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AAO Application

AAO approved.png
"We've been irresistible and immovable for too long. Maybe it's our turn to give."

On behalf of the members of Against All Odds, we are pleased to announce that you have been accepted into our expanded universe! If you have not done so already, please read this before you begin to ensure your role in this project is a smooth one. If you have any questions, please contact Sonasaurus or an active moderator.

As you are now in AAO, please complete the following tasks. They won't take up too much of your time:
  1. Post {{AAO Bulletin}} somewhere on your userpage where you can see it, so you'll be able to keep up-to-date with new announcements.
  2. If your username has been added to our list of members, put some information about yourself here. If you don't see your name, then you will be asked to do so later.
  3. If you regularly log onto the wikia IRC, please register your nickname. If you are not sure how to do so, please follow these instructions. You will be authorized to join our personal channel, #AAO, and will be given a +V flag once you are registered.

Congratulations again, we expect great things from you!
Sonasaurus, co-creator

Gerardthemighty - Fide Et Fortitudine:
TALK - Today
Hey man I just got back. I was wondering if you want to collaborate since your all about the insurrection. Is their any planets and factions I would be able to include, a Character of mine Lewis White is in the special forces during 2548-2551. Do you have anything that coincides with that time?

Regards The Bhoy

Gerardthemighty - Fide Et Fortitudine:
TALK - Today
I have an idea that might work, I have a blank page I keep meaning to work on... called Santo National Army. Its the insurrection on the planet Santo which is in my universe. We could maybe connect the two universes through this because the insurrection dates back to before the human covenant war. You could introduce anyone you wanted provided it is in the right time. What do you think?

Regards The Bhoy

Help out a new guy?

Hello there. I'm fairly new here and i've been writing a certain Insurrectionist character, Nathaniel Hale. Basically a rebel who isn't a crazy fanatic as so often portrayed in Halo and actually abandons his war with the UNSC to fight the Covenant in order to save his home planet.

You seem to be very well established when it comes to rebels. Feedback is hard to find around here so if you can spare some of your time to give me any pointers on any mistakes I made or advice I'd greatly appreciate it.

Regards ---DirgeOfCerberus111 (talk) 05:16, September 12, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for the feedback, it's been hard to find lately. As for the grammar, yeah I've been working on it but I have to find it first you see.

Regards ---DirgeOfCerberus111 (talk) 22:04, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

Still wanna work on that thing?

DC Ambrose"No soldier should be honored for doing what is expected."
TALK CONTRIBUTIONS Monday, October 26, 2020
Still wanna work on the collaboration? Sorry I dropped off the wiki for so long without word, real life and duty called. =\ But I'm back (for the most part) and can continue where we left off if you wish.

At the end of all your articles, you have an info box thing. It is like List of all Rebels in against all odds. How do you do that? I have not been able to find a tutorial.

Vae Victis

Reach Glassing.png

United Nations Space Command Wartime Transfer Orders
Encryption Code: RED
Priority: Alpha
From: FLEETCOM Sector One
Dear <insert name here>

If you are receiving this message, then you're one of the best we have. WINTER CONTINGENCY has already been declared, and we are pulling in everything we have back to Reach. The Covenant are relentless, and it won't be long before they throw everything they have at us. We need our best and brightest in the field and ready for action to defend our fortress among the stars. We need your help.

Please access this document for further information.


Ping me next time you're on the IRC, I've an idea for you! Joshua (Talk) (Contribs) 23:11, January 22, 2014 (UTC)

Gerardthemighty - Fide Et Fortitudine:
TALK - Today
Aye I'm good, I've been spending alot of time away from the internet recently. I've also been working on script writing for an English Exam but its kind of became a hobby.

Regards The Bhoy

Re:Your Question

SonasaurusThe Cabal is watching you, <insert name here>
TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — 2:43, October 17, 2014 (EST)
Dear Lancer,

I write you this letter in regards to the question you sent me on October 16th, 2014, at 20:33 (Eastern Standard Time). In the event that you are unsure what said question would be, I will clarify that it is this:

<Minuteman_2492> Sona, I has a question. Please don't kill me, but would it be plausible for rebels to create gliders out of cloth and wood to make them invisible to radar?

