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#A true Bro shall follow the Bro Code At all times and never under any circumstances brake the rules set by the Bro Code.
#A true Bro shall follow the Bro Code At all times and never under any circumstances brake the rules set by the Bro Code.
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  1. Bros before hoes.
  2. Thou shalt not sleep with your Bro’s ex-girlfriend.
  3. Never drink the last beer, unless you have been granted specific permission that it is OK.
  4. If a girl falls into the following criteria, she is off limits forever until the end of time:
    1. Was an ex-girlfriend.
    2. Your Bro specifically told you he wanted her.
    3. Is you're Bro's sister. However, if it's your Bro's cousin, well she's up for grabs, and you're welcome to rub it in his face for years to come.
  5. Never diss a Bro if his team just lost a crushing game.
  6. You must never own a cat.
  7. If you get 2 tickets to the big game, the priority list for granting the second ticket is as follows:
    1. Your best friends (in order of how long you've known them).
    2. Your acquaintances.
    3. Your co-workers.
  8. You are allowed to enjoy exactly one chick TV show, and one chick flick.
  9. Birthday and Christmas presents for your Bro's are optional. Beer always makes a great gift.
  10. If you go to the bar with your Bro's, you must buy a round of drinks at least once.
  11. There are no rules when playing a Bro in football, b-ball, boxing, rugby etc.
  12. If you owe a Bro money, pay them back as soon as humanly possible.
  13. No Public Displays of Affection with another Bro.
  14. It's alright to cheat at any game with a Bro where money isn't involved.
  15. Don't tell other Bro's elaborate stories about your weightlifting exercise routine.
  16. Never openly question another Bro's sports wisdom, unless said information specifically pertains to your favorite team.
  17. When out with the Bros, never accept a call from your girlfriend—unless she's dying or trapped under a burning fuel truck.
  18. Always allow a space between Bro's at urinals and on couches.
  19. Never share a bed with a Bro.
  20. Bros Before Hoes. I know, I already used it. I can't stress it enough, though.
  21. In a 6 person hot tub, there should be a maximum of 3 guys.
  22. A Bro should not sing and dance at the same time.
  23. Bro's do not lie about their age.
  24. A Bro should not swing his arms when he is walking.
  25. A Bro should never carry a woman's handbag.
  26. A Bro should never go tanning.
  27. No Bro should dye their hair.
  28. A Bro should never refer to an athlete as a "stud".
  29. A Bro will, in a timely manner, alert his Bro of an impending or ongoing girl fight.
  30. A Bro should never cry during a movie. In the event that he does, he must under no circumstance admit it to anyone other than a girl he is trying to score with.
  31. A Bro should not "pop" his collar.
  32. A Bro should not speak more than two languages.
  33. A Bro should never say "it's to die for".
  34. Thou shalt not make make eye contact during a Devil’s Three-way.
  35. A Bro should not wear a scarf without a jacket or coat.
  36. A Bro should not wear an ascot.
  37. A Bro should never use the following words: fantabulous, ginormous & fierce.
  38. A Bro should never wrap a towel around his head after leaving the shower.
  39. A Bro should never "sip" and alcoholic drink through a straw.
  40. A Bro should never wear a blouse.
  41. If a set Bro is not living with a girl he should not have tampons in his bathroom.
  42. A Bro should never rollerblade.
  43. The word cute should not be used other then describing a chick they want to bone.
  44. If a set Bro compliments a guy on his six-pack, he better be referring to his beer.
  45. A Bro should never, ever wear capri pants.
  46. A Bro should not wear flip flops with his suit.
  47. No Bro what so ever should wear a speedo to the beach.
  48. No Bro should make a kissing face in a photo.
  49. No Bro should wear girls jeans.
  50. No Bro should ever get a pedicure.
  51. A Bro should never highlight his hair.
  52. A Bro should not talk to another bro in the bathroom.
  53. A Bro shall, whenever possible, provide his Bro with protection.
  54. A Bro should never sing show tunes.
  55. A Bro should never eat out of another bro's hands.
  56. A Bro shall never reveal the score of a sporting event to another Bro until that Bro has thrice confirmed it’s cool.
  57. A Bro may not speculate on the expected Bro / chick ratio of a party or venue without first disclosing the present-time observed ratio.
