Welcome, GREYWOLFXN, to Halo Fanon: the wiki where you can write fan-made article(s) about the popular Halo series! Just follow these 3 basic rules and you will be guaranteed to be successful on this wiki!

Rule #1: Follow Canon! — What is Canon? By definition, it is the body of works considered genuine or official within a fictional universe. For example, Bungie and 343 Industries have officially stated that there were only twelve Halos. So, face the facts and try not to be stupid enough to create another Halo, otherwise it may be tagged and namespaced.

Rule #2: Mark Your Property! — Whenever you make an article, it is appropriate that you label your property with: {{Writer|GREYWOLFXN}} at the top of the article. If at some point you have not finished that article, just insert {{Under Construction}} to notify other users that it is not complete.

Rule #3: Sign Your Name! — Whenever you place a comment on a talk page, please sign in your name, insert the —~~~~ at the bottom of your comment. When you press the "Save Page" button, Halo Fanon will automatically convert the —~~~~ to your username along with the time and date you posted. If you still have any problem on this method, just insert this alternative signature:
—{{Name|GREYWOLFXN}} ~~~~~.

For more information on creating an article, visit the Halo Fanon Guide Manual.

Visit the rule page for the full list of rules and policies on Halo Fanon (link in the slider below). Note that other users will point out when you are breaking rules, so it is strongly recommended that you read them before you begin writing.

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Greet'ns. Welcome to Halo Fanon, I'm sure you saw that you had a Writer template added to your page--we use it to categorize pages and let people know at a glance you're responsible for the work on your pages.

As an additional heads-up, we generally try not to make too many small edits to pages at a time. If you need to check how your pages will look once you save them, there's a Preview button which will pop up a window to check how it'll come out. Not that you have to do everything in one edit, but just try to keep from Saving pages after each sentence added or subtracted.

Aside from that, you should have a look over our Rules page and become familiar with our Canon policy, since it has a lot to do with what the site's here for. Happy editing!


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As per Halo Fanon:Rules, I am giving you an informal warning for vandalism on Kayden-127. Any future instances of vandalism will be met with formal warnings, and potentially bans.

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