The simple answer: No. But there’s a bit more I’d like to say, so hear me out.

From previous experience, I have come to the conclusion that providing you with a straightforward answer each time you approach me or one of my fellow users with a question like this will prove to be ineffective in the long term. This is largely because you appear to understand the answer but not the overarching point of why these ideas are repeatedly deemed non-canon friendly. So if it’s not too much trouble for you, I’m going to provide an explanation I’d like you to read that will hopefully give you a better idea of the picture.

You see, gliders are impractical means of travelling by air by 26th century standards. Also by today’s standards, and by 20th century standards as well. In the days when the device was used as a prerequisite to machine-operated aircraft (9th to 17th century, I believe, though this may be historically disputed), it was considered unstable and risky. And to use materials such as cloth and wood means that they are, and I cannot emphasize this enough, extremely susceptible to failure due to their fragility. And for them to fly personnel carrying weapons, armour, flight gear on top of that armour, and various other equipment is bound to end in disaster; my rough guess would place the casualty rates at over 70% from crash-landings alone.

Let’s assume that you get these gliders to work exactly as they’re supposed to. I want to make it clear that these things will not be invisible to radar. The whole point of modern stealth aircraft, and I’m talking about aircraft we have today, not even what we’re going to have 500 years from now, is to build it out of materials that will render it invisible to radar, along with flight designs that will allow it to do the same in active use. I’m no expert on this, but if you need examples, I’m sure one of Halo Fanon’s more scientific users would be happy to provide you with a list.

Now let’s go even further as to assume that somehow you make these gliders invisible to radar. I’m going to point out something here that requires little to no scientific knowledge to realize or comprehend: they can be spotted in the open air from hundreds of miles away by snipers, ground personnel, or practically anyone who has at least one working eye. Taking into consideration that gliders are extremely unwieldy, difficult to steer, not to mention slow as all hell compared to actual aircraft, you can bet that the poor bastards flying these things will be shot out of the sky in a matter of seconds.

When you approached me with this question, I noticed you were rather apprehensive about what I would think. And let me say, for once in a blue moon you were spot-on. I’m going to be perfectly honest now. This whole game of “you make stupid ideas, we reject your ideas, you make more stupid ideas” has become tiresome to me. It appears that in your three years on Halo Fanon, you have been given explanation after explanation by almost every member of the current active community (along with a few active users of the past) not only what the immediate issues are with your ideas, but where the root of your problem lies.

I’d like to draw to your attention that the community is rapidly losing their patience with you, and I can’t blame them one bit. I feel like the users involved have invested more than enough time, patience, and faith in your ability to improve than I would have given them credit for, and you have repaid them by simply ignoring their efforts time and time again. And I’m all too familiar with how it always goes; you come up with an implausible, often archaic weapon, vehicle, or other form of military practice preferably utilized by the Polish or U.S. army, then slap some half-assed excuse on it because you just want to see the idea used (which, actually, might have worked the first one or two times, but that ship has sailed ages ago); at least one user will soundly reject you, to which you will apologize, scrap the idea, and promise to improve; not long after that, you’ll think of some other long-abandoned military concept that hopefully will slide, and then proceed to go far, far out of your way to try and justify it. It’s a routine that’s been getting under the skin of every user who’s been observing you, and it ends now. I’m not asking, in case you were wondering.

I haven’t forgotten the two points that you so very much like to bring up every time you feel like you’re being attacked: it’s just your opinion, right? And no one on the wiki writes about rebels anyway, so naturally the duty falls on you, doesn’t it? Well, I’m just going to say this: go ahead and write as many rebel characters as you please. You’re entitled to it, after all. In fact, you are entitled to have all your fantasies about a Polish/American Insurrection beating the crap out of the wicked, corrupt UNSC with 20th century tech. I ask only one thing: that as long as you intend to write on my wiki, where the rules on canon friendliness are clear and have been made clear for nearly eight years, you will obey the wiki policy to a fault, just as every other user here is expected to. But if you so feel that you simply must write these ideas into solid text, you’re always free to put it elsewhere (e.g. Anon’s Sandbox, Fanfiction Halo; hell, make your own wiki if you want).

