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For all Noobs on Halo Fanon, here's some really good help for you. Let's start off with the basics. But first you're probably gonna go away and not need help. But face it, everyone needs help.

What is the NotCanonFriendly banner?

This is the saddest issue in the entire Halo universe. Make one mistake, you're dead, and you will get this banner above your page:

This article, The evil O,malley/Fanon for Noobs, has its canon-friendliness disputed!

Please see the talk page for more instructions.

Most of you are going to go, What the hell is this thing? What it means is that something is wrong and you need to fix it very soon. If you don't, that banner will change to this:

The Council decided to have you hung by your entrails and your corpse paraded through the city. But, ultimately, the terms of your execution are up to me.

This article breaks rule number {{{1}}}, as is explained in the Discussions Page.
Please fix immediately.
If this warning goes unheeded, this article will be moved to the owner's user namespace.

I know you know that this is bad. Red means bad, right?? To fix it, go to the talk page (it's at the top, one of the tabs that says discussion). See what the admins or others recommend you do in this type of situation.

Examples of non canon

  • An Installation 08 or higher
  • A Spartan with a number higher than 150.
  • Something that's not possible even in reality.
  • An enemy more powerful than the Covenant.
  • A Spartan that traveled to Installation 04/05/00 and lived. -- Other than John-117 of course!
  • A Spartan with a specific color.
  • Godmodded (See below).

Created examples of non-canon

Examples of a Rule Breaker

  • The true killer of 343 Guilty Spark.
  • Forerunners being a myth this whole time.
  • Brutes bribing the Elites to trick the Humans.
  • Using Shch 'Nodotee without permission.

Labeling your stuff

Okay, you need this for starters. Say you are Bunnyboy45, and you are creating Akra Eromee. Before you start editing, you'll need this:

Terminal.png This article, The evil O,malley/Fanon for Noobs, was written by The evil O,malley. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

And if you probably won't finish,

Help.png This article, The evil O,malley/Fanon for Noobs, is currently under active construction.

Then move on to the infobox:

Biographical information
Physical description
Chronological and political information

This is a Covenant character infobox. Other character infoboxes can be found in the area under the infobox called Source.

Starting a fanfic

As you start you should ask other users like the evil O’Malley, Sgt.johnson, Rotaretilbo, or Spartan G-23 for help. Then start the fanfic, let’s use Halo: Conquest of Jimiro as an example as a normal fan-fic, and Battle of Toronto as a battle fanfic.


This is the battle infobox. you can put it in even if it's not that important and just a part of fanon history, but if it's an epic like Hollow Bastion or Ruins of Triumph it needs none.

"Gary Stu" ("God Modded")

Gary Stu/Mary Sue

One thing you must know is that a character cannot be perfect, okay? He cannot be young, sexy, blond and blue-eyed and the greatest Spartan alive. This is what is called a Gary Stu (if your character is a girl, it's a Mary Sue): it's a term for an oh-so-perfect "crappy" character on any fan-fic.net. Remember that your characters cannot be the best, be inhumanly perfect, and each must have failed at least once in their lives! Oh, right, by the way, all the best snipers have already been taken, though if you want your guy to be a sniper, great!

Your character is a Gary Stu if:

