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  1. The biggest issue with Deadlock is that you are trying to mix a SPARTAN-III from Gamma Company with the service history of a SPARTAN-II. Strictly speaking, the Gammas were only deployed a few weeks after the Fall of Reach in 2552, with birth dates around the 2540 mark. It is not possible for them to participate in operations that only the SPARTAN-IIs were involved in, but were conducted decades before he was even born. Similarly, the fact that he is also a member of Team Katana is also an issue, because they never left Onyx until well after the Human-Covenant War ended.
    1. You need to decide if Deadlock is a SPARTAN-II, or SPARTAN-III from Gamma Company. If he is the latter, he can only participate in the Battle of Onyx during the Human-Covenant War.
    2. Extending off the same problem is his tag, which does not line up with the conventions for either group. If he is a SPARTAN-II, the highest number he can go up to is 150. If he is a Gamma, they only had candidate numbers reaching up to 330, which is immediately prefixed by a 'G.' So his tag would be '-G###.'
  2. We know that only Blue Team participated in the Raid on Argent Moon, and Fireteam Osiris was the only other Spartan unit deployed at Meridian in time for the battle. Deadlock couldn't be at either of those battles.
    1. Remove these mentions from the article.
  3. Team Katana were discovered by the survivors of Onyx - Blue Team, Team Sabre, and Halsey and Mendez - so Deadlock couldn't have been discovered in the manner you described.
    1. You must rewrite his discovery to take this into account.
  4. While the exact scenario that led to Katana's disappearance aren't known, they were discovered in Slipspace pods within the shield world - and there was no mention of there being a crashed corvette, or any Covenant bodies around him.
    1. This will need to be rewritten to take this into account.
  5. The Huragoks of Trevelyan - the Forerunner-enhanced caretakers of the installation - were actually quite cooperative with the humans of the UNSC Infinity. If this event did occur, then the Huragoks would be able to easily override the lockouts imposed on the supercarrier and uncover the information being restricted.
  6. Strictly-speaking, no Gammas or SPARTAN-IIs at the time Team Katana were uncovered held very high ranks - all Gammas were Petty Officers of some kind, while Fred-104, the highest-ranked SPARTAN-II, held the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade. In addition, if Deadlock undertook work as a lone wolf operative after being freed from Onyx, why would he be given such a high rank? Noble Team only received their ranks so they could operate more independently in the field - when your Spartan is already doing that since he is not deployed with anyone else around, what is the point of it?
    1. Reduce his rank down to Chief Petty Officer at the most.

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