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Production information

Vlosa Motors



Technical specifications
  • Dual remote controlled JDA-V/HMG-TMG 11s
  • Radar





Post HCW


Jaeter Defense Force



The Crusader is a front line command vehicle to help keep the organization of JDF forces in battle. It secondary purpose is troop transportation as it can carry a platoon of soldiers. The Crusader is supposed to provide front line commands from dangerous to safe positions. With the recent attacks on the border region of Government controlled territory and the wilds, the Crusader's job was to command forces there. Crusaders usually are commanded by a JDF Colonel or higher


The F120 Crusader was produced by Vlosa Motors. Being a domestic company and able to prove itself in designing reliable vehicles, VM was selected by the Government and JDF for an experimental ground vehicle. Vlosa Motors spent seven months producing what they thought would be the perfect vehicle for the job. The vehicle is well armored but it's armaments came last. The radar came first over the weapons. On the inside VM look at the bridges of ships and put a large communication set up in the vehicle where multiple commands and radio messages can come and go. A holotable is put in the vehicle so the commander and his/her staff can work on battle plans in real time.


When the Crusader was shown to the politicians and command staff of the JDF, most showed their disappointment. A command vehicle that is not tracked won't perform well when the heavy blizzards come and it could get stuck in the mud. The staff of VM explained and showed the command and politicians that should not be of big concern since digging out the vehicle should not be of much concern since it should not be in viewing distance of the enemy. There was a debate about that if the vehicle needs to retreat. All the other tests proved the vehicle would fit as a command vehicle. With the politicians not wanting to see their investments go to waste, they pushed the JDF into using the vehicle.

Active Vehicles

  • Mama Bear - The callsign of the first and only Crusader.


Jaeter Civil War


Jaeter Defense Force


The Crusader follows the same naming convention of Jaeter's firearms. VM standing for Vlosa Motors and GCV is Ground command vehicle.

The Crusader is based off of the russian Kign Spider vehicle from Endwar.

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