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Victorian Independent Military
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Victorian Independent State

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  • Victorian Independent Army
  • Victorian Independent Navy
  • Victorian Independent Air Force
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" Patton "
―The march of the Victorian Independent Military, Victorian Volunteers

The Victorian Independent Military was the armed forces of the Victorian Independent State. Formed in 2537 by the ratification of a new constitution for the government. Under Karl Afeld's supervision, the VIM was from its outset designed as a self-defense force to root out and stop pro-UNSC partisans on the planet. As a result of this stated goal, and the population's disdain for a standing army after the UNSC's years of martial law on the colony, the size of the military was also limited to 4,000 personnel. As a result, the Independent State began a rapid recruitment and training initiative that lasted until about 2539, when it began to reach its personnel limit.

From 2539 on, aside from local skirmishes with pro-UNSC fighters that frontier militias needed aid with or airstrikes on isolate holdouts, the VIM saw little real combat until Operation: TRIUMPH, when it underwent full mobilization after all rebel militias on the frontier were forced to retreat or were wiped out completely. The ensuing battle took the lives of nearly half of the VIM's personnel.

Finally, during the Battle of Agley, the VIM, still reeling from from TRIUMPH, was almost completely wiped out in street-to-street fighting, with those who remained either taken prisoner or forced into hiding.


Formation (2537-2539

"..the Victorian Independent State shall be allowed to have a standing armed forces, under the following restrictions. 1. It may not exceed in size 4,000 men and 60 aircraft at any single time. 2. It will act mainly in the defense of the capital of Agley, and will only send troops to aid in combat on the frontier if their aid is requested, or if the danger is deemed a grave threat to the existence of this Independent State by majority vote of the elected officials, although the commander-in-chief of the armed forces may deem it a grave threat independently in the event of the death or disabling of all the Independent State's elected officials. In the case of deeming it a grave threat, Independent Military forces must leave once the threat has been nullified. 3. If engaged in combat alongside militia, VIS soldiers must follow the orders of militia officers unless they are unlawful or immoral."
―An excerpt from the section of the VIS Constitution that created the Victorian Independent Military

Anti Insurgency Campaign (2539-2553)

The End of the Victorian Independent State (2553)

Operation: TRIUMPH

Several members of the Victorian Independent Air Force patrolling a frontier airfield during Operation: TRIUMPH

Battle of Agley

A group of Victorian Independent Army soldiers during the Battle of Agley

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