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Hey everyone! I'm Troud38 and I'm glad to return as a contributor to Halo Fanon. I used to frequent on here a few years ago as 101stranger (since that time I lost my password information and have no clue what email I originally used to set up my account, yikes) and I've made my way back on here after rediscovering my love for Halo lore and writing. My stories and characters are part of their own universe that I'm tentatively calling the Havocverse (after Thomas-077's SPARTAN team). This universe respectfully does not follow the post-Bungie Canon as I am personally not a fan of 343's direction - but if you are more power to you and I'm glad you enjoy the stories. I hope I can create stories and characters that you guys can enjoy and I'm excited to be back and reading the awesome content you other contributors have been putting out.


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