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GTA IV vol 5 YTP

GTA IV vol 5 YTP


Welcome, Austin J.Moulton, to Halo Fanon: the wiki where you can write fan-made article(s) about the popular Halo series! Just follow these 3 basic rules and you will be guaranteed to be successful on this wiki!

Rule #1: Follow Canon! — What is Canon? By definition, it is the body of works considered genuine or official within a fictional universe. For example, Bungie and 343 Industries have officially stated that there were only twelve Halos. So, face the facts and try not to be stupid enough to create another Halo, otherwise it may be tagged and namespaced.

Rule #2: Mark Your Property! — Whenever you make an article, it is appropriate that you label your property with: {{Writer|Austin J.Moulton}} at the top of the article. If at some point you have not finished that article, just insert {{Under Construction}} to notify other users that it is not complete.

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—{{Name|Austin J.Moulton}} ~~~~~.

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Sev40 - ZealotPatriotDaredevil:
TALK - Sunday, 4th December 2016
G'day mate, and welcome to Halo Fanon! I've just got a few points of feedback for your new spartan article:
  1. Firstly, always remember to add your Writer template at the top of all your articles by putting the {{Writer|Austin J.Moulton}} (without the nowiki tags I've got on the side, as it stops it from working). Its a little rule we have to make it easier for the admins to recognise who owns an article in the rare event its vandalised; however it also creates a neat category page with your name on it so you can easily find any pages you make.
  2. One minor point is that ODSTs and SPARTAN-IVs don't adopt the same naming scheme as the previous generations of Spartans; instead, much like soldiers today, they prefer to retain their surname. Just rename the page and everything should be good.
  3. Thirdly, most infoboxes on this site have a "|image=" section inside it where you can put pics of your Spartan within the infobox - although for the one your using, it needs to be "image1=". Also, remember to remember to take out the "thumb" sections in the pictures and it should work (if not, simply put a number like "300px" in its place).

That's all I have to say. One last thing, I recommend you read the the rules in full, as there's a couple of rules we have here that few other wikis have. And lastly, if you're looking for any infoboxes to use, try looking in its category. And again, welcome to Halo Fanon. Hope you enjoy your stay :D

K ill read the rules next time i check Unsigned comment by Austin J.Moulton (talk • contribs). Please sign your talk page posts with '~~~~'.

KingOfYou115 - "Wise ass." - Zachary Rayne:
TALK - 22:50 EST. * KingOfYou115 throws a book at <insert name here>.
Heyo! I just want to say, welcome to the site! Two more things, on top of what Sev said before:
  1. When you reply to a message from someone on your talk page, such as Sev's above, it is recommended to reply on their talk page. Most signatures, such as this one, have a link shown as "Talk" that you can use to quickly reach their talk page and reply.
    1. Note that this is only for user talk pages, such as this one. For article talk pages, just continue the conversation on the same article talk page, nothing special.
  2. When you write out a message on any talk page, sign your post with ~~~~ (four tildes). Wikia will automatically convert it into a nice message complete with your username, talk page link, and the time that you posted.

And of course, read the rules when you get the chance.

Writer Templates

Sev40 - On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons, we swore to uphold the Covenant:
TALK - 09:59, Tuesday, December 6th 2016 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Hey mate, I'm just reminding you to always remember to add your writer template ({{Writer|Austin J.Moulton}} without the nowiki tags on the side) to all articles you make - since its a rule that this site has to help protect pages against plagerism. Best to get into that habit now.


40px-Terminal.png This article, Austin J.Moulton, was written by Austin J.Moulton. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Ok then Unsigned comment by Austin J.Moulton (talk • contribs). Please sign your talk page posts with '~~~~'.

KingOfYou115 - "I counted a thousand ways that the operation could've gone wrong before going in. Number twelve: 'Secret Reinforcements.'" - Kyle-B115:
TALK - 21:13 EST. * KingOfYou115 throws a book at <insert name here>.
Just like that, but at the top of your articles instead. If you use source editor that is. If for some reason you use visual editor (which is far worse by the way, not as much stuff you can do), add the Writer template to the top using the template button and menu. I recommend you reread my post on how to communicate on talk pages (specifically the part about user talk pages, such as this one), as you are still replying in the wrong spot and not signing your posts.

Re: M6I

Dom-094 sig pic
Hyper Zergling
Halo - Finale and One Final Effort

TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Friday, 3 July 2020

Colt Blaster and Major Article Problems

You need to edit your articles man. Your Spartan can't be an Spartan II and is using a Spartan III tag and that is not possible either.

Also, you can't cure the Flood. It isn't a disease, its a parasite. Once people die, they die.

Please actually check your stuff abides by Halo Canon. I emphasize it heavily.

At this time, I cannot say I am okay with you using my rifle, but, I'll let you use it. Just please fix your articles. A lot don't make any sense.

Distant Tide (talk) 21:28, August 3, 2017 (UTC)


Dom-094 sig pic
Hyper Zergling
Halo - Finale and One Final Effort

TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Friday, 3 July 2020
The base art belongs to someone else and I was given permission to edit it. I have been using a combination of MS Paint and Photoshop to get the pistols to look how I want.

tl;dr: You have to draw it yourself.

M6I Image

Brodie-001 - THE CABAL:
TALK - Friday, July 3 2020
Hey there. It has been brought to my attention that your recently-uploaded image of an M6I pistol was clearly copied from this picture, albeit much smaller. Hyper Zergling had already told you that you'd have to draw your own image and since you haven't been given permission to edit his one, I have deleted the new picture. Please don't do it again.

Dom-094 sig pic
Hyper Zergling
Halo - Finale and One Final Effort

TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Friday, 3 July 2020
Hello, you seem to have misunderstood the extent of permission I gave you to use my page. You can link to the M6I page on your articles, but not edit the page itself. You also never asked for permission to modify or use any of the M6I images. You would need to ask Leo Fox for that, but at this point, I'm not even sure if he would let you. You need to discuss these things before doing what you have done.

Dom-094 sig pic
Hyper Zergling
Halo - Finale and One Final Effort

TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Friday, 3 July 2020
If you are not going to talk this out and continue to ignore me, I will no longer let you use the M6I.

Bubble Sig

Echowaffle8 Waffle
Echowaffle8 - "Apparently I possess the true face of evil.":
TALK - 20:13, October 1, 2017 (UTC)
You could quite easily make a template page called Template:MoultonSig or something so you wouldn't have to copy and paste the code for your bubble sig every time you wanted to use it

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