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Rule #2: Mark Your Property! — Whenever you make an article, it is appropriate that you label your property with: {{Writer|Applebad2000}} at the top of the article. If at some point you have not finished that article, just insert {{Under Construction}} to notify other users that it is not complete.

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G'Day mate, and welcome to Halo Fanon! In accordance with the wiki's Canon Policy, I've left you some feedback on Erik's Talk Page. All of the solutions are very easy to fix, but I figured I'd leave you a message letting you know it exists. Cheers. ERROR 343: Requested database has been Severed

Reach Pics

Marco-025 Pointing.png
Brodie-001 - "This is the way the world ends.":
TALK - Tuesday, July 27 2021
I'm afraid that as noted on my blog, I'm only taking pictures of Covenant characters from Reach. I don't like to provide picture-taking services for a game unless I've unlocked all the armour - hence it taking an entire year before I started taking Halo 5 pics - and since I'm not a particularly high level in Reach I'm not offering any Spartan pics from the game at the moment, sorry.


Artemis-class Battlecruiser.jpg
Sev40 - A good ship is all you need:
TALK - 20:16, Friday, February 23, 2018
G'day mate. I'm just curious, are you having any issues trying to use our infoboxes or templates?

Sev40 - ZealotPatriotDaredevil:
TALK - 11:50, Sunday, March 4, 2018
Ah ok. It might be because you're using the Visual Editor, which is the default editor or new users. Our templates are designed to be used with the Source Editor, which you can access in your editor. In that case, it's just a matter of copying the code, pasting it onto the article, and filling out the fields. Maybe try it out with our SPARTAN infobox on one of your pages?

Let me know if you cannot get it to work.

Recent deletion

Sev40 - ZealotPatriotDaredevil:
TALK - 21:31, Sunday, June 17th 2018
G'day mate. I've just seen that you cleared all of the information on your Craig-A195 article. If you want to delete the page, you just need to put the delete tag on it to let the members of the administration know to delete it.

On another note, I've noticed that the last contribution you added was some info taken from Brodie's Jax-007 article. While experimenting with templates is encouraged, I'd recommend you do it on our Sandbox page, as it can very easily be taken the wrong way. I'd recommend only pasting it onto an article of your own once you've replaced the fields with your own work. That said, if you need any help with any other coding issues (I've noticed that you've got an issue with the infobox images leaning too much to the right, you can remove that by getting rid of the |thumb portion of it, and control the size by putting a random number followed by 'px' e.g. 250px, 360px), you can always ask me or one of the regulars on this site.