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RE: Sanghelios Attack

Galactic Simon
ActeneTraitor - Trickster - Avenger - Healer
TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Eastern Standard Time
Hello and welcome to the site. Thanks for reaching out regarding your concept. Unfortunately as canon stands now a direct UNSC invasion of Sanghelios does not fall within the realms of possibility. Canon is clear that the UNSC had no idea where Sanghelios was during the Human-Covenant War. Although they learned of the planet's location after the war and did perform several covert operations on Sanghelios a direct UNSC assault contradicts the fragile peace between humans and Sangheili depicted in canon.

One possible workaround for a human-instigated attack on the planet would to have the aggressors be Sapien Sunrise or similar anti-alien extremists unaffiliated with the UNSC. You would need to explain how fringe radicals acquired such advanced naval warships and were able to stage an attack on such a highly militarized world. An early piece I wrote on this site featured a group of Insurrectionists staging guerrilla raids across Sanghelios. These humans turned out to be backed by a Sangheili warlord who was supplying them with supplies and intelligence in order to discredit his rivals. I am not necessarily saying that a group of human radicals attacking Sanghelios is the best idea in the world. However in my opinon it does fall within the bounds of canon probablilyt, provided the UNSC is not directly involved.

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