  1. If he gets promoted on the spot. (50% GS)
  2. Is invincible. (90% GS)
  3. Has the same name as you (10% GS)
  4. Has top secret technology. (85% GS)
  5. Knows everything. (100% GS)
  6. Can talk to animals. (100% GS)
  7. A higher rank than the limit. (85% GS)
  8. Never been wounded. (75% GS)
  9. Knows all about the Forerunners or Precursors (With the exception of artificial intelligence) (95% GS)
  10. Personally modified weapons. (45% GS)
  11. Better than MC. (65% GS)
  12. Unnatural size, shape, color, etc. (45% GS)
  13. One man team. (45% GS)
  14. Is a low race (Grunt, Jackal, etc.) yet has a high command. (35% GS)
  15. Never had a defeat. (50% GS)
  16. Get's a special armor. (65% GS)
  17. Is granted a special shielding or something. (75% GS)
  18. Immortal. (100% GS)
  19. Has ancient technology of the Precursors, and could fry enemies. (90% GS)
  20. Name is classified. (65% GS)
  21. Took out more than 15 enemy troops (-Grunts) within two minutes (40% GS)
  22. Is a SPARTAN that can can repair hogs. (As if mechanical training would go to supersoldiers) (55% GS)
  23. Parents were different species. (90% GS)
  24. General, and still fights. (50% GS)
  25. Unnatural name.
  26. Had a hate for the covenant before joining the Sepratists. (15% GS)
  27. Every weapon equipped. (35% GS)
  28. A spartan with command over a ship, or army. (80% GS)
  29. A spartan that went with the chief to Installation 04/05/00 and survived. (65% GS)
  30. Wears a mixed armor perm. (35% GS)
  31. Wears HAYABUSA armor (Seriously, you're not cool, you're not pro, you're an idiot). (45% GS)
  32. Has a codename like: Shadow, Darkness, Destroyer etc. (55% GS)
  33. Is attractive. (10% GS)
  34. Is very attractive (20% GS)
  35. Revealing (Girl) (65% GS)
  36. Has Blue armor (60% GS)
  37. Yellow armor (45% GS)
  38. White armor (Not snow camo) (25% GS)
  39. Red armor (30% GS)
  40. Brown armor (15% GS)
  41. Pink armor (55% GS)
  42. Teal armor (60% GS)
  43. Orange armor (50% GS)
  44. Gold armor (85% GS)
  45. Black armor (Without reason) (65% GS)
  46. Black armor (With reason) (10% GS)
  47. Parents dead (15% GS)
  48. Strongest member of team (10% GS)
  49. Fastest member of team (10% GS)
  50. Smartest member of team (10% GS)
  51. Took out more than 1,000 enemy infantry in the entire career. (15% GS)

Now, to see how high of a GS your guy is:

  • 0-10% = Average Joe, needs a bit more differences.
  • 10-25% = Great guy!
  • 25-35% = Realistic enough.
  • 35-40% = It's ok.
  • 40-50% = A bit off the top.
  • 50-75% = Needs to be adjusted, pronto!
  • 75-80% = Load of crap, needs help.
  • 80-90% = Needs serious help, and will probably be flamed by ALOT of users within two days of creation.
  • 90-100% = @$$F@#%W7F?$#!TD:<0M9!!!

To test to see if your character is a Mary Stu, go here: [1]

God Modded

Or say, a ship with a huge fucking drill on the front, or a ship that could glass a planet within fifteen minutes, THAT is just stupid, there is no such thing, it's impossible.

You're article is godmodded if:

  1. It's bigger than the biggest specified ship. (40% GM)
  2. More powerful than the most powerful ship. (50% GM)
  3. Can change sizes. (45% GM)
  4. Can smash a Spartan. (25% GM)
  5. Can read minds. (55% GM)
  6. Can go faster than the speed of light. (45% GM)
  7. Stronger than a brute or hunter or even Drinol. (56% GM)
  8. Magical. (75% GM)
  9. Can take a planet on its own. (85% GM)
  10. Invincible. (95% GM)
  11. Stronger than the strongest specified whatever it is. (45% GM)
  12. 6 different weapons attached. (50% GM)
  13. Stronger than thingy. (10% GM per x)
  14. Only few were made (45% GM)
  15. Titanium (15% GM)
  16. Light (20% GM)
  17. Lasers (50% GM)
  18. Missles (10% GM)
  19. Hovers (25% GM)
  20. Greater than the Covenant (55% GM)
  21. A large yet fast vehicle (65% GM)
  22. Small, yet very powerful (60% GM)
  23. Winged. (15% GM)
  24. Huge (35% GM)
  25. Unseen for a while (35% GM)

Now, to see how high of a GS your guy is:

  • 0-10% = Very good.
  • 10-25% = Good.
  • 25-35% = Realistic enough.
  • 35-40% = It's ok.
  • 40-50% = A bit off the top.
  • 50-75% = Needs to be adjusted, pronto!
  • 75-80% = Load of crap, needs help.
  • 80-90% = Needs serious help, and will probably be flamed by ALOT of users within two days of creation.
  • 90-100% = @$$F@#%W7F?$#!TD:<0M9!!!

