what the Prophet of Truth wished to do in the genocide against humanity. Her assessments and predictions were harsh and brutal, but she did not shy away when showing the reality of his decisions to the superiors she reported to during her time. As Vilda matured as a target profiler, she began to immerse herself into the issues at hand and started to see that she was growing as an Operations Officer among her peers. In 2550, Vilda was moved up to assessing actionable intelligence for black special operation forces to conduct missions on.

Vilda after joining the Group.

By 2551, the Asymmetrical Action Group was scouting Vilda as a prospective officer to join them. Six months later, Vilda joined the Asymmetrical Action Group, where she was promoted to Lieutenant and began her career as an Operations Officer within the Asymmetrical Action Group. Vilda started her career as a mission handler for SPARTAN teams due to her security clearance upgrade to TOP SECRET. Familiarizing herself with the SPARTAN-III program, Vilda learned about Gamma Company and how they were bound to be the next SPARTAN-III company deployed into the field during the Human-Covenant War. As Vilda waited to become a mission handler, she became an apprentice to Lieutenant Commander Stephan Ferguson, the co-founder of the Asymmetrical Action Group. As an apprentice, Vilda learned how to handle SPARTAN teams, appealing to their desire to go after the enemy they were trained to kill as well as keeping them on her right side. Vilda dove into various problems, she was able to get her hands on and assist in projects that needed an extra hand. The former Section One officer did not miss a beat as she continued to showcase her desire to tackle the hardest problems she was able to grasp.

Julia Danvers: "You want to use a NOVA on Earth?"
Vilda Stenbeck: "Yes."
―Vilda reaffirming her position of using a WMD on Earth during the Battle for Earth.

The final months of the Human-Covenant War were spent with Vilda trying to create backup plans in case Earth fell to the Flood or the Covenant. Vilda was not one to shy away from recommending the usage of a NOVA nuclear bomb on Earth to destroy as much of the Covenant fleet as they were able to. Her ability to showcase the stable mind that people lacked in a time of crisis was shining as Vilda continued to list off ideas and propositions the Office of Naval Intelligence was able to use as a means to wipe out as many Covenant ships as they were able to. Throughout her career, Vilda was one who did not like to lose one bit, and she was prepared to sacrifice Earth after losing her home planet to the Covenant. However, the Flood was contained, and the Covenant collapsed on itself. Vilda proved herself to be a capable mission handler for multiple SPARTAN-III team that was under command. Ruthless and calculative, Vilda showcased her desire to do whatever it took to win. By the end of the Human-Covenant War, Vilda was given the option to return to the Mission Support Activity or stay with the Asymmetrical Action Group. Her decision led to her staying with the Asymmetrical Action Group, making her one of the permanent members that were intelligence focused within Section Three during the Office of Naval Intelligence's reorganization.

Post-War Era

Created Crisis

Personality and Traits

The young ONI officer has built her career through being right and on target with anything she is working on. Being quick on her feet and willing to try new things, she is one of the officers who will gracefully take on new challenges and get her hands dirty whenever the opportunity arises. Ready to do whatever is necessary to ensure that she will produce a finished and perfect result to her superiors, she has no issue with going around people and even using them to her benefit. Vilda does not hide from the hard problems thrown at her; she immerses herself into the challenge to try and figure out each possible solution. Her desire to know everything pushed Vilda to dig through mountains of information for the clues that were going to be the tipping point for success against the Covenant and later the remnants that were going to stick around.

Focusing on the operatives she is in command of, she is known to provide actionable intelligence and a mission that brings success. Her focus is much more intense on the details and emphasizes the importance of the mission to ensure that everyone knows just what they are doing. She is not afraid to put people in their place and will use her rank as a means to get what she wants from people who refuse to give it to her. She can be incredibly manipulative to fellow officers to get what she needs for her mission to succeed. While people do not tend to push for realistic action, Vilda has become one of the officers who say what the room does not want to hear. She is known for being an officer that doesn't take no kindly and will go around senior officers to get what she needs. She is viewed as someone full of herself due to her arrogant attitude, but she does her job in a fashion because she wants to solve the problems rather than not hide from them.

