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K, im zau lw, i;m friend with Demakhis and Spartan G-23 Im new to this so.. ya.

My friend told me about this a while ago, and i thought i would give ethis a try.

I own halo 1 and 2, i have an xbox and a 360, i used to play on live but not anymore...

I have beeten halo 2 on legendary and most of halo 1 on legendary.

I like sniping....

and shotguns...

I know a lot of the secret places but i cant super bounce for my life

anyway? ya?

And i am really good at swording people


If you would like to join please sign below and then contact Spartan G-23 in order to assign you a starting rank.



Colonel Sparrow

Fanon's i have helped

Halo Fanon:Hollow Bastion

Halo: Insurrection

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