the green light has been given to make this character, so long as I give them a good working of backstory. "I am the AI in charge of troop management here at Compound V, and so long as I exist, I will uphold this base." -Nemesis, having been asked her core functions by the commander of the base.

Nemesis is a strong mechsuit, basically. while the AI is the smartest of the recent addition, rivalling that of even Cortana (though not able to best her, obviously), and designed exclusively for War.


originally one of the first AI to be rolled out of production on Earth during the last battle of the Human Covenant War on Earth, she was noticably gifted as the strategist of her group, which she saw oversight of a single Spartan and their crew, who were somehow doing pretty good against the Covvies. she was removed from the front lines and put into project Astarte's, where she went under rigerous trainings, modified programming, and learning to pilot a Mechsuit as would best fit her style, which was later found out to be adaptability. I got distracted while writing, this, as is this is far from the final explanation, so please bear with me.

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