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Pic Deletion

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MaslabIf you can walk, set your boots on the line.
TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Wednesday, September 23 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)
Apologies for the deletion of the picture you were using, but we have taken to deleting that artist's work here, as they have requested that we not use it.

Image sourcing policy

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Athena32"To war."
Hi Revan, and welcome to Halo Fanon. It's really good that you've got stuck in to writing fiction here on our site, but it's important to know the policies that everyone has to stick to. In particular I'd like to direct your attention to this policy, which places restrictions on using images that aren't yours without permission. You've recently uploaded a lot of images that aren't yours, and you'll need to add information to them to bring them in line with this policy. If you need more information or any help doing this, I or any of the other admins would be happy to help.


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Echowaffle8 - "Even after two thousand years, technology has improved to the extent that we still don't know what to do with a virus.":
TALK - 22:45, January 16, 2015 (UTC)
Go right ahead.

Throne Queendoms Stuff

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Echowaffle8 - "I wonder what this button does...":
TALK - 01:35, February 19, 2015 (UTC)
Should be fixed now, sorry about that. What with all the other stuff I have going on I'm not on the wiki every day.

P.S. When leaving new messages on a talk page, use "Leave message" so I can just go straight to the bottom of the page and find stuff easier.

Re: Your Article

Lordofmonsterisland — There are... no strings... on me...
My apologies about that. I was doing some clean-up work and didn't notice it was your article; I'm only targeting inactive users' articles. I reverted the change for you, so all should be fine now. Apologies again

RE: Joining Vadumverse

Halo 3 - Shipmaster Rtas Vadum.jpg

Andromeda Vadum -- Who dares wins!!! (Talk) (Contribs) Smiley in training.png

Wednesday, September 23 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)

Sure you can! We are always open to contributors! Be sure to read the rules, fill out an application and most importantly have fun. Once an app is filled I will add your stuff to their proper categories.

Vadumverse Application Accepted



Wednesday, September 23 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)

Thanks for submitting your application to Vadumverse. We were impressed by your background.
  1. If your username isn't on our list of members please add it to avoid confusion. You can add it at here.
  2. Please take the time to fill out info about your goals and how you plan to participate within Vadumverse. As well as any other infomation you that you feel is relevant on the List of Members section on the Vadumverse page.
  3. Add {{Vadumverse Updates}} to your userpage to keep up-to-date with what goes on in the universe.
  4. Any villains that you create will go in there respective categories on the Vadumverse/Antagonists page. Any good guys you create will go on the Vadumverse/Protagonists page. With categories, please add {{Vadumverse Antagonists}} for villains, and {{Vadumverse Protagonists}} for the good guys at the bottom of the character/organization article.
  5. Any non-character articles should go in the "Factions/Events/Non-Character" section, in the articles respective category.
  6. Any articles that you have created or will create that is related to Vadumverse, please add the {{Era|VV}} to the articles, as well as, add them to the Vadumverse Timeline.


Andromeda Vadum (Talk) (Contribs)

RE:Using some of your articles

Halo 3 - Shipmaster Rtas Vadum.jpg

Andromeda Vadum -- Who dares wins!!! (Talk) (Contribs) Smiley in training.png

Wednesday, September 23 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)

The Sanghelios Police Department does not cover other planets due to Jurisdiction issues. However, the Sangheili Alliance does, but with permission from Andromeda Vadum. If a terrorist treat rises against Sanghelios from beyond the planet itself, then the Sanghelios Police Department will look into it and report intel to the Sangheili Alliance. The Sangheili Alliance will then send in the Strategic Operations Units to take down the threat in a efficient and tactical manner. Lhor Konar has experience in Spec Ops and therefore he can join the Sangheili Alliance's S.O.U division, maybe even become a commander, but only if the requirements are met. I read your article, and your character shows tremendous honor and bears true faith to his word. This is more than enough to allow him to join the Sangheili Alliance cause these are the troops Andromeda looks for. Keep it updated and I may recommend it for Good Article Status, it looks really good so far. Try not to make him too perfect, every good character has his/her flaws.

