Hey there everyone! Happy almost February!

So, let's get down to business. I am happy to announce I'm attempting a fun little project for Halo Fanon members to partake in what I'm calling the Liger Project. The idea, here, is to test community interaction as well as attempt a multi-member writing project that we try and complete in a matter of a month and a half! I am hoping that, from this event, we can all learn a little about the hero's cycle, meeting deadlines, maintaining a community, and working as a team! I am also personally hoping to use this to iron out any issues as they arise so that if we do events like this in the future, they aren't that big of a mess. So, I ask that if you become involved you keep in mind you are alpha testing my ability to get this thing together! I have some plans for different events going forward, too, so we'll see what goes on with this one.

But, enough of my soapbox, let's talk about the project!

Project Liger

First, I want to welcome Halo Fanon goers to 2020's potentially silly, potential waste of time!

The Liger Project is meant to be a fun, collaborative effort wherein I give you guys some characters and we attempt to write a completely over-the-top, overdone story from front to back. Here’s the catch: the only thing that you will have to go off of is the last chapter as well as a general prompt about the story. You are not going to have the full picture until April 1st, 2020. Each party will write a single chapter of 700-2000 words (but we can get more specific as we go, and people give me feedback). Again, none of us will be able to see the final project until it is released!

Fun right? Well, here’s the second half of the pitch: for every story, there must be a hero (or heroes), and these are ours. I’m so sorry to introduce Fireteam Liger.

Spartan Herculus-A420 (III) Herculus-A420—A Hyper Lethal Vector—was the only Alpha Company survivor of Operation: PROMETHEUS. He has two robot arms, and was a one-man Headhunter. A man of few words, Herculus might have some issues. He is Fireteam Liger’s leader and is really, really, really into Spartan Mitsubaruta...and leg day.

Spartan Jackknife Hammerswell (IV) Spartan Hammerswell was a former ODST, and the only ODST who was a Hyper Lethal Vector. Hammerswell once single handedly took over a Covenant frigate. In space. He is too cool for school and, as such: he is full of one liners, and smokes Sweet William cigars in his helmet.

Spartan Hyunda Mitsubaruta (IV) Hyunda was abandoned on her home planet of Reach, and was captured and adopted by Grunts. Now, a fluent speaker of Unggoy, Spartan Mitsubaruta is able to reason with the lowly class, if not catch them off guard. An expert marksman, Mitsubaruta forgoes guns because it would make things too easy: she uses shuriken and a hard-light katana in an attempt to handicap her Hyper Lethal Vector status.

Spartan Juan-017 (II) Juan-017 is a normal, run of the mill SPARTAN-II. That is, until you take into account that he is 5’ 7”. His “tall” didn’t take, and he doesn’t like to be reminded of that. Also, he’s a hyper lethal vector, just in case you were wondering.

Ampulla (AI) For every Halo fiction, there is the condescending AI. Liger Team’s seldom clothed AI companion Ampulla, or “Amp”, will assist the Spartan’s in their mission. Want more information? Hahah! Nah. We’re gonna’ have fun with this one.

Kaidon Lkl ‘Nkhpzt (Elite) Secret Brother to the Jul ‘Mdama, Lkl 'Nkhpzt has taken over Installation 41 and is planning to destroy Earth once and for all!

And, of course, they will need a Ship...

The Pylon of Spring: The sister ship to the Pillar of Autumn. Just like the Autumn. But different.

The Prompt

Spartan Fireteam Liger has been fully briefed on Kaidon ‘Nkhpzt’s plan to ram Installation 41 into Earth. Liger, the best Spartan team ever, is on the case. Taking their ship, the Pylon of Spring, to the Forerunner...thing, the team must rediscover—again—the mysteries of the Installation before it is too late (again)!

Mission: You will get Spartan Team Liger to the end of the story alive. The only thing that is canon is what you see and this document. Everything else will give the right-of-way to the Liger Canon. The team will need to make sure Installation 41 doesn't do what it's going to do, and Liger defeats Kaidon Lkl ‘Nkhpzt.

Secondary Mission: Alright, so, there’s no way we will keep continuity completely straight, so you will be allowed to introduce characters and places not mentioned above with the exception that you don't add too many (keep it to one or two) and that you don't make things difficult to keep straight for those behind you. Suggestion: you could introduce, say, a Marine who dies. You could also have a pilot who drops you off and leaves, but maybe they stay in contact throughout the story?

As far as locations: Again, we will falter in places, but we will just to see what happens, you know? Technically we won't know where we're going exactly and how we will stop 'Nkhpzt, but it will happen.

How it's going to work

We will begin in earnest, likely, after Valentines Day (February 14th). It is very likely I will need you to have a finished product done in THREE days. If you cannot do this, we may have to replace or remove you! I don't want to do that, so don't put me in that position if this is not something you can do. I highly suggest that you familiarize yourself with the hero's cycle in preparation and maybe even write some snippets and facets ahead of time that you can plug in!

Due to the nature of this project we will shoot for 6 people MAXIMUM, with me being the seventh. The lowest will go is 3 (4 with me included), before I consider cancelling or postponing. For now, the project will not be larger than that, so consider this your warning that this is a first-come-first-serve project. If all six slots fill up, I will close admissions and only open them if someone has to drop out due to scheduling issues, emergencies, or misbehavior.

This will work as follows: Slot 1 will begin Saturday Feb 15th and have their chapter done by the 18th. Slot 2, the 18th to the 21st, etc. etc...

I will be playing the part as manager/copy-editor/proofreader/question-answerer/rule-upholder and Dungeon Master. As I am not a member of Halo Fanon Staff, I can't punish you if you misbehave, but if you join to mess with the project I will kick you promptly and report our interactions to the staff to do with it what they want (nothing, included). I am going to assign slots, but I will hear out which ones you want the most (think of your schedule IRL). I will be taking the first to last spot to help clean up any issues that have arisen over the course, but then I will leave it to one of you to close it out so that you can still take agency over anything I try to "clean up".

How to Join (Also Rules)

You will have to keep in mind we are hoping to find the fun in the final product, as well as interact with fellow Halo Fanon users! So, if you are interested you will need to:

  • Be an editor on Halo Fanon
  • On the HF Discord
  • From there, look for my name (Kobold Lich) and DM me to tell me you are interested.
  • From there we will get you on the Liger Project Discord and talk about expectations I have.

Other Rules:

  • Absolutely no slurs, epitaphs, screels, or what have you.
  • Don’t put characters into explicitly sexual situations of any kind.
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