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Since messages don't go through on Skype unless both are online, I post the list of the next SPARTAN here:
JFO helmet
Grenadier shoulders
Collar/Grenadier chest
UA/NxRA utility
Silver visor
Grenadier knees
All violet

~Hyper Zergling 06:07, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

Actually, before you do that, there is one screenshot I want you to take I will tell you about when we are online at the same time on Skype. ~Hyper Zergling 17:45, November 30, 2011 (UTC)


SonasaurusSpartans never die. And neither do they
Spartan laser.gif

TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — 12:02, January 14, 2012 (EST)
Done. For future reference though, simply add {{Delete|Author request}} to any page you want deleted, and it will be done shortly.
I think he asked because he added the template to his pages/images, which were deleted, but that one was missed. ~Hyper Zergling 07:17, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

Alpha and Beta-Platinum screenshots

These should both be on Complex.


Alpha-Platinum positioning (names abbreviated with first initial)

Helmet: Operator
Torso: Operator
Shoulders: Protector
Forearms: Twin-plated
Legs: LG-50 Bulk
Visor: Midnight
White and Brick
Emblem: Mi_Ae_emblem.png (silver, white, and brick)
Weapons: Assault Rifle and Magnum


Beta-Platinum positioning (names abbreviated with first initial)

Helmet: Recruit
Torso: HAZOP (whichever shows more of the secondary color)
Shoulders: Scout
Forearms: Default
Legs: LG-50 Bulk
Visor: Solar
Steel and Maroon
Emblem: Rick_emblem_new.png (maroon and yellow)
Weapons: SAW and Battle Rifle
Helmet: Pathfinder
Torso: Recon (whichever shows more of the secondary color)
Shoulders: Protector (whichever shows less of the secondary color)
Forearms: Contoured SHRD
Visor: Cyan
Violet and Yellow
Emblem: Sam_Emblem2.png (silver, maroon, and silver)
Weapons: Binary Rifle and Rocket Launcher
Helmet: Air Assault
Torso: Air Assault
Shoulders: Soldier
Forearms: Twin-plated
Legs: Outer-plated
Visor: Frost
Khaki? and Maroon (look at his picture for reference)
Emblem: Lutzemblem.png (white, brick, and cobalt)
Weapons: Battle Rifle and Assault Rifle

~Hyper Zergling 16:19, June 22, 2013 (UTC)

Front yard, facing away from the Silo ~Hyper Zergling 14:05, June 24, 2013 (UTC)

They were on my halo4 file share which i accessed off of halo waypoint also if you want i can give you a picture of my spartan now. CIO:helmet;EOD:chest;pathfinder:shoulders:gv-locking:forearms;x-27 narrow:legs.

A Note on RvB

Savier zerker.jpg
Anonymous ONI agent - Gwneud o dân, a gyda chalonnau wneud o iâ.
"From this moment onward, you are Egon Talorus. And to humanity, you are everything.":

TALK - 05:02, October 30, 2013 (UTC)
I apologize for being a bit late to the party on this (although honestly I've been quite busy getting my own wiki off of the ground), but I couldn't help but notice the comments you left on the talk page for Reginald Harding. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the RvB shenanigans or not, but Sona's not saying that RvB can be directly transplanted into Halo or vice versa, rather simply that they are very compatible stories and can be easily crossed over with one another. The RvB characters on this wiki technically aren't the same ones seen in the series; we have modified them so that their characters and backstories fit with the continuity and tone of the Halo Universe. Additionally, their stories diverge entirely from that shown in RvB after a specific point in time, with the Freelancers being sent off to fight the Covenant and whatnot.

So yeah, just thought I'd clarify some stuff for you.

Excellent work. You are a true agent in my book. -KidVegeta (talk)

Its instantly in it also my gamer tag is SlythIchyth[its because i play a lot of skyrim]also since i'm busy at times i might accept it a little later then expected. sorry for the inconvience


Galactic Simon.jpg
ActeneTraitor - Trickster - Avenger - Healer
TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Eastern Standard Time
I appreciate the heads-up regarding your additions to the page. That being said, I'm afraid that the added personality section does not add all that much to my opinion of Ryan himself. Having read through the article its entirety, I can't say there's still much to go by. Ryan is an awesome fighter, is good at sniping, and will step up to the plate if a leader is needed (because he is incidentally good at that too), and doesn't talk much unless he's berating the people under him. Having worked in an actual military environment, I can say with decent confidence that those last two facts are generally mutually exclusive. People don't generally enjoy being led by such people; perhaps Spartans react differently when the quiet sniper guy jumps in and starts telling them what a shitty job they're doing and how he'll help make everything better. My comment on the article's talk page was reflecting on the fact that the biography doesn't convey much about Ryan as a person and instead just lists events in his life.

I also suggest you go into further detail regarding the circumstances surrounding the "FINAL SOLUTION" operation. The whole thing seems rather implausible, considering at the time of the Second Battle of Earth the UNSC had no way of knowing where the Covenant homeworlds actually were and most likely would not name any operation after an act of genocide that would have been burned into the human consciousness as being explicitly evil. You also need to go into more detail regarding ONI's plan to detonate a NOVA bomb over Earth itself, as no canon source indicates that they would be willing to go that far. As you yourself noted previously, the article is still under construction and so there's time to rectify the problems.