Vilda lives two different lives; she is known as a cold-hearted ONI officer where deaths only seem to warm her heart. While on the other hand, Vilda is a lovely and caring person around the people she loves. Called a bundle of joy by her partner, Vilda keeps her work and private life separate, so people do not use things against her while she is working. While at the Office of Naval Intelligence, Vilda shows no signs of a marriage or who she is with even though she has the same last name of her partner, but is willing to carve time out of work to eat meals together. Noted by her spouse, Vilda tends to be needy and someone who enjoys the attention of her partner when not working. Few senior officers have spotted Vilda outside of work and were blown away by how differently she acted. By the time she gets back to work, Vilda transforms from the needy woman with attention to the ice-cold officer that a lot of people do not enjoy.


Sydney Stenbeck

Vilda's spouse, Sydney Stenbeck.

Sydney Stenbeck is the current partner to Vilda Stenbeck, the two met as dorm mates at Cornell University and been together ever since. Sydney works for the Office of Naval Intelligence as an AI programmer and most notable for building Smart AIs throughout the Human-Covenant War as well as the Post-War Era. Sydney is known to the polar opposite of Vilda and helps her partner calm down during stressful periods. Ever since Sydney had learned about Vilda's past and what she endured, Sydney became the emotional support that Vilda needed for the longest time. Sydney introduced her family to Vilda, which helped Vilda find more support she never had in her life. By the time Vilda's father learned she was in love with a woman, Sydney comforted Vilda as she learned that her father disowned her girlfriend. Time after time, Sydney proved herself to be one that was able to handle everything Vilda threw at her. No matter how nasty things got, Vilda knew that Sydney was going to be there and tell her that everything was going to be alright.

In a rare occurrence, both Vilda and Sydney were recruited into the Office of Naval Intelligence but put into different Sections. Trying to keep their relationship private failed, and it forced two options between the two that they had to decide. Marry or break up, they were married two weeks later in a court ceremony and continued to work at the Office of Naval Intelligence. Vilda took the last name of Sydney and decided only to tell her sister that she was married, Sydney learned that Vilda liked to remain an extremely private person. With their marriage and ability to stay with the Office of Naval Intelligence, Sydney continued to push her career as a respected officer while Vilda worked on solving the hard problems at hand. They rarely shared information about their work due to the sensitivity of what they were doing, neither of them wanted to lose their jobs because of a slip-up. Sydney learned that Vilda was transferred to Section Three when they ate lunch together in her office for the first time.

By the end of the Human-Covenant War, their relationship was struggling due to Vilda falling back into old habits while Sydney continued to build AIs. Rarely spending time together, they often argued about issues that they never had before. Taking a step back and analyzing what was going on, Sydney told Vilda that there was an issue in their relationship and that it needed to take priority. While it took a while for Vilda to come around to seeing it, Sydney worked on building up ways for them to rebound from the mistakes made early on. Counseling and therapy were lined up, and the two went to fix their issues, Vilda held back due to her fear of judgment but got support from her partner and opened up. Sydney learned that Vilda is very timid to open up about herself but very good at reading other people's body language. Despite Vilda's ability to try and get what she wants from Sydney, she always saw through the attempts and shunned her for trying such things on her. Throughout the Post-War Era, Sydney and Vilda were able to rebuild their relationship and make it stronger than before.

Georgia Blix

Georgia Blix is Vilda's sister and closest family member that she has in her life. Georgia was supposed to be a role model for Vilda but fell into a bad habit of drinking and drugs that spiraled her life out of control despite her parents trying to help. Abandoned by the family, Vilda reached out to her sister and helped her slowly get clean and sober of the issues she had in her own life. Vilda offered her sister to move to Earth with her and Sydney to restart her life over on a safe planet. Georgia relocated to Australia, where she began university classes while Vilda worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Vilda watched as her sister struggled through finding the motivation to study and pursue a university degree, which led to a relapse. Vilda forced her sister back into therapy and counseling to clean her act up again and then find another means of getting motivated to stay away from drugs and alcohol. In 2551, Vilda reenrolled Georgia into another university in the hope of finding a chance for her sister to break free of the curse bestowed upon her in the past years. Georgia graduated with a degree in organizational communications and found herself enlisting into the UNSC Navy to join the Office of Naval Intelligence in Section Two.

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