Story Collab?

Halo 3 - Shipmaster Rtas Vadum.jpg

Andromeda Vadum -- Who dares wins!!! (Talk) (Contribs) Smiley in training.png

Wednesday, September 23 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)

Hi, I was looking through some of your articles and I was thinking that maybe we can do a story collab or something? I sensed adventure when reading Guardian of Norma. Really Interesting. What year does it take place though? Just wondering cause maybe I can add more factions?

Forbidden Fruit Story Collab

Halo 3 - Shipmaster Rtas Vadum.jpg

Andromeda Vadum -- Who dares wins!!! (Talk) (Contribs) Smiley in training.png

Wednesday, September 23 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)

Hope your good at writing novels. Okay so I managed to create a story collab that will be rather exciting. Be sure to add your main characters, supporting characters, and minor characters, including troops, Spartans and so on and so fourth. This is not going to be a full scale war so keep it light, it's only going to be an expedition to uncover an artifact on a colonized planet of Pandora, but that doesn't mean their will be impending danger and unknown peril along the way *wink, wink*. Also get to know the people your team will be working with, it is important to either factions success or failure. Anything else feel free to tell me on my talk page.

(Choosing to write with my normal sig so I dont take up room on your talk page.) Sure, first off the story play out! Like I said before, after reading your Guardian of Norma article, and Halo: Hunters in the Dark, I felt like I wanted to write something adventurous. After Zephyr 'Rorke discovers the Apple of Eden, they find a crevasse in the temple and after testing its depths, he decides to not to pursue to any further and instead returns to his outpost to get some thruster packs to decent into the crevasse with ease. After the UNSC invade the outpost, the Remnant elites are apprehended and interrogated. The Crimson Circle elites are interrogated by the UNSC, while Zephyr and his commander are interrogated by David King. The interrogation is successful and they passdown the information to HIGHCOM and ONI. This is where Fireteam Cell and Vincent Kaiser, who not only works for LEGION, but for ONI as well, get briefed on the planet and the UNSC and LEGION's current findings. Unless you want to replace Fireteam Cell with another Fireteam because you think it may not work out? Anyway, they are sent to Pandora to find the Apple of Eden artifact. The Crimson Circle faction is in custody, but attempts to escape when the convoy is ambushed by LEGION and their attack helicopters. The Crimson circle then flee the area as LEGION and UNSC forces engage in firefight. The Crimson Circle then head back to their outpost with the help of LEGION's transportation and find it occupied by UNSC forces. The Crimson circle take back the outpost and plan their next move. When Fireteam Cell and Vincent Kaiser arrive on the planet they are greeted by UNSC and LEGION forces, and are given a run down on their current situation, as well as the location of the Apple of Eden. They travel to exotic location in search of the Apple of Eden in the catacombs of ancient tombs and ruins remaining from age-old empires. During their expedition they encounter the Ember Coalition who is also looking for the Apple of Eden.

Side note: Im not too sure what role the Ember Coalition will play in this, maybe they can be allied with the LEGION faction?

ANYWAY getting tired of typing this long synopsis :( long story short, all teams fight for the Apple of Eden, and the possessor will yet to be decided. The antagonists get the Apple of Eden, and the Protagonists help enlist the aide of the Sangheili Alliance's S.O.U. team. Remember your Lhor Konar character? This will be a great opportunity for him to make an appearance. All in all, whatever antagonist has the Apple of Eden, the Crimson Circle, the Ember Coalition, or LEGION; there will be blood! But that doesn't necessarily mean we have to kill anyone...yet. We can have are characters inflict major injuries. And what goes from there, goes from there.