As a final point, I would like to remind you that while Halo Fanon is tolerant of all political and religious beliefs, you do not have to insert your personal views into every character you write. I will point out that many other users create characters, organizations, and scenarios that are in complete disagreement with their own ideals. You may think that because so many users in this community are on the opposite end of the political spectrum from you, that we feel obligated to repress your right of free speech. This is false; you have the right to speak your mind, but you must always be willing to accept the repercussions for your words. This is how free speech works anywhere, and it applies to everyone on Halo Fanon.

I recall you once received a six-month ban for repeatedly ignoring warnings to heed the canon policy. I also recall lifting your ban early as a good faith gesture because you had given me your word that you would make your ideas more canon-friendly. This, to me, has not looked like the mindset of someone who is taking that promise seriously. So, I hope this letter will finally accomplish what other users have tried and failed to do in the last three years. I have been more than lenient with you in the past regarding this entire matter, but like everyone else I have my limits. So consider this your last warning, because the next time I find myself wondering why you were given so many chances and still learned nothing from it, you will receive a non-negotiable permaban. Whatever you may think from this long and harsh letter, the truth is that many users, myself included, would genuinely hate to see you go. Be sure to make the right decision.


Savier zerker.jpg
Anonymous ONI agent - Gwneud o dân, a gyda chalonnau wneud o iâ.
"From this moment onward, you are Egon Talorus. And to humanity, you are everything.":

TALK - 17:50, October 17, 2014 (UTC)
Just to clarify, stealth aircraft do not require radar-absorbing materials; modern fifth-generation fighter aircraft like the Lockheed-Martin F-22 and F-35, the Sukhoi T-50, and even the Chengdu J-20 utilize a cheaper and more efficient form of stealth called planform stealth, which reduces radar cross-section (RCS) by utilizing a sloped design to deflect incoming radar signals away from the aircraft sending them. However, this still would be incredibly unlikely to work with a wood-and-cloth glider design. Planform stealth requires extremely precise airframe design, and any imperfections or inconsistencies in the surface of the airframe will increase its RCS and thus negatively impact the stealth characteristics of an aircraft, and not at all insignificantly. The F-35 had a slight design imperfection at one point (I believe having to do with the inlet nozzles IIRC) that increased its RCS from the size of a marble to the size of a beach ball. For this reason, modern stealth aircraft use expensive, extremely high-end materials and are built with the utmost of precision; every single measurement, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is checked and rechecked countless times over down to the last thousandth of a millimeter, to ensure that the airframe will behave exactly as intended in regards to radar evasion. Wood and cloth obviously do not lend themselves particularly well to such an extreme level of precision; wood has certain structural limitations and many of the design techniques used in planform stealth would weaken the structural integrity of a wooden aircraft using planform stealth, and cracks, divots, and seams in a wooden airframe would increase its RCS. A wood-and-cloth aircraft is also going to be prone to warping and bending when subjected to the forces of aerodynamic flight, something which also increases RCS. And this brings me to the next problem with wood-and cloth stealth gliders.

If you've ever looked closely at fifth-generation stealth designs, you may notice that they all have thick wings and small wingspans, and this is intended to maximize the surface area of the wing while still providing as much sturdiness as possible, even during high-G maneuvers. Thanks to the principle of leverage, shorter, wider wings are less prone to bending than longer, thinner wings. But if you look at a glider, you'll see that most have long, thin wings, and this is because these provide the greatest possible lift-to-weight ratio, maximizing lift without adding too much extra weight, and also spreading and evening out the weight of the aircraft across a wider area. Wings which are short and wide would provide insufficient lift at the lower speeds inherent to unpowered flight, and would center a greater majority of the aircraft's weight at the fuselage. This is why the decision to give the F-35 only a single engine and not to give it supercruise or the capability to employ its weapon systems at supersonic speeds was so controversial: the wing design on modern stealth aircraft is most efficient at high speeds; at lower speeds (below 550-600 kts if my experience with the aircraft in my flight sims are any indication as to the actual performance of the aicraft) the aircraft is less stable and more prone to stalling, thus making the aircraft far less maneuverable. In a glider this design would be even more problematic, to the point that a glider utilizing this design would probably be unable to function in its intended purpose as an unpowered aircraft.

