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Welcome, peasants and peons, acolytes and neophytes, to the user page of William G. Beggs. As someone who is new to this site, I don't mind a little criticism, as long as it's logical. If you've seen me on Irk, I'm just an immature little child...

About Me

Gaming Systems I own

  • Nintendo Wii (it's great, because when people ask me what I'm doing, I sometimes say "playing with my wii."
  • Microsoft Xbox 360

Halo Games I Own

  • Halo Wars Limited Edition (If you plan on giving me dirty looks for buying the limited edition of a controversial Halo game, in terms of the story line at least, I'll let you be aware that I bought for only $24.99 New, the same price at that same store for the regular edition of Halo Wars at that store, in other words, the Xbox Games were on clearance.)

I have played the whole trilogy, however, I just don't own it.

  • I bought the first and second Halo at best buy, and Halo 3 at a game shop near my house, a friend gave me ODST.

My Sigs

Richard R. Hunt Buck 0 0 1 Incoming Transmissions Outgoing Transmissions

see Template:WGB Sig for my other three.


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    • not a milestone...

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