this is a long time halo fan speaking here, and all you need to know about me on a personal level is this; I'm open to ideas, I'm generally in a good mood, and my name is Jax, so when asking me questions, please refer to me as such. as for why I'm labelling this "Introduction to Me" that is simple. I am new to the wiki, and fiugred if anyone wanted to, they could post something here as some sort of Quite Literally Anything within the Rules. which, while I did not exhaust, I have been on the wiki for about twelve minutes as of posting this, and I basically read the entire rules. however, I found them to be very case-specific, and so I may try reaching out to an admin later. if any Admin are trolling the site, and stumble upon this, welcome to my lair, this'll be my haunt for a while, until I'm confident in this Wiki. the basic idea you'll find from me is perfection of my Spartan and AI Characters, which will include these two: Nemesis, a powered armor shell with a single, humanoid driod inside designed to house an AI called, fittingly, Nemesis, that while it is extremely powerful, it has two main drawbacks; being unable to be uploaded into another Shell without the Datachip being extracted, and then implanted into the Droid, which in turn updates the Shell. another drawback is they're even more likely to be infected by the Logic Plague, which was extracted from them thanks to a revolutionary programming miracle preformed by a mysterious doctor who took a special interest (not gonna say it out loud in case it's voided). they also are sometimes paired with a (and this person is a friend of mine, so I'm covering it with them RN, expect an update later) Spartan III named Snow, otherwise known as Ares because of the Fireteam Hades (a collective of friends I will loosely be including into this, if at all possible, as they are a fannon addition to Reach and some other Halo games). as well, there is my more streamlined and widely acceptable OC, named Trust. they're a Spartan III who was in one of the main battles with the Flood on a Halo Ringworld, except they were much weaker and ultimately killed off because of the Sentinels, Humans, and the AI in charge of the Ringworld working together to stop them. they even only had a Proto Gravemind. a few other characters that deserve a mention are Bolter, a surly Spartan II secreted away during the Fall of Reach with her team, which during their wakeup call when Covvies discovered the hideaway, were almost all killed. only two Marines, a especially lucky ODST, and Bolter survived the Ambush, and now are trying to recontact human space, as it is an alien world inhabited by a race of seemingly humanoids called the Jarca. next up on my lists of "Must Creates" is a special variant armor, which can be used by Nemesis as well as a few othr Spartans because of a special graft given to them, and the fact Nemesis is literally Designed to be that way.

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