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The clattering of heavy tools, the clangs of large parts lowering into place and the echoing shout between people for various tools. These were sounds Bodark-B076 had grown accustomed to over the years. Ever since she started the courses back in training, she had shown an acute interest in vehicles, their operation, maintenance and design. Which is why she found herself in a cramped hangar, underneath the TroopHog that her team had used in their last mission. Though she’d never tell them, she found working on the vehicles to be a calming, almost therapeutic, activity, often spending hours at a time checking various parts and running vehicle diagnostics to make sure everything was in working order.

In this particular case, she had an engine block with damage from several plasma bolts, a sheared torsion bar and scorched brake pads sitting in front of her. She smirked as she got to work.

Starting with the engine block, she disconnected the cables and pipes running to the engine before calling over the garage crew with a crane and finally lifting it out of the engine bay and onto a waiting trolley where she could work on it.

Lowering it to floor level, Bodark sat cross-legged in front of the damaged engine and calmly yet methodically dissected it, taking it apart piece by piece and setting the damaged and undamaged components into neat areas on either side of her. She paused to survey her work and was pleased to see that while the engine block itself had taken some hits, most of the other components around it seemed to be fine. She got up and headed towards the garage crew, listing all the damaged parts and the replacements she’d need for the engine and brakes

While the garage crew sorted the parts, Bodark set to work on the brakes. She raised the Hog with the vehicle lift, to give her access to the suspension and tires and set about removing the wheels, using a wrench to loosen the bolts and remove them. As she guessed from the external damage, the entire disc was wrecked as the shots hit the discs and callipers. Luckily the garage crew had arrived with the replacement parts, allowing her to get to replacing the damaged parts before moving on.

Finally, there was the engine. In a similar fashion to before, Bodark sat cross-legged in front of the engine and carefully reassembled the whole thing over the course of half an hour, making sure to check all the new parts as well as the old ones for any damage. With the engine fully assembled, she moved the crane over to the TroopHog and lowered it in, stopping before bottoming out and securing the engine to its braces.

Finally, she lowered the TroopHog back onto its wheels and gave the engine a quick once over before climbing into the driver seat and starting it up, letting out a sigh of satisfaction at the clear roar of the engine.

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