The God Modded Template


"Well, I don't care if it's God's own personal anti-son-of-a-bitch machine, or a giant hula hoop, we're not gonna let 'em have it!"

This article, The evil O,malley/Fanon for Noobs, has been deemed as God-Modded. To see the reasons why, visit User:The evil O,malley/Fanon for Noobs' talk page. The community urge the author of the article to discuss the issue on User:The evil O,malley/Fanon for Noobs' talk page. Any agreed modifications need to be carried out to make it more credible, otherwise it may be deleted. The community regretfully apologize for any inconvenience. For rules or help about God-Modding, please visit here.

Yes, you're article will be engraved with the mark, of God-moddedness if your article doesnt cease these traits.



Unless you want to be eaten alive by the other users (careful, they've been known to do it), you had better fix your Gary Stu/Mary Sue/God-modded being FAST. Canon is strictly enforced, and having one of these can be the death of your article, especially the god-modded part.

Let's use Nogard as an example of fixing a god-mod.

He used to....

  • Be a mix of a Hunter, Elite, Human and Dragon (what was I thinking!)
  • Breath Fire
  • Could fly through space, because he was vacuum-proof
  • Bulletproof
  • Super-Unbelievable-TotallyUber-ICan'tBelieveIt-Ridiculous Healing factor
  • Believed Immortal
  • Superstrengh
  • Superspeed
  • Cloaking
  • Cloned thousands of himself, with Forerunner tech


  • Instead of flying past space, he jacks Precursor tech.
  • Still strong, but not ridiculously so
  • Good senses of smell and hearing
  • Half blind, relying on a short-range infrared
  • Less powerful healing factor
  • Can't clone as many (Precursor tech required for max efficiency; Forerunner tech produces less clones)

As you can see, it will take a long time, but almost anything can be fixed. But on a side note, try not to make the mistake in the first place, because that right there took me a week of hard thinking to rewrite.

Characters that serve no purpose

If you can't fit a character anywhere, come up with anything for them to say, if they make absolutely no sense, if they don't have a personality, get rid of them. I don't care if you have to kill them off, I don't care if you have to get rid of them before you begin, get rid of them, or your story will be worse.

For example of a pointless character, George "Mac" McHale (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) whom is a combination spin on the other two Indy characters Sallah and Belloq. In the beginning of the film, he starts out as Indy's friend, then betrays him due to financial problems. Then he teams up with Indy again for no apparent reason, then betrays him again, then teams back up with indy a few split seconds before being sucked into oblivion. Whoopteedoo.

Crap people don't wanna see

In this section, here are just some things we just don't like.

  1. Nameless elites
  2. Professional snipers (Too many)
  3. Characters from the series (We (Or they) just don't for some reason)
  4. Gary-Stues, or close enough. (I don't blame us)
  5. Articles with bad grammar. (Shut-up, I know what your thinking)
  6. Articles without an infobox.
  7. Top secret this and classified that! (EVERYTHING in Halo is classified, no point in classifying a name, dumbasses)

Villain Types

For all the terrible villians, horrific mercenaries, or just plain mean guys, know that there is a variety.

Big Minds

The big minds are the wise, yet sinister villians, that always stay in thier tower and say scary stuff. These, are probably the most common, and sometimes most dangerous.


  • Darth Sidious (Star Wars)
  • The Prophet of Truth (Halo)
  • Anubis (Stargate SG-1)


These are the henchmen, mercenaries, or bounty hunters of the Big Minds. They are usually cool, with a really big weapon you don't see them use till the end, all the cool toys, do less talk and more work, and sometimes have a sweet ride.


  • Tartarus (Halo)
  • Boba Fett (Star Wars)
  • Maximillian (Black Hole)


These guys are a different form of sidekicks. They don't protect the Big Mind, but rather go out there, and pick on the heroes. They come, at the time you want them least, mess you up, and make things alot harder.


  • Durge (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)
  • Meta Ridley (Metroid Prime)
  • The Decapitator (Deus Ex Machina)

Sad little second in commands

The most pitiful of the villians the ones who always come in second, work hard to impress the big minds, but usually suck.


