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"Your work will be done swiftly and largely outside the public eye. There will be no recognition for your efforts, no medals waiting for you at the end of the mission. You will be seen by few, recognized by none, and in the event that you are compromised, I will personally see to it that they are unmade—no exceptions."
Margaret O. Parangosky



Class Member Rank Callsign Role Status
I Felix-116 UNSC-N Lieutenant Commander VELOX One
  • Team leader (tactics)
  • Marksman
Active as of 2525
II Varun-173 UNSC-N Lieutenant VELOX Two
  • Sharpshooter
  • Reconnaissance
Active as of 2543
I Lian-017 UNSC-N Warrant Officer One VELOX Three
  • Scout
  • Spotter
  • Stealth operative
Active as of 2525
I Eldar-128 UNSC-N Chief Warrant Officer Three VELOX Four
  • Weapons engineer
  • Combat medicine
Active as of 2525
II Samir-292 UNSC-N Warrant Officer One VELOX Five
  • Pilot
  • Technician
  • Intelligence
Active as of 2543
II Ren-172 UNSC-N Warrant Officer One VELOX Six
  • Close quarters combat
Active as of 2543; WIA in 2551[1]


Class Member Rank Callsign Role Status
I Nyarai-134 UNSC-N Lieutenant Junior Grade VELOX Two
  • Close quarters combat
  • Pilot
  • Technician
Active as of 2525; KIA as of 2542
I Maddison-140 UNSC-N Chief Warrant Officer Two VELOX Three
  • Heavy weapons
  • Demolitions expert
  • Backup medic
Pulled as of 2545.


The unit is sometimes split up for required operations, under the respective commands of VELOX One, Two, and Five. Outside their assigned leaders, the members of each team vary operation to operation. The following designations are used, ranging from two to three teams:


  • The unit name is derived from the Latin term Vulpes velox, otherwise known as "swift fox".

References and Notes

  1. The rest of the unit was declared MIA after losing contact on Heian, and Ren was subsequently reassigned.
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