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Artemis-class Battlecruiser.jpg
Sev40 - A good ship is all you need:
TALK - 11:17, Monday, November 12th 2018
G'day Pete, and may I be the first to welcome you to Halo Fanon! I'm just letting you know that I've left some feedback on one of your articles here. It's a bit lengthy but I think it does a good job highlighting the issues on that article.

Just letting you know as well, but on this wiki we've actually got a Canon Policy which states that all articles need to abide by canon, something I'm a little worried your new Spartan character is breaking at the moment. Hopefully you can fix them, but I'll write up a list later on its talk page so you know exactly how to fix it. If you need any help, feel free to shoot me a message on my talk page (which you can see a link in my signature above).

AhalosniperWho are we? Heroes? Monsters? Cowards?
Greet'ns. Not sure if it was accident or not, but for future reference, please do not remove talk page messages. We tend to need 'em for purposes of tracking who said what in the case of anything happening where some confusion needs to be unraveled. Just so's you know.

RE: RL-54 Incident Inquiry

Sev40 - On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons, we swore to uphold the Covenant:
TALK - 12:06, Tuesday, February 4 2020 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Well, the plan is to include a section on the RL-54 article, so that's where I would prefer it to be. But that's assuming that it neatly there, and you are giving off the impression that you want it to be far more than that. In that case, we can write a summary at some point that just nails down the biggest things that happen, and have a link over to the "Battle of Ealen IV," or whatever you are thinking of calling it.

As for Ordained Edict, that's fine, I still need to discuss it with Even to see what he wants to do. I'll let you know what we eventually figure out. Take your time with it as well - no need to rush it.

Curt creamer.

dear the petefiles. I was unaware of the canon breaches posed by my article. it does not say anywhere that the condor was a postwar vehicle. I simply want to tell a good story. Either way, they are incredibly minor. fire can kill flood super cells, and it is the most realistic explanation that I could think of other than hijacking one of the warships in the fleet of particular justice. I will try and tone down the content to your liking. the breaches that you highlighted are a little minor, but I will try and edit them. thank you for this feedback. write back to me soon. Unsigned comment by Ultrakat66‎ (talk • contribs). Please sign your talk page posts with '~~~~'.

Curt Creamer part two

In halo reach, my brother and I in new alexandria fought alongside one of the bullfrogs that simply refused to die. squad roster called him curt. so I decided to write about him. I hope you understand. Unsigned comment by Ultrakat66‎ (talk • contribs). Please sign your talk page posts with '~~~~'.

Modding of My page.

Hey Thepetefiles, it's Ultrakat66. I modified curt creamer using the guidelines. Could you check over it to see if it is up to scratch. Please check up on it. I can't bear the suspense. Ping me a message please. Unsigned comment by Ultrakat66‎ (talk • contribs). Please sign your talk page posts with '~~~~'.

Curt creamer part four: Curt explains himself

The flamethrower was the only way that Curt did not turn into a flood combat form, due to the fact that fire kills flood super cells rapidly. The fact that he keeps inserting himself into campaign missions is just a way to explain all the awesome, yet unnamed ODSTs throughout halo history. Jonesy the cat escaped the autumn with chips and stacker, I actually have a whole story planned for them. The URF does not follow the Cole protocol, given that it is UNSC procedure, and Nylund could have just opened a private communique, if he made the right technical hacks. I will remove the grenade. Thanks for the feedback, write me back. Unsigned comment by Ultrakat66‎ (talk • contribs). Please sign your talk page posts with '~~~~'.

Curt the fifth: Am I good enough yet?

Hey thepetefiles, I have made some modifications to my page. Can you check it over and write me back? Thanks, Ultrakat66. On a side note, you have not wrote back for a little while. please read over the article and give me feedback.

Curt yet again

Hey thepetefiles, I have changed my article. I could not remove the grenade, but Matt Nylund established his own rebel cell instead of contacting the URF. I have created this new hybridised variant of the locust that incorporates Gauss tech. Could you check over the article and see if it is finally up to scratch? Hi the Petefiles, could you check over the article to see if it is up to your Standards. It has been a while since I asked you to do this, but could you check it up? thanks, Ultrakat66

Curt once more: the final conflict

Hi thepetefiles, I have modded my page to the criteria that you set out. Can you give it a look-see and check if the NCF template can finally be removed? Also, can you give me some general feedback on some things that need improving? I want to get up to speed in order to compete with the big guns. Maybe one day we can do a crossover. Please send feedback soon. I want to be free of changing my article. Thanks, Ultrakat66


Dear thepetefiles, I have written a project JAVELIN article, and wish for some feedback on it's areas. Could you check over it and send a reply, pointing out if I have done anything wrong. I don't want a repeat of Curt (who is now complete, by the way), and would love if you gave me some advice before someone marks it NCF. Thanks, Ultrakat66


Dear thepetefiles, AVATAR, I can justify. Ok, so the brainwaves of deceased humans were scanned in order to create AI, right? Well, isn't it possible to scan those brainwaves onto an entirely empty brain, meaning that they can essentially resurrect them? It isn't completely out of the realm of possibility that ONI had sangheili DNA at the time. Hell, they probably dissected any bodies that they could find. I will fix JAVELIN, but Hayabusa operatives did wield katanas, and you aren't exactly one to judge on the canon friendliness of the bladed weapons section *cough* Samuel-B256's tomahawk *cough*. JAVELIN missions are different from SPARTAN-III missions in the fact that they rely on small, six person teams. They are not suicide missions, focusing more on infiltration and destruction than full on combat. I just think that JAVELIN is an unexplored section of the Haloverse, and it is highly unlikely that the One-time Carris-137 will ever appear again. Write me back to see if I have anything that you think is really bad. Thanks, Ultrakat66 Ps: Dugan-001 was a high ranking member of the Kra'dossh insaali (see Curt B Creamer), so it is not out of the realm of possibility that the Kra'dossh would attempt to rescue him. PPS: If there was no second class of SPARTAN-IIs, explain Nicole-458 and the fact that Janissary James was almost recruited by the program.