  • The Arbiter (Before he became a hero)
  • Her'ak (Stargate SG-1)
  • Darth Vader (Star Wars)


Flame is what we call negative comments on an article. Go to UNSC Spartan's talk page, Cody Kaudumi's talk page or the Kashan's talk page to find flame. Know that you can't hide from flame: you will always be flamed whether you like it or not. But don't be discouraged! Here are a few reasons why you might have been flamed.

  • 'Cause the person didn't read it and flamed your page 'cause he's an asshole.
  • You might have one little fact mixed up, like the date or a minor canon fact, and that's fixed very easily.
  • Your fanfic is crappy and unrealistic, and the world hates you.
  • Or, you made a big, unfix-able mistake. (Like writing crappy fanon)


Ahh! The legends, the fame, the heroes, the charm. All involve characters, the following are the steps to your character.


When will you realize that characters need personalities! Everyone is different (Awkward isn't it?) and nobodies the exact same. Like, here are some characters to take examples from.

Del Spooner (IRobot)

He's superstitious, has a strong hate for robots, and snarky when talking to nerds.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Spider-Man)

He's a nerdy kid from queens New York, in love with his girlfriend, gets dramatic a lot, and jokes around when facing new villains.

Mr. Anderson/Neo (The Matrix)

In love with his girlfriend, couldn't handle the truth at first, and asks a lot of questions.

Character naming

One big thing that always happens is naming your guy, we always mess up at some point (Even I messed up once), here are the naming processes for the whole family.


Their names are bizarre and always end with an ee (Unless if he is a civilian elite, or not in the Covenant anymore) a good example is Shch 'Nodot (My personal favorite fanon character, bless ya donut) that's a good name, a bad name is Cody Kaudumi (The opposite of my favorite).


The middle name of Hunter bond brothers is shared. So make your Hunters (Lekgolo) in pairs in fanon to keep canon. Stuff like Igido Nosa Hurru and Ogada Nosa Fasu.


Unggoy. They have names that just reminds you of alien teddy bears. They have no last names. A good example is Konai (Personal favorite Grunt fanon character) or Kwarsh (Second favorite).


Think brutal, something someone would name an evil Wookie, or a Greek naming a Minotaur thingy. Margantues, Tartarus, Braktanous are the common types of names for these overgrown furballs.


Kig-Yar Usually have names like Tak, or Jik. Be original like naming one Figlik or Snakik or some crap. Nonetheless, they normally end with K. It is a law of the Covenant that they can only have a first name; no middle, no last, only first.


No official names have been given. The only Drone that I can think of are Qzech'Mere and Luzzda, so try to name a Drone like a bug is saying it.


Unnamed, they never made an appearance. But in all my fanon, I name my Sharquoi (Drinols) things like, Swuurg or Caarg.


The only names so far are Lighter than Some, Easy to Adjust, or Far too Heavy. It appears they are named on how well they can float.


They always start with SPARTAN, then give them a service number (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Know that it is always below 150.) So it's SPARTAN-117 (Master Chief Petty Officer John-117), or SPARTAN-IIIs with names like SPARTAN-G023, or SPARTAN-G092. However, if they are a Spartan-I, they have their real name, such as Hank J Wimbleton IV or Dean Jackson.


The only known flood is Gravemind. No names other than that, but here we name them things like Deathmind or Hivemind.


Normally they would have names like Truth, Regret, and Mercy. But they had birthnames such as Hod Rumnt.


Installation Monitor Name
00 ? Mendicant Bias
01 1 Unknown (Or rather not invented)
02 7 Rampant Fuse
03 49 Proximal Secant
04 343 Guilty Spark
05 2401 Penitant Tangent
06 16807 Remorseful Incentive

07 117649 Annihilative Repentance

They always have their number dividable by 7, everyone claims that it is to the seventh power but, personally, in the end, we don't want our monitor to be called: 282475249 Persony Thingy.

Monitors name are usually synonyms for feelings. I have a list of example names for the taking of all (I have a history for letting people take my ideas without permission!)

Green light

Red light

Ye-What? Purple?!


