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The Weekly

Sev40 - Do you know the difference between an error and a mistake, Ensign? Anyone can make an error. But that error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it:
TALK - (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Hey mate. If you're interested, maybe try writing a short story for Halo Fanon's Weekly. The deadline is later today, and its all for fun anyway. Just a suggestion :)

Alright. I'll be sure to take a crack at it.

DarthNicky (talk) 00:04, February 14, 2016 (UTC)

Vadumverse Application

Sorry for the late response my internet is laggy and keeps shutting on and off. But you are more than welcome to join the universe, just PLEASE don't join and decide not to contribute (write articles related to Vadumverse) as other user's have done. If you have any other questions fill free to ask any of the other members, as my internet isn't up to par.



Wednesday, September 23 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)

Thanks for submitting your application to Vadumverse. We were impressed by your background.
  1. If your username isn't on our list of members please add it to avoid confusion. You can add it at here.
  2. Please take the time to fill out info about your goals and how you plan to participate within Vadumverse. As well as any other infomation you that you feel is relevant on the List of Members section on the Vadumverse page.
  3. Add {{Vadumverse Updates}} to your userpage to keep up-to-date with what goes on in the universe.
  4. Any villains that you create will go in there respective categories on the Vadumverse/Antagonists page. Any good guys you create will go on the Vadumverse/Protagonists page. With categories, please add {{Vadumverse Antagonists}} for villains, and {{Vadumverse Protagonists}} for the good guys at the bottom of the character/organization article.
  5. Any non-character articles should go in the "Factions/Events/Non-Character" section, in the articles respective category.
  6. Any articles that you have created or will create that is related to Vadumverse, please add the {{Era|VV}} to the articles, as well as, add them to the Vadumverse Timeline.


Andromeda Vadum (Talk) (Contribs)

RE: Vadumverse Members Template

Sev40 - Do you know the difference between an error and a mistake, Ensign? Anyone can make an error. But that error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it:
TALK - 12:25, Sunday, February 14, 2016 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Hey Darth Nicky, I've set up everything for the Vadumverse members template. Anything in your bit that's balded means you can edit it and change it.

Welcome to the Vadumverse, by the way :)

Oh, wow. Thanks for all of the help! I can't thank you enough.

DarthNicky (talk) 01:37, February 14, 2016 (UTC)


Mark V Profile.png
S-D379 - If you're expecting something here, you're probably disappointed by now.:
TALK - 11:35, March 5, 2016 (UTC). Today is Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Hey Darth, I think you need to add the Alternate Timeline template on your Valhallaverse page. I could do it myself, but after learning my mistake recently, I've decided to instead just tell you.


Alright, I'll do that.

DarthNicky (talk) 20:27, March 5, 2016 (UTC)


Ahalosniper — That Damn Sniper, sniping — Forged in secret, tempered in fire; Cheeky Demon, God Defier
TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Wednesday, September 23 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)
Greet'ns. In the future, when you have something you want deleted, please mark it with the Delete template ("{{Delete|author request}}"). Regards, That Damn Sniper.

Alright. Thanks for that. Wasn't really sure what to do there. I will do so in the future, though.


Hey Darth, I've come over to join you on the wiki and I was wondering if I could get involved in the Colonial Conflicts project. I've thought up of a communist state on Mars for the Koslovics to establish and run. Epic gammer (talk) 22:20, July 26, 2017 (UTC)

Yeah, you can totally join. But may I ask just what you plan for this communist state? My idea of the Koslovics is that they're a loosely organized group of communists and socialists. I would be fine with and think if it would be cool if you made a sub-group out of this state, but I don't think it would be something the entire Koslovic conglomerate would be directly involved in, if that makes sense. DarthNicky (talk) 17:02, July 27, 2017 (UTC)

For the communist state on Mars, my idea was that it was formed from supporters of the Koslovics rather than the entire faction. It would be formed and governed by local communists and socialists native to Mars and shared similar views to the Koslovics and formed their country based off of their ideology. Epic gammer (talk) 02:26, July 29, 2017 (UTC)

Alright, that sounds really good. Although I'm afraid it wouldn't last all that long, probably only about 5 years. Btw, I went ahead and added your name to the list of CC members, so you can go ahead and make an article whenever you feel like it. Remember to add a writer template, even now I forget to add those a lot. DarthNicky (talk) 03:43, July 29, 2017 (UTC)


I just got a discord so I'll log in whenever I can Epic gammer (talk) 13:55, August 24, 2017 (UTC)

What's going on?

G'day mate, I'm just looking for confirmation, but is our collaboration over? If it is, can I ask why?

The other thing I wanted to ask is what is going to happen to your CC articles? Are they off-limits now? ERROR 343: Requested database has been Severed

yes. im no longer interested in collaborating with anyone.

i dont particularly care what happens to CC. i didnt do much with it anyway and what i did do was pretty shit irregardless so do whatever DarthNicky (talk) 03:06, November 5, 2018 (UTC)

Colonial Military Administration Page

Sev40 - On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons, we swore to uphold the Covenant:
TALK - 09:39, Saturday, November 10, 2018 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Hey mate. Since you seem to be withdrawing from all your Expanded Universes, including Colonial Conflicts, I was wondering if it would be ok to move Colonial Military Administration (Colonial Conflicts) to Colonial Military Administration (DarthNicky)? Since me and a few other users are still interested in continuing the project, it would be nice to free up that page so nobody would get confused and link to it accidentally. This also means I won't need to change the links a lot of my pages have embedded in them.

Since no other page actually has that disclaimer in its title, I do not believe you need to do this to any other article. I will be removing the CC eraicon from your pages and from the hub page, so if there's any articles you'd rather keep in CC (for example, Cydonia), please let me know.

P.S. Can you please message me next time on my Talk Page? I didn't get the notification until someone else pointed it out to me, so it'd be great if you did that. Cheers.

i do not care DarthNicky (talk) 00:07, November 11, 2018 (UTC)

Regarding Titan Miners' Revolt

Sev40 - ZealotPatriotDaredevil:
TALK - 10:00, Friday, January 11th 2019
G'day Nicky. I've noticed that you have removed my edits to your Titan Miners' Revolt page - edits that were made to remove it from CC while keeping the links to your other articles intact. May I ask why this is the case? The issue is that these edits are either standard affair wiki maintenance (recategorisation, fixing of redlinks) or changes you've been told were coming (the removal of the CC eraicon).

Valkyrie Company

Hello, I’m a new user on Vadumverse, can I maybe add a ODST to Valkyrie Company? —Telepath117 (talk) 01:05, April 27, 2019 (UTC)

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