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Class overview

Victoria-class armored cruiser

Succeeded by

Hades-class heavy cruiser, Io-class light cruiser

In service


General characteristics



1034 meters

Slipspace Drive

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


130cm Titanium-A armor


Original armament

  • Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (1)
  • Ares missiles (10)
  • Torrent AAA (14)

Falkirian refit


GA-TL1 Longswords (12)

Additional information



The Victoria-class armored cruiser was a class of cruisers used by the UNSC during the Insurrection. It was the first class of cruisers to use Titanium-A armor

Service History

First built in 2455 it was designed to operate as a long-range, independent warship, capable of easily defeating any Insurrectionist or privateer controlled vessel apart from a true warship. Its new molecularly-strengthened Titanium-A armor gave it a durability unlike any class before it and they could withstand missile strikes or impacts that previous vessels could not take.

Heavily armed with missiles and new Magnetic Accelerator Cannons, which at the time could only be carried by large cruiser-class vessels, the Victoria-class would be responsible for UNSC victories at Tau Serpentis, Baku, Coleton, Junko, and other colonies where rebellious forces were routed. The Victoria’s success would lead to Titanium-A armor becoming standard on all UNSC ships and construction. Insurrectionist captains soon found their weapons ineffective against a new wave of UNSC warships all plated in Titanium-A.

Ironically, rapid advances in the ship designs and technology it pioneered eventually overtook the Victoria-class making them obsolete and they were all decommissioned by 2504. Many hulls were left to rot in remote graveyards leading to many falling into Insurrectionist hands. The UNSC Achilles was recovered by Insurrectionists and pressed into service. Its threat was ended in 2507 when the Achilles was engaged by six UNSC destroyers and destroyed over Tau Octanus. Later it was discovered that other hulls had been stolen and in response the UNSC launched a search-and-destroy campaign to hunt down all the stolen ships and destroy them.

Over the next several years at least seven captured vessel were destroyed by the UNSC. Three Victoria-class ships were used by the Falkirian rebels during the ten-year long Falkirian War for Independence. Aside from those, by 2517 it was believed that all Victoria cruisers in rebel hands were destroyed and the remaining decommissioned hulls were scrapped.

Known Ships of the Line

 Name   Hull Classification Symbol   Commissioned   Notes 
UNSC Victoria VC-1 February 24, 2465 Lead ship.
UNSC Achilles VC-34 March 3, 2455 Decommissioned in 2504. Stolen by Insurrectionists and destroyed over Tau Octanus in 2507.
UNSC Challenger VC-77 December 7, 2465 Decommissioned in 2504. Refitted by the Free Commonwealth of Falkirk and renamed the Cú Chulainn.
UNSC Legerdemain VC-96 September 17, 2467 Decommissioned in 2500. Refitted by the Free Commonwealth of Falkirk and renamed the Dagda.
UNSC Dauntless VC-101 March 3, 2468 Decommissioned in 2499. Refitted by the Free Commonwealth of Falkirk and renamed the Lebor Gabála Érenn.
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