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Victor Team, more formally styled as VICTOR Team and sometimes referred to simply as VICTOR, was a 4-man team from the Spartan III program's Beta Company team attached to Commando Group Beta, with its members being dubbed as Category-II's, informally known as 'Cat-II's'.

Victor Team would serve in countless battles between the activation of Beta Company in 2545 as a part of Commando Group Beta, and continued long after the destruction of the main force of Beta Company in 2545. Gustav Team was eventually disbanded after the Battle of Saint-Denis in 2547. After which the remnants of Commando Group Beta were merged with the remaining teams of Alpha Companies, Commando Group Alpha, forming Special Warfare Group Three. Resulting in the members of Victor Team being split up to serve in new, cross-company teams with their Alpha company counterparts.


Battle Honours

  • Siege of the Atlas Moons (2544)
  • Battle of Bastion (2545)
  • Operation: CARTWHEEL (2545)
  • Battle of Sargasso (2546)
  • Battle of Saint-Denis (2547)


Halo: Remnants

Victor Team   Victor Team   Victor Team

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