You seemed to be looking for my feedback, so there it is. Do with it what you will.

A few things I want to mention:

  1. Ryan has a certain level of skill because being an alpha company III requires it. I wouldn't rank his leadership as above Carter's or any of the SIIs. His sniping is good, but again he's not better at it than the SII specialists. As well, he has numerous things that make his own abilities decrease. Considering that that Jun, also an alpha, is a good sniper and later becomes exclusively a commander, I shouldn't have to say much more on that subject.
  2. Anywho, the stuff with FS isn't put into the biography section yet, that is true. I probably won't update that too much until I've actually written that part out in the story. As the biography is just a summary of his life, it'll come as I divulge it in story. For Final Solution's main goal, they are supposed to find and destroy the Covenant homeworlds, yes, but I never said they knew where they are. They don't. That's why they are using prowlers to carry the bombs, with the hope of trailing some ships back to either a homeworld of a large fleet. It's a desperation mission that doesn't really have a whole lot of hope to succeed, as it was created by Command people who were literally fleeing from Covenant.
  3. The stuff about ONI detonating the bomb over Earth would only be a last resort; if the Covenant took the planet completely and if their leadership and fleets gathered over the planet.

Hopefully that answers a few questions you have. -KidVegeta (talk)


I get that you obviously detest the articles of mine which you feature in your list, but it seems poor sport not to actually take the time to review any of said articles and leave criticism - constructive or otherwise - on any of the talk pages, while simply pointing a finger and saying, "just look how dumb this is." I'm not going to bite your head off if you tell me what you believe is wrong with a character article or story because I know my own writing is not perfect. I'm more amused than anything over this issue, and I'm interested in learning what you think is so god-awful so I can apply that information to the edification of the aforementioned material. A lot of my older stuff is not what I'd exactly call stellar these days, since I was fairly inexperienced with Halo fan fiction when I wrote it, and revisions are in the works - I'm simply trawling for feedback beyond "lol this sucks." Have a nice day. ONI Seal 1.png Strength through paranoia.

Would you like me to create a blog for a review? I could go pretty in depth, as I've written hundreds of detailed reviews for other fanon sites. It's somewhat tedious work and may take me a while though. I'm not too sure which page was yours, either. -KidVegeta (talk)

I believe that's what talk pages are for. My point is, if you're going to ridicule something at least take the time out of your day to leave a note on that thing's talk page explaining why you have a problem with it. You've actually listed three of my articles in your list, namely Animus facit nobilem, Don't Cut Yourself, and Tess-B312. All three of which possess author templates at the top of the page.

"This takes a completely redesigned Emile and makes him fall in love with Kat, which would be otherwise impossible to do in a canon way." I just wanted to take the time to say that this line really made my day, since that is the farthest thing from what I intended to convey in the story and that somebody could derive such meaning from the piece is... interesting, to say the least. ONI Seal 1.png Strength through paranoia.

I apologize for not remembering which ones were yours, but I did make that list a long time ago. Anyway, do you want reviews of all three, or just one of them? -KidVegeta (talk)

Re: your articles

Lordofmonsterisland — There are... no strings... on me...
Hello there KidVegeta. Long time no see.

In regards to your first point, let us review the Clean-Up Project itself. It was initiated in May 12, 2013, nearly a full two and a half years ago now. At the time, October of 2012 would have been seven months prior to the start date of the project, giving users plenty of time to enter the inactive state. You have not edited since October 13, 2014, which is one day over a full eleven months prior to today's date. As the Clean-Up Project has always operated on a rolling clock, with the "inactive" deadline moving ever forward just as the rest of the site has, you have fallen into this inactive state.

It is also worth noting that this edit in October was a single, solitary edit, hardly something to denote an "active" status for a user. If we were to truly look into a user being active, I'd have to at the least consider your 20 edits in May, with January, 2014, as a hard, definite limit on when you were active.

As for your second point, no, we have no such limitation on articles. 10,000 bytes was merely a line by which to measure old articles, given that many of the old, quality articles had exceeded said limit. Aside from that, it was fairly arbitrary, and I have been known to spare a few articles that are well known but beneath that limit.

And as to why you'd bring up Wikipedia and Halopedia as a defense I'm not sure. Neither of those are relative to this discussion, which is specifically about a policy kept here, on this site. Those wikis are both repositories of factual knowledge, and as such they are by their very nature going to have a vast quantity of short articles. This is, needless to say, not a factual site, and such a train of thought does not hold itself in the same light here.

I'd ask in the future that you remain a little calmer when discussing things like this. After all, Hyper Zergling had managed to resolve the situation without the need of a highly defensive message. Good day

Lordofmonsterisland — There are... no strings... on me...
An active user is one that consistently edits the site. For example, December 2013 to January 2014, you were active. As for the number of months, I think I made it clear in the previous message that I am holding very close to the original precedence set for the project.

However, your works are restored, as per the request. I'll not namespace any more of them that will no doubt have slipped onto the project lists. As such, I believe this matter is closed

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