Tuckerscreator Tuckerscreator 3 October 2012

Wars Never Ends

Actually I do. We know from the books that while UNSC/Covenant ground battles can be fairly even, reactor powered energy shields turn battles into a nightmare in space. So how could we get around this? Would the space battles be in cooperation with Covenant units? They take down the shields and you deal the finishing blows? Would it be late enough in the war, or even post-war that the UNSC has experimental plasma weapons and ?

Or perhaps a mixture? It could be an interesting opening, fighting a losing battle that you’ve been given the order to evacuate from, so your priority then is to try and lose as little of your ships as possible. The ground battle before could have been to defend the shipyards where your frigates and cruisers are being…

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Tuckerscreator Tuckerscreator 4 August 2011

A review: The Fall of Reach

Behold, a review! Arisen from the computer crash that deleted the whole thing, it is rewritten and displayed on this blog post for your reading pleasure… hopefully. Regardless, here you are: a review of Halo: The Fall of Reach.

It has been 10 long years I’ve lived in the wake of The Fall of Reach. Combat Evolved opened the door to the Halo series, but it was this tie-in book that built the framework and foundation. In those ten years much has occurred. Disasters, terrorists, exams, rebuildings, avengings, we’ve seen many things happen. From the Halo side we’ve also seen much: the invasion of Earth, the Forerunners and the Ark, Spartans I and III, the Squad, The Spirit of Fire, and the continuing adventures of John-117. It comes no great surprise…

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Tuckerscreator Tuckerscreator 12 February 2011

Because Matt-256 isn't here to lecture us.

As of late we've taking a recent look back at our administration, what with the recent requests for administration and all. It's been a tough year for the administration. This wiki has gotten bigger, we've brought in new users and reunited with old, some are falling inactive, some coming by the floods, tempers have flown, voices have been raised, and badges have been earned. Either, it's been a full year for the administration.

But more recently, we've begun re-evaluating that administration, and seeing how much their worth. As has been pointed out, some are unactive, some rarely respond, and some have to hold up all the work. Either way, we're looking back to solve the problem.

But right now we are looking at it by potentially bringing in s…

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Tuckerscreator Tuckerscreator 29 September 2010

Farewell... to Subtle Tank

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Tuckerscreator Tuckerscreator 15 September 2010

Show Me Noble Team: Benediction

Halo: Reach is finally here. Noble Team has landed and on ground to fight to their very last breath.

On a normal Halo day, this would be the time where we Halo Fanon buddies split up to say: “So long, see ya soon, we’re off to face the Covenant again, and hope that we’ll get back together again as soon as we can tear ourselves away from the console before long.”

We’d tell each other be careful while fighting, to try not to die, and above all be cautious, because we’re in strange territory and we’re fighting with strangers.

However, I disagree. We’re fighting with Noble, but we’re not fighting with strangers. In fact, it feels like I’ve known Noble Team all along.

Carter, Noble One, is CommanderTony. Strict, firm to discipline, and often a rat…

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