NEXT! I was thinking that maybe we can work this out on a post by post basis? I post and then after that maybe the next day you post something, kinda like the IGNITION roleplay. We should also use the IRC found here and enter the channel name #Halo-Fanon, then we can converse in private, so that are character can converse and this can be more of an epic roleplay. Just tell me when you want to IRC chat and give me a time in PST (Pacific Standard Time). I'm mostly available on Monday and Tuesday. Anything else, just ask, just dont make me type up such a horrendous post like this one, 2 hours of typing...I'll go ahead and post the Prologue tomorrow! We also need novel cover art, so if you know someone or could help out that would be great!

LASTLY! I also ask you to add the {{Vadumverse Updates}} to your userpage to keep updated with whats going on, also add your own updates if you wish as long as they are related to Vadumverse.--Andromeda Vadum (talk) 00:45, July 7, 2015 (UTC)

Lhor Konar article

I've edited the articles grammar and punctuation if that's okay with you. However, you left me on a cliffhanger in the articles "recovering" section.

He managed to bring his body and skills back to prime condition, but hadn't defeated the addiction for drugs entirely. Although he had gotten far better control over his hunger for the painkillers, he still

Hope to hear from you soon.latest?cb=20180731124120 Andromeda Vadum | Talk Contribs

Sup, me again, just wanting to let you know I have submitted your characters article for GA status. You can view the results here:

I was really hoping it would be a winner, anyway, that doesn't mean that there could be improvements and try again. I strongly suggest that you listen to to the feedback so that neutral can turn into a support next time. *I know this line sounds rude, but I'm not trying to sound rude.*

By the way, love the progress on the story collab. Really exciting! If we keep this up we may be able to win a yearly collab award or something! latest?cb=20180731124120 Andromeda Vadum | Talk Contribs

Time off and whats to come

Well hope you enjoy your weeks vacation. I have already begun on working on FF: Chapter 2, it's probably just going to be me since it's pretty long already. In FF: Chapter 3 i'm hoping we can start making use of the Skype or IRC. Just a small heads up on whats to come. David King is now an antagonist who will be working with the Ember Coalition, but they shouldn't know this until FF: Chapter 3. Or maybe in FF: Chapter 4? IDK. I wanted to also talk about the writing style. I prefer keeping my antagonists and protagonists separated through chapters, a couple chapters describes the protagonists, then a chapter or two on the antagonists. Makes the story have a dark feeling to it rather than characters being all over the place. This should be okay for FF: Chapter 1, seeing that the characters are being introduced. Anyway I'll probably leak more details when we get to FF: Chapter 3, and when you come back from your vacation.

latest?cb=20180731124120 Andromeda Vadum | Talk Contribs

When you get back from vacation just hit me up when your ready to continue the story.--Andromeda Vadum (talk) 08:46, August 9, 2015 (UTC)

RE: Back from vacation

Halo 3 - Shipmaster Rtas Vadum.jpg

Andromeda Vadum -- Who dares wins!!! (Talk) (Contribs) Smiley in training.png

Wednesday, September 23 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)

I was a little worried that it got NFCed. The whole story might be NFCed too, unless I can make the changes. Maybe you can help me on the history? I'm thinking that if they gather enough resources from other planets they can build up their infrastructure and their military. Other then that it's doing good, hopefully :/

We may have to slow the progress of the story though, because if LEGION is NFCed, then the story itself might be NFCed. But it wont hurt to submit Chapter 2 and maybe a few other chapters. I'm also going to submit an intro section for ONI in Chapter 1 and you can submit an intro Chapter for the Ember Coalition for Chapter 1 as well. Oh and just a heads up, the story's timeline is 2573.

Furthermore, some members of LEGION are working with ONI, but that will soon change, and LEGION will ally itself with the Ember Coalition, if that's okay with you. Hell maybe they can go as far as to trading resources with each other I don't know.

