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Valhallaverse is an alternate universe in which humanity is around a Tier 2 civilization but split up into different factions when they come into contact with the Covenant. It focuses on the politics, conflicts, and characters of the different human nations. To join, click on the link under the "Application" heading.


This is the period in which humanity expanded greatly, discovering new technologies and colonizing planets.


This is the period in which people became unhappy with the UNSC and began revolting, resulting in the creation of the Epsilon Empire and the Falcon Republic.

Human-Covenant War

The period in which the human nations battled the Covenant Empire.


Epsilon Empire


Falcon Republic




  • Covenant Empire
  • The Flood


  • Humanity quickly begins discovering and colonizing new planets.



  • Plasma weaponry invented by inserting plasma into bullet-like projectiles.


  • Civil unrest begins to stir and revolutionary groups are formed within UNSC territory.


  • A revolutionary group calling themselves the Epsilon Republic, soon to be the Epsilon Empire, declares its independence from the UNSC in the Epsilon Eridani system with overwhelming public support. UNSC reacts by sending military forces to take back the system.


  • Battle of Tribute; Epsilon forces, including 10,000 volunteer militia, 3,000 turncoat UNSC Marines and Army Troopers, 5 civilian ships hastily equipped with weapons and three stolen/turncoat UNSC battleships (the Brian Boru, the R.E.M., and the Pull My Finger) led by General Ian O'Reilly defeat a UNSC force of 2 battleships, 7 cruisers and 10,000 Marines using tactical skill and cunning. UNSC recognizes the new Epsilon Empire as a nation later that year. The engagement inspires other revolutionary groups, of which only one more will succeed.


  • A second group of revolutionaries in the Sigma Octanus system, only called the "Falcons", also declare their independence, but manage to make a treaty with the UNSC without a fight. They would later be a major ally of the UNSC, naming themselves the "Falcon Republic".


  • UNSC and Epsilon Empire clash in multiple brief skirmishes, primarily in space.


  • Tribute, the Epsilon Empire's capital, is renamed to Valhalla on the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Tribute.



  • Multiple insurrectionist movements rise and fall within the UNSC.


  • Former Senator Daniel McGregor becomes Emperor of the Epsilon Empire.


  • Liam Murphy is born on the Epsilon Empire's capital, Valhalla.


  • The UNSC comes into contact with the Covenant Empire, beginning the Human-Covenant War.



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