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  • Flame-Swords Conflict
  • Assassination of 'Koralum
  • Grono 'Yendam recreates the Followers of the Forgotten along with some defectors of the Order of Assassins.


  • CCS-class battlecruiser Servant's Blade
  • CCS-class battlecruiser Faithful Gavel
  • CCS-class battlecruiser Pronounced Pity
  • ORS-class heavy cruiser Jubilant Praise
  • CAS-class assault carrier Gauntlet of the Ancients (Named after the CPV-class heavy destroyer of the same name.)

Goals for 2020

  • Rewrite Dipdip.
  • Create articles for Assault on the UNSC Infinity and Invasion of Kalincton.
  • Finish Halo: Warhunt's subpages and DLCs.
  • Continue work on Halo: Unknown Trackers.
  • Expand on the Flame and Followers of the Forgotten.
  • Potentially host a one-off RP consisting of a large city with multiple locations and few survivors of a crashed ship.
  • Maybe begin the Trident Campaign? Most likely going to hold off until 2021.
  • Make article for Hugo-A180.
  • Finish article for Kelvaaro 'Shrykaree.
  • Finish article for Fireteam Caliber.
  • Finish Halo: Assassination Games.
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