Cleaning house DEFCON 4

Halo 3 - Shipmaster Rtas Vadum.jpg

Andromeda Vadum -- Who dares wins!!! (Talk) (Contribs) Smiley in training.png

Wednesday, September 23 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)

Okay, we are now at DEFCON 4, lol yeah I made it up. Your articles Guardian of Norma, Ember Coalition, and Ember Federation need to be cleaned up and toned down a bit otherwise they could be NCFed. Just thought I'd give you a heads up before our story too gets NCFed, and I sure as hell don't want that to happen. I'm making major rewrites on most of my articles that are criminal related and characters related to those factions: leaders, founders, members, are also getting a rewrite, cause you know it, a domino effect will occur and that will make matters worse to the point that I will tear my brains out.

As for the story, we will have to put it on hold now because I think some issues will pop up with the Ember Coalition, yes later you may have to explain the same thing to Ajax when your page gets NCFed as well as our story:

  1. You claim that a Phoenix-class colony ship refitted with military grade weaponry and one of the few mobile bases of the Ember Coalition. How do they get this, let alone military funding for this?
  2. Thomas announced and a small holographic window appeared with an encrypted data stream waiting for approval. How did he get this from ONI? If he's a deserter, then ONI will most likely track him down and kill him.
I'm not trying to say we should end the story all together or trying to be a big meany. If you want to talk on the IRC/IRK then that will be a faster way of clearing things up with Ajax.

Continuing Forbidden Fruit story

Okay, i'm putting my foot down and continuing the story, Forbidden Fruit. Hopefully everything is okay on your end. Remember we will have to keep it small, so I'm going to finish the ONI section, and then put up Chapter 2 and then we'll go from there. I figured that anything that needs fixing up will be fixed later.

latest?cb=20180731124120 Andromeda Vadum | Talk Contribs

Made some updates to plan for Chapter 3. I was thinking of using Google Docs. It will also allow us to write and edit the document, and chat together in real-time, which should be exciting. I feel that this will provide more control over our characters, such as conversations and actions, and we can sort out areas of disagreements faster. Make a note that you will need a Google account, but that shouldn't be a problem. I want to also set a goal to 3000-4000 words per chapter, since it's the two of us. That's about 1500-2000 words per person, which is decent. I would like to hear your input.
Also, if you want to move your article Arn-G290 into Ahalosniper's Gamma Company, he said it would be fine. I would send him a message to be sure though.
latest?cb=20180731124120 Andromeda Vadum | Talk Contribs

RE: RE: New Response

Sounds good, maybe have the fireteam join later on as a rescue team? Also a good thing your scaling down the Ember Coalition, although you might want to fix up Chapter 1. Here is the link to Chapter 3's story:

Hopefully it will let you add your account. If not you can always send me your email and I will approve.

Hello there, Revan

hello, so your a sci-fi freak like me too huh? good. could you take a look at some articles for me? id appreciate it greatly (i do take criticism)


(and lastly, my pride and joy):


With Regards, --Admiral Benjamin Church (talk) 15:17, October 8, 2015 (UTC) Admiral_Benjamin_Church

Such as?

--Admiral Benjamin Church (talk) 18:13, October 8, 2015 (UTC)Admiral_Benjamin_Church

re: hullo

I'm using my school computer so i cant put the IRC on here id have to do that at home

Besides that you could help me cut down the Bunker Hill class to make it fit canon, or at least brainstorm ideas about it. We could also do some collaborations in the future possibly.

--Admiral Benjamin Church (talk) 18:30, October 8, 2015 (UTC) Admiral_Benjamin_Church

re send that last message please. all i got was: {{{{text}}}}

--Admiral Benjamin Church (talk) 18:37, October 8, 2015 (UTC) Admiral_Benjamin_Church

did u get my message?

so do you want to collaborate?

With Regards,

--Admiral Benjamin Church (talk) 19:37, October 8, 2015 (UTC) Admiral_Benjamin_Church

Continuing Forbidden Fruit storyline?