Finally, planform stealth is only truly effective at high speeds (supersonic or near supersonic). Planform stealth does not function from all directions; from one angle the RCS could be the size of a marble while from another angle it could be the size of a backyard swimming pool. Aircraft which use planform stealth are typically stealthiest at the front and rear, as those are the only angles which would be visible to an enemy detection system for an extended period of time. Anything looking at these aircraft from a different direction would be able to detect them much more easily, but they wouldn't detect them for long as the aircraft would be in and out of that detection system's field of view extremely quickly because of the high speeds at which those aircraft travel. Gliders on the other hand, being unpowered, are pretty slow, and slow down more and more the further that they travel. Even if they were to possess planform stealth characteristics on the same level as modern stealth aircraft, they'd linger in a ground-based detection system's field of view for so long that there would be more than enough time for enemy SAMs to lock onto the glider's more observable underbelly and destroy it.

And to top it all off, aircraft which use planform stealth oftentimes also use those radar-absorbent materials to further circumvent the issue of varying stealth characteristics when viewed from different angles.

And for the record, Lancer, this was not meant to undermine Sona's statements above, but rather to strengthen them, as you, knowing more about aircraft than Sona does, would probably know about planform stealth and try to bring it up, so I wanted to nip that in the ass before it even became an issue. And I did so because, aside from the note on stealth which I have already helped to clarify and rectify, he is entirely correct. This cycle of making something, realizing or being told that it's silly, then doing the exact same thing over again and learning absolutely fucking nothing in the process needs to end, because everyone is sick and fucking tired of it, myself included.

You need to realize that we aren't this harsh because we hate you or think that you're a bad writer. If that was actually the case, we'd probably just ignore your existence entirely and wait for you to get bored and leave or something. But as you can see by the long-winded messages that Sona and now myself have left you, that's not the case here. We see talent in you and we want to see you use it, but in order for you to do that, you need to learn to separate fact from fiction and to not let your personal views get in the way of your writing. Because you are writing the exact same things over and over, with only a couple details here and there changed, and you need to knock it off.

I don't want to see you leave the wiki or get banned again; I doubt anyone does. What we want is to see you change and improve. I hope you understand that.

Ignition RP

Dear Minuteman 2492,

You have been invited to join the Ignition RP! Set after the events of the Human-Covenant War and the Didact's attempted Composing of Earth, Ignition describes the factional conflicts between the various organizations that formed as a result of the war, including the UNSC's attempts to recolonize the neglected Outer Colonies against the current colonists' wills and the several feuds between the remnants of the once-mighty Covenant Empire.

Participants in Ignition can choose between any of these factions or create their own. The RP will be based around the factions' interactions, and as a result is very open-ended.

Signing up is simple: leave a message on Ignition's talk page with your username, the faction you would like to participate as, and any of your faction's major characters.

Further questions can be directed to my talk page. The RP is scheduled to begin on 1 February 2015, and I hope to see you then!

Maybe this will say something witty at another time.Echowaffle8 Waffle.png 01:07, January 14, 2015 (UTC)

Echowaffle8 Waffle.png
Echowaffle8 - "I wonder what this button does...":
TALK - 19:28, February 1, 2015 (UTC)
Do you still plan to participate in Ignition? If so, you may want to add in your faction pretty quickly if you want to be present for the start. If you're not available right now, though, it wouldn't be completely "RP-breaking" if you fully joined the action after it started.

IRC Discussion Topic

Echowaffle8 Waffle.png
Echowaffle8 - "If at first you don't succeed, add more duct tape.":
TALK - 17:32, February 8, 2015 (UTC)
No I haven't; could you update me as to what happened on the IRC? Trying to do many things at once right now, sorry.

Merry Birthsmas

Oh hey, I heard it was your birthday, So I wanted to drop by and wish you a happy birthday. Slower Than Most (talk) 06:40, March 5, 2015 (UTC)

RE:Pole Land


- Scootaloo_Sig.png Scootaloo (Talk) (Contribs)   01:05, April 1, 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for that a few reasons for mistakes For the pelican,I thought the troop bay was open and the cockpit is glass. For the Spartan,Spartans are not invincible sniper rifles can kill them INSTANTLY if aimed right and I forgot about Jai-006.