  • Mournful
  • Remorseful
  • Repentant
  • Apologetic
  • Atoning
  • Defiant
  • Afflicted
  • Liable
  • Convicted
  • Contrite
  • Supplicant
  • Prodigal
  • Submissive


  • Incline
  • Distort
  • Flare
  • Hint
  • Animate
  • Brilliance
  • Vivacity
  • Flicker
  • Glint
  • Departure
  • Digression
  • Decent

Just, don't use the ones that are taken!

Killing Characters off, and Replacing Them

This is an issue, im sure is sad, but must be done. Although, if you do this wrong, you could screw up pretty badly. There are different kinds of characters and they have different ways if death in filming and writing history. Here are examples.

The Leaders

The most picked on of all types of characters, the kind hearted, supporting leaders, always die in sudden surprise. Take Theoden King in the Lord of the Rings for example, they were faced with unstoppable odds, then were forced to retreat, then out of the blue, the Witch King came with a fellbeast, and quickly pawned him, not completely killing him, but ultimately defeating him, then Eowyn came in, and pawned the Witch king in a very epic duel. Then a glorious victory came on, then she approached Theoden as he died. You might wonder why this happens, and why it happens near the end, its showing that without the leader, they are on their own.

The People Nobody Cares About

This is probably the best to do, killing off the least popular character makes it seem that they're important, and people show emotion and actually care. Take Dr.Fraiser from Stargate SG-1 for example, she wasn't an important character, yet when she died, EVERYONE cared, and was shocked, And there were no more episodes involving her, meaning she's gone.

The Comic Relief Guys

NEVER replace, nor kill the comic relief guy. The Comic relief guy is undeniably the most popular character, killing him or replacing him is murder.

Take Colonel Jack On'iel from Stargate SG-1 for example, everyone liked him, he was snarky and funny, just what everyone likes. Then, they replaced him (Glad they didn't kill him) with Colonel Cameron Mitchell, he was just pure monkey dung, everybody hates him, he's annoying (He's supposed to be funny), he's an idiot, and just pure boring. This guy is part of the show's downfall.

The Villians, and Replacing them

Ok, we all love to kill the Villains, take revenge, pawn the pawner, KILLJOY!, the only problem with that...Replacing them. Villains are hard to replace, especially when they are the most powerful.

Take Barbossa from Pirates of the Carribean for example of a bad replacement, he was an excellent villain, then they just pawned him, so they made up this guy Davy Jones, this guy was terrible, he was just a big bastard that plays the piano and whips people, with an octopus for a face, the fuck? Barbossa was a much better villain, and another problem is that they immediately said that Barbossa is the evilest being in the first movie. You can't just say you're villain is the evilest, especially if its your first villain, you know you will kill him off, and you need to leave space.

Take Darth Vader from the Star Wars originals for example of space. They said in the first one, that the Emperor sent Darth Vader, meaning he has a mentor, and mentors are always more powerful, or its just boring.

Impossible Stuff

How would that work??

Whenever you are creating technology, stop what your doing, and think: Is this possible?. For example, all who watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars(Volume 2) see the part where Saesee Tiin and the clones hop out, you see a ship crash into the other, I know right, FRIKIN AWESOME! Heeeeeeello! It's a cartoon! (And Star wars) so you decide to make a UNSC ship with a huge kickass drill on the front. Think for a moment, why drill a ship with Titanium armor when you can frag the crap out of it with a MAC cannon, and secondly that would probably be a little tiny bit of the slightest EXPENSIVE! Thirdly the pressure would damage the ship. Fourthly, the ship your pursuing is kinda fast and skinny with an unknown metal that is probably better than ours (Why the hell are the aliens always more advanced than us!?). And, of course, the torque of the drill would distribute the spin between the ship and the drill.



Everyone wants their own faction. What's up with that? THE WAR IS OVER!! NO MASS!! Finish the Fight. The fight is finished! Let humanity take a break. Make your fanon before three or during three. Just because you have a keyboard doesn't mean you can bug the human race! (Credit goes to Ajax 013 for the joke).

The Sad Story, of the Ori

Let me recite a poem, of a new faction for the awesome series Stargate SG-1.

