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This article is at risk of being marked Not-Canon Friendly for the reasons below. Please fix these problems soon.
  • Red is currently more than twice as tall as just about every other SPARTAN-II that we know of, even if they are in Mjolnir, and almost three times as heavy. Even Kurt-051 was 'only' near 250 centimetres in height, and most SPARTAN-IIs are around 130 kilograms in weight. Red's figures are unbelievable and needs to be changed.
    • Reduce Red's height to ~240 centimetres or less, preferably around the two-metre mark, and reduce his weight to less than ~140 kilograms.
  • Typically, almost all SPARTAN-IIs are enlisted personnel, with a rank no higher than Master Chief Petty Officer, and most Spartans who were officers typically hovered around the rank of Lieutenant. Given that, there is no way Red would be a Lieutenant Commander and still operate with the other SPARTAN-IIs, as that would make him the field commander instead of John-117.
    • You will need to separate Red from the other SPARTAN-IIs by the time he gets that rank, and you'll need a good excuse for why he was promoted to that rank when other Spartans were not. For example, Carter-A259 was given the rank of Commander so he could have the authority to change his mission details in the field.
  • Given that the SPARTAN-IIs in general were known for volunteering for dangerous jobs, I don't see why Red-015 would become famous enough for it that he would get a title for it. Even John-117 was usually adamant about taking the lead for such assignments. In addition, it is extremely improbably that he would survive every battle he participated in without a scratch, especially when MAC impacts can create massive explosions rivalling nukes in power.
    • I would recommend removing the parts about him surviving six MAC blasts, never taking a scratch from battle, and the title.
  • By 2558, we know that Team Omega only had three surviving members; Leon, Robert, and August. That leaves Red no room to be their leader by then.
    • While Red can lead Team Omega earlier on, he will need to be reassigned to another unit prior to 2558. Honestly, I would recommend just making up a new team for him to lead.
  • Team Omega never served at the Ark, and their appearance on the installation in Halo Wars 2, like Sergeants Johnson and Forge, was non-canon.

Some additional notes to expand on my buddy Sev's notes for Red-015.

  1. S-II teams are named by color (ex. Red Team, Blue Team, Green Team, Black Team, Gray Team), Omega Team was instead a special task unit made up of a few regular Spartan teams, of which, Red Team was part of Omega Team. So, the Spartan members from Omega would probably need a separate color name for themselves.
  2. What do you mean by 'a spire guarding a Covenant destroyer'? The way this line is written confuses me.
  3. Getting his hand chopped off is going to either need a prosthetic or to get one newly cloned (that's going to take weeks or months, both for installation and getting used to the new arm).
  4. The 'Harvest Campaign' is an article written by an old Halo Fanon user Auguststorm, it refers to the three or so different battles of Harvest over the course of 6 years rather than just one campaign on Harvest. I don't think Omega was there the entire time. Plus they couldn't have been at Harvest and then Arcadia so quickly as depicted in the Halo Wars campaign unless they were aboard the Spirit of Fire which they were not. I recommend maybe having them do some stuff elsewhere.
  5. If a character is thought dead but turned out they're not, that doesn't count as a marking for "dead".
  6. You should establish that the "Red Team" you talk about him joining after Red Team was lost along with the Spirit of Fire in deep space is a different one since another group of S-IIs were marked as Red Team after Red Team disappeared.

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