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The standard of the Victorian Mounted Rifles

The Victorian Mounted Rifles was a militia unit of the Victorian Independent State. Originally formed as a mobile Colonial Militia unit to patrol and protect the colonists in Mallowford Province from Insurrectionists and dangerous wildlife, part of the unit defected to the United Rebel Front in 2519, after being ordered to evict colonists living beyond lands authorized for settlement, and deter others from doing so by demolishing the houses and farms of the aforementioned colonists after evicting them.

The defectors, while numbering only nine, stole seven M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicles, three armed with ninety millimeter recoilless rifles, and four armed with M41 Light Anti Aircraft Guns. Coming upon a Victorian Independent Underground State unit, the defectors surrendered, with their leader, Corporal Preston Reese, speaking to the rebels and describing their situation. Held and questioned for several days at a nearby rebel-sympathetic village that was used by the unit as a base of operations, the defectors were soon released and integrated, with their vehicles being used for quick hit-and-run attacks on UNSC supply convoys.

During the UNSC evacuation from the planet in 2537, the rebel unit, renamed from its original name of 'Mallowford Rifle Company' to 'Victorian Mounted Rifles', captured a convoy carrying seeds, harvested crops, and even some soil from the fertile province, to a nearby spaceport for transfer to the Inner Colonies. In the aftermath of the coup, in contrast to most other militia units, the Mounted Rifles remained fully active, with ninety-five personnel in its ranks.

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