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  • IndyRevolution

    New IRC RP

    October 25, 2017 by IndyRevolution

    Gonna rip your format off a bit here, Lancer. “Imitation is flattery” or whatever excuse lazy people use.

    The plan for this setting would be an IRC RP at some point in the (hopefully) near-future. Same style as Lancer’s, as I said before.

    So yeah guys, please, lemme know if you’re interested down below, and tell me any questions you have. Answering them will help me flesh this out.

    Remember My Name is an RP set on the colony of Ramaya after the events of Halo 4, starting in the spring of 2558. After the loss of both the Didact, his flagship, and their homeworld, the Prometheans have scattered. Most seem to have pledged themselves to Jul ‘Mdama, but others appear...elsewhere.

    Within the many caverns honeycombed throughout the crust of Ramaya, th…

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  • IndyRevolution

    So, there's been some confusion as to the specifics of the RP, which is my fault for not specifying...anything, really. Alright, here goes.

    There's a Frigate fleeing a dying planet late in the war. However, during its blind jump, it comes to a sudden halt. It goes from bad to worse when a Cruiser shows up, carrying a bloodthirsty Zealot gunning for the Spartans aboard. After he boards the ship and cuts off the head of Raj, an SII, the crew desperately scrambles to wake themselves up and stay alive. However, the ship shoots forward unexpectedly and crashes into a mysterious Forerunner Installation..

    So, not too complex. I'm looking for variety here. The major groups are these:

    UNSC: Self-explanatory. Anyone on the frigate who is in the armed …

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  • IndyRevolution

    Starting a new RP

    November 21, 2016 by IndyRevolution

    Alright, so it's been a while since I wrote...anything, really, but I've missed doing it. Me, Shivly, and Sev started something on the IRC, and I feel that it would be a goddamn travesty to let the setting we made go to waste. So, here's the premise.

    A group of Spartans, having fought to their last yet again, flees a burning planet, leaving scores of dead Covenant in their wake. However, an Elite Zealot, bent on revenge, watches them flee, and assembles an assassin team to follow them. The Spartans board a fleeing frigate, and make a supposedly blind jump- but when an unplanned emergency stop shuts down the Frigate, they come face to face with the Covenant's revenge- a Cruiser hellbent on snuffing them out. They crash land on the nearest b…

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  • IndyRevolution

    Okay, so there's a Hunger Games Simulator online, where you can enter names for each district, modify the setting slightly, and see what comes out. For this one, I allowed traps and muttations, and disabled alliances. Note that if the roster may seem somewhat random, I just basically thought of names as they came to me, which is why users suck as RansomTime are here. Anyways, without further ado, I present to you... The First Annual Halo Fanon Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in you favor!

    Ajax 013








    Leo Fox



    Minuteman 2492







    Lunar Domain





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