During a lovely time on 1997,

When Sci-fi was 24-7,

A show came out called Stargate-SG-1,

Based on the movie we all called number one,

It was a hit with these villainous bastards called Gu'auld,

The show was a hit, and the dicks never got old,

Then 2007 came by,

"And the Gu'auld has gotten old" said Sci-fi,

So they placed these new idiots on the show,

And hell how that was a blow,

Ori the shits were named,

And the creators were so ashamed,

And now, the show has ended,

And the fans were so offended,

Everyone agrees it is a sad story,

All because of the fucking Ori.

Hey...Its the truth.


Im not exaggerating, look at these lame factions.

  • M.I.S.W.A. (We already have the much better Spartans)
  • Ithlid (Predator rip-of)
  • Amalgam (Ok...no)
  • Astuto (Stargate rip-off)
  • UFF (Ok, enough with this rebel thing)
  • Majorans (Sun worshipers)
  • Rapheals Guard (?)
  • Bujkowe (Interesting, but why wouldn't they be observed into the Covenant?)
  • Dragon Empire (WTF?)
  • ISSC (What does this have to do with Halo?)
  • Gormekian (Ditto with IICS or whatever)
  • Gelklor (Ok, that's Grunt shit)
  • Covenant Rebels (Made it myself, before we all went retarded)
  • Covenant Neutralists (If they do not believe the Great Journey, then either they go home, or join the sepratists!)
  • Covenant Remnants (Realistic, which is why im helping)
  • Hydra (The one I'm very impressed with)
  • Arctic IV Alliance (too much like the Covenant)
  • The Fraction (Predator/Covenant rip off)
  • Sinions (What exactly are they?!?)
  • Kashan (no way...no way...no fucking way)
  • Contagion (I'm not kidding, this is exactly like the Flood, one more fucking parasite like this and I'm snapping)
  • Abhorred‎ (Yet ANOTHER parasite)
  • Secret force (If they are affiliated with the UNSC, then THEY ARE THE UNSC!!!)
  • E.X.T.R.A. (This is the UNSC you dip!!)
  • Miposoian (Precursors are the protectors of the Galaxy, not their creations)
  • Necros (The only reason we even bother is cause Ajax started it as a project)

Nobody uses them

How many times do you see 117649 Aberrent Render use the Amalgam or the M.I.S.W.A? Or ShadowedSpider use the Kashan? NEVER!! How many times do you see LordofMonsterIsland use the Hydra, A LOT, you know why? cause the Hydra is not shameful. Consider this a way of telling if your faction is good or not, if you use it (A lot), keep it, if not, the fuck with it.


If you have a fanfiction about a SPARTAN-013, and you call all your profiles that, and that's your username. And you come in and... The character is taken. Or if you just think (Like me) All (But my own) ideas and fanon here are fucking retarded, worry not, because you can still make an article.

We'll stick with the SPARTAN-013 example. You want to make an article, but there already is one. Make the article SPARTAN-013 (yourusernamehere), and then move the other to SPARTAN-013 (otherauthor'susernamehere), and turn SPARTAN-013 into a disabmiguation page, and bam, you get SPARTAN-013.

Or, if you just want to do it the easy way, put the Alternative Template over the top.

This article, The evil O,malley/Fanon for Noobs, is an alternative article. This means one of two things:
  1. , it shares it's name with that of an already taken fanon
  2. , it does not exist in the canon continuity, as it is used for an alternate universe project.
It does not require a NotCanonFriendly template, it is just a notice that this does not exist in any other articles than the authors.

So the other person could have the official (Shall we say) SPARTAN-013.

Unknown or Classified

Ya know, if everything here had classified stuff, there wouldn't be a site. I get annoyed every time something says Classified, or UNKNOWN, hey give me a break, everyone dies, it's kinda fun to create conclusions to your characters, like donated to charity at the age of 75 and tore a hole in the ozone and sent too jail and got killed when flushing the toilet at 81. Or at least say: Currently active, or N/A. It really annoys me (And im sure it's not just me)

like for example: Stan Lee's Spider-man character Hobgoblin, he was very unknown, but on every character profile reveals his identity was Roderick Kingsley, But it was unknown in the comics, we know but they don't, The Spider-man characters didn't know that Norman Osborn was the Green Goblin, the characters in The Fugitive didn't know that Kimble didn't kill his wife, but WE do. Unless, if it's Forerunner or Flood related.

