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"The X-1000 Apocalypse star fighter is the fastest, cheapest, lightest, strongest, most powerful and most agile fighter the UNSC have ever made. Weighing just 10 tonnes it is armed with twin nuclear plasma cannons, six Anvil II AS missiles, two Shiva-class nuclear warheads and 10; 70.Cal mini-autcanons, spread evenly around the craft with overlapping fields of fire. It can perform inter-system pin-point slipspace jumps and has active-invisibility nodes on every panel of its hull. The pilots who fly this craft are the UNSC's best. Chosen by ONI, they have similar and, in some areas, more advanced augmentations than the Spartans do. Their cheap production and small size means that these ships can be held onboard many ships and within their hundreds as well. The Apocalypse fighter is the best in the universe. The Apocalypse fighter is one of a kind..." - And its also God Modded!


GM master chief
Unfortunately, it seems to be a human instinct to thrive power and to gain the most control. Despite this over the years the human race has evolved to form societies and leadership. However when it comes down to expressing yourself through imagination and writing; sometimes we disperse our thrive of power through this. Halo Fanon is a site of fan fiction articles and we urge users to have a good time. Unfortunately some users go a bit OTT! They create an article, like the X-1000 Apocalypse star fighter, which is too over powering and has no weaknesses. This is unfair and to be honest it’s also unrealistic. This case of over-powering instinctive thrive of domination is called God Modding, and on this site, for the benefit of other users and general standards, we don't allow it.

This may be a "let-down" but God Modding makes the site worse. People who've spent ages on making a fair article may feel angry that you've over powered their work! Others may feel sorry that you've spent a lot of time making an article and that they have to criticise you on your work, because it is God Modded. However, here at Halo Fanon we don't delete the article and then tell you off! Oh no, we help you and this is why we've created this help page: To help! We put a template at the top of your God Modded article and we tell you what's wrong with it, on the article's talk page. Then we help you correct your article and once this is done, the template is removed and we can all get back to making and improving fanon!

What exactly is God Modding?

We've been over it briefly but there are complications to the matter, as there are to everything in life! To delegate an article God Modded, there has to be some golden rules you must follow. There are many over powering articles but some do have their reasons. If you follow the list bellow, then you'll know what is God Modded and what isn't. Bare in mind that an article has to have all, if not most, of these attributes to be deemed God Modded. If you are still unsure then there is a paragraph underneath to consolidate all of the golden rules into one precise definition. For even more help visit the God Modding talk page!

Golden Rules

  • Over Powering - If the article is too over powering and seems too perfect in most areas.
  • Over Strengthened - If the article has no weaknesses and therefore seems too perfect.
  • Unrealistic - Not all God Modded articles are unrealistic but most are. This is usually a "side effect" of the other two (above) reasons.
  • Canon Friendliness - Because of the over powering, over strengthened and unrealistic nature of the article, a God Modded article will sometimes be Non Canon Friendly.


"God Modding is where a user, or users, have created an article, which is overpowering and has no real weaknesses. The article may also be unrealistic, and may also have its canon friendliness disputed, due to the previously stated distinguishing reasons."

Examples of God Modding

To fully understand God Modding, you'll have to see it in action: To see a full God Modded article go and have a look at the full version of the X-1000 Apocalypse! The whole thing is God Modded and so there are sentences after each major God Modding foul. The green sentences are parts, where we've explained why this aspect of the content is God Modded. To look at how it would be corrected, visit the article's talk page.

There may be other articles out there, which genuinely are God Modded. These are the real deal and so your help will be much appreciated. However not only text can be God Modded: pictures could be unrealistic and inappropriate for the article, which they are intended for. However spotting a God Modded picture is harder than spotting God Modded text in articles. Below is a picture, which is God Modded and again, the text tells us what is wrong with it:

The main issue with this is that, not only is the Spartan unrealistic for having red armour, but he is singularly wielding a Spartan Laser, which could indicate an over powering argumentation of strength. This picture also shows no weaknesses. Unrealism also creeps in with the fact that the Spartan is CQB, hence the shotgun and CQB armour, and therefore wielding a Spartan Laser, for this class of Spartan, is unrealistic. Non canon friendliness is also shown, as a Spartan Laser would produce too much recoil, for even a Spartan to use with one hand, and therefore this picture indicates that the Spartan Laser is less powerful or lighter than it actually is; thus disputing its canon friendliness. Unfortunately this picture looks really cool, but we can't keep it. At HF we have standards and keeping to them ensures a better working environment to have fun and to express your creative ways!

How to help out

There are many things you can do to help with God Modding. First of all check out the talk page and see what's happening in the various topics, which are being discussed. You could find pages, which are God Modded and help solve them on their talk page. However if you find a page, which is God Modded and hasn't been noticed by any other users, then please do these following things:

  • Place this template on the article to state that it's God Modded. Enter this code onto the top of the page: {{GM Parkster}} and this should show up at the top of the page, if done so correctly:

"Well, I don't care if it's God's own personal anti-son-of-a-bitch machine, or a giant hula hoop, we're not gonna let 'em have it!"

This article, The parkster/God Modding, has been deemed as God-Modded. To see the reasons why, visit The parkster/God Modding's talk page. The community urge the author of the article to discuss the issue on The parkster/God Modding's talk page. Any agreed modifications need to be carried out to make it more credible, otherwise it may be moved to namespace. The community regretfully apologize for any inconvenience. For rules or help about God-Modding, please visit here.

  • On the article's talk page, clearly state what is wrong with the article and ways, upon which the author(s) could correct the content to make the article more credible and balanced.
  • Notify the author(s) that their article is God Modded, if they don't reply to your comments on the God Modded article's talk page. If no reply is received on both; the article's talk page or your user talk page, then please notify an admin who can then sort out the issue further.
  • After you've done this, check back over these steps to ensure that everything, which has been done is fair and notified.

Sorted then!

So that's about it really. There isn't much more that happens, except from the fact that if the author refuses to modify their God Modded article then they may be banned, or if the author doesn't respond then action will be taken regardless of the author's wishes. Either way, in these scenarios, the article will be deleted. So if you ever come across a God Modded article or even if you make one, you know what to do! This is here to ensure that the site remains at a high standard and that everyone holds and maintains a decent, fair and balanced article creation system, which overall makes this site a better place. Thanks for reading. If there are any comments on this page, the template or God Modding itself: then please state it on this article's talk page. Happy editing!

P.S: Fight that instinctive thrive of power and domination:

GM ending
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