Can I join against all odds? I am ok at short stories and also please delete the Joseph Allson storyline I might redo it later

The question about aao was me,SPARTAN323


Brodie-001The Demon - The Fighter - The Fallen - The Survivor
TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Monday 13:01 2020
Were this three years ago I'd be hanged for even suggesting this, but on behalf of Halo Fanon's administration I'm making you a Site Patroller due to your consistent activity and greatly improved article quality. There would probably be a medal or something involved but we don't have any. Well done.


can you explain why this is NCF'd?



--Admiral Benjamin Church (talk) 01:32, January 26, 2016 (UTC) Admiral_Benjamin_Church

Power Plays

Galactic Simon.jpg
ActeneTraitor - Trickster - Avenger - Healer
TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Eastern Standard Time
Hey, I've been meaning to message you on the irk but we never seem to be on at the same time. I'm currently writing the Halo: Power Plays story which is meant to be an adaptation of that post-Halo 5 RP we did a few months ago. I'm trying to remember the name of the pilot you played in that RP and was hoping I could have your permission to use him in the story.


thanks for the talk clarification



--Admiral Benjamin Church (talk) 00:09, April 29, 2016 (UTC) Admiral_Benjamin_Church

RP Character Submission

Hey, thanks for the quick response. I'm willing to negotiate my place in the RP - I'll make the necessary changes.

What can you tell me about Naval assets in the AO? I don't to use boats. Are you willing to allow naval warships in atmosphere or something? Are small freighters available for ONI/NAVSPECWAR deployment? Can I use Army Rangers? I'm just throwing around questions but I didn't know what worked and what didn't so I just went with a basic idea based on one of my old Halo fanfics.

What do you think would you recommend? What does your Roleplay need in terms of characters right now? I'm happy to fill a position if need be.Distant Tide (talk) 21:05, May 8, 2017 (UTC)

I was planning on letting my aviation cruiser get destroyed early on in the story. I wasn't trying to produce anything overpowered or dangerous to the RP's plot. Just kind of thought it would be a nice set piece and a different perspective. I'll get on here eventually, I'm a college student so I got some other things to take care of before I get on. I'll get on the Irk soon. Talk to you later. Distant Tide (talk) 21:25, May 8, 2017 (UTC)

Lord Gentleman.jpg
The Pale Kestrl — Warrior, Adventurer, Gentleman
TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Monday 13:01 2020
Sorry I wasn't about to join the first session for Status Quo, hopefully now that my coursework is over for this year I will be able to join in the next one.

RP Status

Hey, Minuteman - that first session was really fun. When do you expect to do Chapter Two?

Also, is there or how are you guys keeping track of what happens during the Roleplay because while the Spartans, ONI, and Rangers dominated the topic of the RP, I did notice a lot of other characters attempting to start up but being swallowed up in the confusion of the combat scene. Do you plan to try and divert some of the focus back the way of the GFS leadership and the freelance mercs or are we going to continue with this espionage game?

As a side note, I believe I talked to you briefly on the Irk, I'm not sure how the different expanded universes work on Halo Fanon, too well so if you don't mind - I may use this RP as a setting up point for different characters and lore articles I do. I have my own storylines that I'm converting over but since Valor 1-1 died (he was my team leader designated for my Aragon campaign in my old story but since he's dead now, I think I'm going to leave him dead) I'm changing a lot of happens later on, my Aragon story took place in 2555 so this espionage story changes a lot of my dynamic.

Thanks for running such a fun event, hope to get back to it soon. You're the best, man! Distant Tide (talk) 17:36, May 10, 2017 (UTC)

I got that. I got a real life situation that will require me to get off in between then I will attempt to get back on. In this case, I'd like Team Valor to disappear off screen on order of Hotel II, should make transitions easier. Distant Tide (talk) 22:29, May 10, 2017 (UTC)

Yo, can you tell me where you got this pic "NBmaY.jpg "? It's the pic with the two olive drab Crysis 2 marines in the "Victorian Independent State" page. There's no problem really, I just can't seem to find any similar pictures, but I believe I've seen a mod like that a few years back. Thanks and get back to me pls.! --ISAFollower (talk) 07:56, February 9, 2020 (UTC)

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