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The Valiant-class battleship is a heavy capital warship in service with the UNSC Navy.


One of the heaviest ships in the UNSC fleet, the Valiant-class is considered one of the most powerful frontline warships in the known galaxy, the Valiant has an overall length of 1,518 meters and is armed with a complement of conventional weapons sufficient to decimate entire battle groups of vessels smaller than itself, the ship's primary weapons are a pair of Mark IV Magnetic Accelerator Cannons, supplemented by 50 oversized missile pods, 40 quad-linked naval coilgun turrets, 105 high yield nuclear missiles, and 170 twin-linked 30mm autocannons.

Ships of the line

UNSC Valiant - Lead ship of the class, destroyed during the Fall of Reach

UNSC Everest - Flagship of UNSC Battle Group X-ray in 2526, lost with all hands during the Battle of Psi Serpentis.

UNSC Kilimanjaro

UNSC Orizaba - Flagship of the UNSC Fifth Fleet in 2557, commanded by Fleet Admiral Hannah Shepard.

UNSC Kosciuszko

UNSC Bismarck

UNSC Tirpitz

UNSC Antietam

UNSC Yamato

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