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Survival of the Fittest

The deathmatch awaits.
SotF icon.png

30px-SotF_safety_addition.png Attention Guruson,

You have shown great devotion in creating some of your most valiant heroes, and now we
beckon to you in a call of arms. Your warriors have been deemed worthy to join Survival of
the Fittest, Halo Fanon's greatest community-wide battle of the year! Should you answer
the call, you will have the chance of claiming victory and immortalizing one of your
characters as one of the greatest champions to be remembered in Halo Fanon history!
The next step is up to you. I hope to see your warriors in my armoury soon...

30px-SotF_safety_reduction.png Cmdr. Kathrin Grunwald, Survival of the Fittest Season 5 Game Master

RE: Memories

Oh, cool, was it in my bio or in the roleplay: HammerFall. Just curious. Also if you can sign your sig at the end of posts that would be great so we an recognize who is posting.--Andromeda Vadum (talk) 01:32, March 8, 2014 (UTC)

Removing talk page messages

Regarding this edit, I would like to repeat what Sonasaurus said in an edit summary yesterday, and remind you that you may not remove messages from talk pages.

Kind regards, A Million Stars.png StoneGhost - talk | contribs | email | articles

Afraid not. It's a blanket rule here as it makes it easier to track conversations and solve potential disputes if everything stays recorded publically. I can appreciate it seems a bit arbitrary, but it has proved its worth in the past. A Million Stars.png StoneGhost - talk | contribs | email | articles

RE: Type-59 Energy Bow

Being typed up on the talk page as of the time of this message. Scootaloo_Sig.png Scootaloo (Talk) (Contribs)   09:56, June 16, 2014 (UTC)

Posted on the talkpage. Scootaloo_Sig.png Scootaloo (Talk) (Contribs)   10:16, June 16, 2014 (UTC)

RE: Second opinion

UNSC navy2.png
Athena32"Sir. Finishing this fight."
Leo's response is already up on the talk page. In actual fact you didn't wait for a first opinion before messaging me regarding the matter; you allowed less than twenty minutes between Leo adding the NCF template and you messaging me for involvement, which I do not think is very fair or reasonable. Leo could've taken up to 24 hours to add his reasons, under site policy. For the record, I concur with his comments, though I wouldn't have got involved in any way.

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