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  • I am Male
Annual Award Breakthrough User This user, UnggoyZealot, was voted as the Breakthrough User of 2018 in the Eleventh Annual Halo Fanon Wikia Awards.

Gender Male
Height Unggoy-sized.
Weight Changes too rapidly for me to know.
Blood Type Dunno, Unggoy?
Date of Birth Like I'm telling you that.
Zodiac Dunno.
Nationality Guess a big country in America.
Birthplace Somewhere in that country.
Religion Like I'm telling you that.
Speciality Unggoy scientist. (Is it legit?)
Occupation Like I'm telling you that.
Rank on Wiki In Unggoy terms, I'm a pro. Otherwise, I am just a normal user.
Gamertag Like I'm telling you that. (I do have one.)

Slaps hood of car with NCF tag.

"This baby has so many canon breaches in it, you'll never know what official lore is again."

Behold the noobiest of them all! (Me, not you, <insert name here>) I've been around these parts for about a year now, and hope to stay on Halo Fanon for as long as I can, hopefully a few more years. As the name suggests, I'm an Unggoy with the rank of a Sangheili. If you find my name too long, you can call me UZ for short. Hope all you Kig-Yar out there are hearing this, because Unggoy are the true Reclaimers! Those humans were just a last minute substitution. Anyways, I first got introduced to Halo when I was seven (believe it) and I got some Halo Mega Bloks as they were called back then. I wondered what they were based on, and my dad told me "Halo." If you wanna hear me stop blabbering and look at my stuff <insert name here>, then get on with it, and go to my Organizer and Sandbox. So, back to where I was, I thought that was cool and started playing Halo at ten (I mean it) and soon I was engulfed in the Halo-verse. My sole work that I'm really proud of is my Sangheili character Grono 'Yendam. I've met some pretty cool people here during my year, and I'd recommend you to join so you can meet 'em too! (If you haven't already joined. :P) Moving that aside, I've got two plasma grenades, so who wants hugs?




Colonial cross2

On behalf of the Halo Fanon administration, Brodie-001 has awarded you the Colonial Cross, for acts of tenacity and perseverance. This medal indicates the high level of commitment you have placed towards upholding the quality of Halo Fanon.

Given on January 1st, 2019, to UnggoyZealot.

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UnggoyZealot - <insert name here> is a bully! And do you know what I do to bullies? I use my Anti-Bully Blamite, that's what!:
TALK - Tuesday 10:55 2019
If you find this on your talk page, then the Unggoy Rebellion has begun...

UnggoyZealot - The Rogue - The Honorable - The Devious:
TALK - Tuesday 10:55 2019
My other, more authentic sig. I don't know if it's actually authentic or not. :P

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Andromeda Vadum March 16, 2016 We are now getting started to collaborate on the Earth riots of 2558. In Halo 5 we watched Cortana release an EMP blacking out Earth. With the UEG Law Enforcement and UNSC Defense Force as the primary lines of defense; their mission will be to protect Earth and chase off antagonists from unruly citizens to deadly criminal gangs. Locations are world wide but we will focus on: Los Angeles, Washington D.C, New York, and probably the Midwest. Any other cities fill free to tell me on my talk page. I will start the first post tomorrow if I can fight the laziness and write.
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