If they joined a War, they would have to identify themselves. Yes, everything is classified as it is, THE EXISTANCE OF ANYTHING HERE IS CLASSIFIED!! It's not like people know, so nothing needs to be classified if it's classified. And there is a record for deaths, either estimate when they should die, or say they died fighting at some place at some year.

Myself, Sgt.johnson, use the "Classified" tag for operations that I am writing or going to write to maintain an air of secrecy about my projects. However, let nothing remain Top Secret for too long, or you'll just forget about it.

Does this make any sense? Or is this good?

Two people have asked that question in the last hour, I'm not a critique (Sorta). But here are a few steps to learning how to make your stuff and things perfect.

  1. Is it worth making an article about?
  2. What makes this article different from the rest?
  3. Can you imagine this in Halo (Honestly).
  4. Reread the article, and pretend you don't know anything about it. And see if you left out anything.
  5. Compare to an actual Halopedia (Or even a real Wikipedia) article.
  7. If you just can't shake the feeling that something's wrong, don't ignore it.
  8. If it's "Kinda" Like the Flood or Covenant only weaker, delete the article. Cause it's just pointless to create something like the Flood or Covenant, why create something too similar, when you could use the thing it is similar upon? Or else, your just ripping it off, and no you are not being creative, drama queens.

Movies to take inspiration

To take inspiration

  • Aliens (The Suspence)
  • Alien (Suspenceful)
  • I am Legend (Well directed, who gives a shit about the CGI, I mean its not like the CGI will ever inspire your fanon!)
  • Predator (Clever, action galore, but not as much suspense though)
  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Fabulous! No Gary-Stues, showing that the heroes are no match AT ALL, bravo!)
  • Casablanca (Funny military official conversations)
  • Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark (One of the best movies in history, it had some catchy action, great quotes, and just plain funny moments too)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Ahh one of the best villains, Barbossa is)
  • Back to the Future (NOTHING in this movie was pointless, all parts had a meaning)
  • Signs (The most suspenseful movie since Aliens)

Not as recommended

  • Alien vs Predator (It was ok(ish))
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's chest (Had some good parts, but Jones was ridiculous)
  • Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (It was ok I guess)

to NOT take inspiration (The sucking movies)

  • Alien vs Predator 2 (Bad, just bad)
  • Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Horrible, dissapointing, shitty quotes, the only reason we liked it was because of its shiny CGI and action)
  • Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End (Pretty bad, per all my reasons above, but it made some funny quotes)

Suspense and thriller

Thrillers, the first thing you think is a creature sneaking in a base killing everybody one by one, one of them survives and kills the creature. Awesome I know, reminds you of the movie Aliens or Predator or Alien vs Predator. I know every user wants their own thriller, so why did I create this section? Take a simple guess.

The stepping stones of a thriller come something like this.

1. A team doing their thing.

2. Someone gets eaten by a thingy.

3. Team searches for the thingy.

4. Someone else gets eaten.

5. Thingy scares the team. And you see him for the for a split second.

6. The team is split up.

7. The thingy kills them all one by one.

8. There are two left.

9. Thingy eats one.

10. Big epic fight between thingy and person, plus you see the thingy's true form.

Although unfortunately people haven't taken those steps, like in Alien vs Predator, they set it up perfectly, a big team, a bunch of Predators, but they blew it. They killed all but two of team within a minute, and two of the Predators, it could've been a lot better.

You also need a thingy, but remember, its Halo so watch your steps. A good idea for a thingy would be: A new type of flood form, a sneaky stealth Covenant, or a Forerunner experiment. Nogard is a good example of a thingy, he sneaks, he stalks he chills out in shadows (Classic thingy hiding spot) and grabs people upside down, kinda like an evil demented Sam Fisher

Now you have reached the end of my guide, good job. I'm very proud of you, do fanon in the ancient fanon arts (The classics). (If you wanna review again, go here).


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