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Vanguard-class Light Frigate
Production information
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United Nations Space Command


"Targeting sensors are down! Fires on deck six through nine. Reactor has been compromised! What’s out there?!"
―Recorded black box of the Obsidian Blade, recovered after battle

Successor to the popular Anlace-class Light Frigate, the Vanguard-class Light Frigate is a light, agile warship, designed for high endurance, and possessing advance electronic warfare technology. The novel design of the Anlace includes a lifting body and engines designed for use in-atmosphere. It is armed with an abundance of energy weapons, removing most of the reliance on ammunition, and it also serves as the largest UNSC warship without a spinal-mounted MAC. Recent additions have also included electronic warfare modules, designed to include offensive modules for hampering the enemy’s ability to coordinate and counter-attack. Usually mixed in with squadrons of heavier ships, it provides electronic coverage, and volleys of laser and plasma fire on the offensive.


Block 1

Original production run of the Vanguard-class, including Anlance-class ships refit to this standard.

Block 2

Block 2 was used to rectify design oversights, such as issues with coolant system, and armouring around the ancillary power supplies.

Block 3

Later model, carrying conventional weaponry in the place of secondary guns.

Ships of the line

  • UNSC Vanguard
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