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The last part I see is the paragraph beginning "Within the museum" to "not killing the hunters".

However, the problem is that the article has been so hacked and chopped to reword things, or rearrange sentences, that its almost incomprehensible to read, and is kind of a mess overall. I'd honestly recommend starting from scratch, so you can write something that is unmistakably yours.

I understand. If the article is deleted by the bot i do have a backup file of what i have wrote down if it does happen, thanks for notifying me about what i have copied i will make sure to fix that up Kind Regards --Solo Invictus 072 (talk) 08:02, June 11, 2020 (UTC) Solo Invictus 072 P.S i did send a message a while ago because i didn't see your reply so i'm sorry bout that

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