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Ahalosniper — That Damn Sniper, sniping — Forged in secret, tempered in fire; Cheeky Demon, God Defier
TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Wednesday, September 23 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)
Greet'ns. I think your message might've gotten lost on AOA's talk page, probably because you didn't sign it (by using "~~~~"). So I'll take the liberty of explaining for you.

You can of course keep your page. The worst thing that could happen as a result of a page being NCF is for it to be moved to namespace, not deleted. Now as for the specific problems with the page, step one should be dealing with his rank. A flag officer, like a General, would never be made a Spartan because it's a waste; Generals direct large numbers of troops from behind the lines, not lead one squad. All that augmentation and armor would be useless to him sitting in a command center. If you're intent on him being a SPARTAN-IV, definitely make him a much lower rank. The highest-ranking known S-IV was Sarah Palmer at Commander, so somewhere below there would work. Also, the page should be renamed just "Rick G. Jackson", because he wasn't always a General.

Second point, there wasn't any ground battle the second time the Covenant came to Arcadia. You can easily find another planet for his first encounter with a Spartan, but as AOA stated, there is no Spartan that would call himself 0. Well, maybe Zero-D576, but that's a nickname she didn't share except with her team. You'd do well to decide whether it was a SPARTAN-II or III that saved him, and decide on a tag once you know more about each program.

As for the Fall of Reach, there was no "main city" on a colony, exactly. You may be thinking of a capital city, but we don't know what Reach's capital was, and New Alexandria would probably be closest to what you're thinking. I recommend first taking a look around at other people's articles to get a sense for how things work around here, and read up on Halo in general at Good luck, That Damn Sniper.

Savier zerker.jpg
Anonymous ONI agent - Gwneud o dân, a gyda chalonnau wneud o iâ.
"From this moment onward, you are Egon Talorus. And to humanity, you are everything.":

TALK - 21:11, August 7, 2013 (UTC)
Oh, I thought that was part of Kennynator's message, heh. Well, looks like ASniper took care of this for me, so there's really nothing I can say that hasn't already been said. Well, other than the fact that I'm a site patroller, not an admin :P

RE: Anwi 'Eikumee

Actene sig2.jpg
ActeneTraitor - Trickster - Avenger - Healer
TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Eastern Standard Time
No trouble at all. As far as canon goes, there doesn't seem to be anything particularly out of whack with Anwi's biography. My one suggestion would be to check out the timeline for the Battle of Installation 04 on Halopedia, as you seem to have events progress rather quickly when Anwi is on the Halo ring. Outside of that, you might want to make the sections longer; most of the more successful articles on the sight provide more insight into the character and their motivation, so you might want to include some details about his childhood and early military service (again, as far as canon friendliness goes, your best resource is the Sangheili article on Halopedia). There are a few grammar and punctuation issues within the article itself, but these are easily fixed with a few proofreads. A quick browse through any given number of articles on this site should give you an idea of how different people choose to write; it's really just a matter of experience.

I also took the liberty of reverting the edits you made on the talk page. No big deal, but in the future don't delete messages left on your talk page. It's just a site policy thing.

UNSC Blue Moon

Artemis-class Battlecruiser.jpg
Sev40 - A good ship is all you need:
TALK - 10:55, Sunday, February 3rd, 2019
G'day Ordo. I was wondering if I was allowed to link to your UNSC Blue Moon ship on my Marathon-class heavy cruiser article. You don't need to change your article to conform to mine if you don't want to. If that's ok, would you mind also giving me the commissioning/build date and the names of its captain/s (or at least, the most famous person who commanded her)? I'd like to have those on the page as well.

While I think the page is alright as it is, Harvest didn't have a defence fleet when it was attacked in 2525. Maybe you should change that to Battle Group X-Ray, the fleet that returned to recapture Harvest from the Covenant?

Sev40 - ZealotPatriotDaredevil:
TALK - 05:57, Monday, February 4th, 2019
Yeah, 2520 can work - all that we know canonically about the Marathon-class was that they were released at some point after the Halcyon-class in 2510, and that by 2525 they became the most popular model of cruiser in the entire UNSC fleet. I don't see a point where it was expressed that it was discontinued until after the HCW. So you can make your ship part of the original Marathon block or even commissioned right before X-Ray's deployment.

And yeah, I've worked hard to try and update its specs so that way it meets a level closer to that of the ships shown in Warfleet, which includes calculating how many missile pods they have (it was either 45 or 60, but thanks to the book we know that most missile pods didn't have more than 30 missiles). I guess I just like having specific numbers and stats rather than a broad 'this has point-defence guns' list. Regardless, it's on there now - feel free to change anything about it if you feel like it's incorrect or missing something.

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