Halo 3 - Shipmaster Rtas Vadum.jpg

Andromeda Vadum -- Who dares wins!!! (Talk) (Contribs) Smiley in training.png

Wednesday, September 23 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)

Hello Revan, I was just wondering if we should continue the Forbidden Fruit story line. I know I have been unactive from time to time mainly because of my new job. Anyway let me know if you would like to continue it, I already started working on an outline and will release it soon.

Armiger Infobox

Mark V Profile.png
S-D379 - If you're expecting something here, you're probably disappointed by now.:
TALK - 16:29, February 12, 2016 (UTC). Today is Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Hey Revan, I wanted to inform you that you can use this infobox for your Template:Armiger Infobox page, with a few modifications. I can help, if ya like it.


RE: Tomorrow's game

Sev40 - Do you know the difference between an error and a mistake, Ensign? Anyone can make an error. But that error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it:
TALK - 01:21, Saturday, February 20, 2016 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
That's unfortunate, I was really looking forward to it. Hopefully we can organise another soon :/

GHOST-class armor picture

SigV1 pic.png
S-D379 — Exploring the secrets, unknown of what danger lies beneath
TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — 13:57, April 2, 2016 (UTC). Today is Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Revan, I think it'd be better if we took the images for the GHOST-class Mjolnir from the upcoming game Doom, instead of the Crysis-Halo picture we're using right now. I'm not against the current pic, it's just that it doesn't look Mjolnir-ey enough. On the other hand though, Doom's armor looks good enough to be Mjolnir. Just a suggestion.


Hey, Revan a few hours ago you helped create Captain James T. Avery fixing the picture. I was wondering if you could perhaps do that with my other articles or instead if you assist me in doing it myself. I would really appreciate it. BEN THE BEST456 (talk) 19:49, April 22, 2016 (UTC)

Long time no talk

Halo 3 - Shipmaster Rtas Vadum.jpg

Andromeda Vadum -- Who dares wins!!! (Talk) (Contribs) Smiley in training.png

Wednesday, September 23 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)

Hey buddy, its Andromeda. I know we both have alot on our plates, but I'm determined to make a comeback and edit more. Anyway, I would like to continue Forbidden Fruit (lolz this must be the 8th time asking about this and not caring.) and maybe work on more collabs in the future. Maybe work on a story for the Guardian of Norma? I'm already planning out Chapter 3 as well as other Chapters to come in the future. Message me back so I know your active.

Halo 3 - Shipmaster Rtas Vadum.jpg

Andromeda Vadum -- Who dares wins!!! (Talk) (Contribs) Smiley in training.png

Wednesday, September 23 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)

I know I havent been available on the IRC chat for some time. Been having connection issues on the app. Every other server seems to work though. Just wanted to give you a heads up that i will be available tuesday thru friday to work on the Forbidden Fruit Novel. Hopefully we can make it to Chapter 7.

Ember Federation Location

Sev40 - On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons, we swore to uphold the Covenant:
TALK - 13:52, Friday, October 21st 2016 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Hey Revan, I'm wondering if its possible to move the Ember Federation to the Perseus or Sagittarius Arm. For one, the Norma Arm is over 15,000 lightyears away from Sol; it'd be kinda hard for the Federation to support allied worlds which are closer to human space (e.g. Wealth), but it'd also make any treaty basically worthless for the Federation. Maybe it can be moved to the Perseus or Sagittarius arms?

Ahalosniper — That Damn Sniper, sniping — Forged in secret, tempered in fire; Cheeky Demon, God Defier
TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Wednesday, September 23 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)
Greet'ns. Just wanted to know what your immediate plans for Mike are in The Hunted, since I remember you had him aboard Alpha-003. Is he going straight down to the planet alongside Zaytseva and Alpha-001, or are they still in orbit? I've got Kestrl's characters with mine in a Pelican still in orbit, and was trying to get together anyone left behind to regroup and join up with the other characters pretty soon.

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