  58. If a Bro, for whatever reason, becomes aware of another Bro’s girlfriend’s birthday and / or anniversary date, he shall endeavour to make that information available to his Bro, regardless whether he thinks his Bro already knows.
  59. One Bro makes a solo chick attack.A second Bro provides a crutch.A third Bro rounds out the pack.But a fourth Bro is one too much.
  60. Should a Bro be near to closing with a girl, his Bro shall do anything within his means to ensure the desired outcome, up to and including the seduction of said girl’s wildly unattractive cousin / friend / mother.
  61. A Bro shall honour his father and mother and set bro's mother and father too.
  62. In the event that two Bros acquire the same target, the Bro with the longer dry spell has dibs. Should the dry spells be of equal length, a game of discreet roshambo shall determine the outcome.
  63. In a scenario in which two or more Bros are engaged in entertainment of the adult variety, one Bro is forbidden from intentionally or unintentionally touching another Bro in ANY capacity, including but not limited to; the high five, the first bump, or the congratulatory gluteal pat. Winking is also kind of a no-no.
  64. A Bro much provide his bro with a ticket to an event if said event involves the second Bro’s favourite sports team in a playoff scenario.
  65. A Bro must always reciprocate a round of drink(s) among Bros with the proviso that no existing wager supersedes this purchase and exchange of spirits.
  66. If a Bro suffers pain from a permanent dissolution of a relationship with a lady friend, a Bro shall offer nothing more than a “that sucks, man” and copious quantities of beer. A Bro will also refrain from pejorative commentary – deserved or not – regarding said lady friend for a period of three months.
  67. Should a Bro pick up a guitar at a party and commence playing, another Bro shall point out that he is a tool.
  68. If a Bro is on a hot streak, another Bro will do everything possibly to ensure its longevity, even if that includes jeopardizing his own records, the missing of work, or temporarily immigrating to a foreign country.
  69. Two Bro's should not share an umbrella.
  70. A Bro should not have "an outfit".
  71. A Bro should not wear a white belt.
  72. A Bro should never wiggle out of a pair of pants.
  73. A Bro never tries to snake the current girl of a Bro.
  74. A Bro shall never sleep with a Bro's ex.
  75. If a Bro asks you to help dispose of human corpse, you will coply with set Bro with no questions asked.
  76. Bro's should never wear the same outfit at the same time.
  77. A Bro never cries.
  78. A Bro should never ditch said Bro for anything unless it be funeral or someone is dying and it must be immediate family.
  79. A Bro should never eat another Bro's food unless permission is given.
  80. A Bro should never ever see another Bro naked.
  81. If a Bro must always provide back-up for set Bro.
  82. If a girl cheats on set Bro, you must destroy her.
  83. if your Bro is buying a girl drinks all night and it looks like it is going somewhere and if set Bro is running out of money, you must provide set Bro with enough money to make sure your Bro gets lucky.
  84. If a Bro asks you to help steal an animal from the zoo you must accept unless the animal in question is bigger than you.
  85. You must never insult a Bro's car unless it is under his price range and he is being cheap.
  86. If a Bro requests a high five you must always follow threw with set Bro's request for a high five.
  87. A Bro shalt at all times say yes.
  88. A Bro shall never say no.
  89. A Mom of a Bro is always off limits, but a Stepmom is fair game if she initiates it or is wearing at least one piece of leopard print clothing.
  90. If a Bro is in need of a vital organ, you shall if able donate said organ to set Bro.
  91. At a party you must not go around telling everyone the your Bro is gay and he is looking for male company tonight.
  92. If your Bro is in need of a lift and asked you to provide set Bro with a lift you must comply with said Bro unless you are getting laid/ family emergency(i.e immediate family mother, sister and so on).
  93. A true Bro shall follow the Bro Code At all times and never under any circumstances brake the rules set by the Bro Code.

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