"On a mission far outside the confines of UNSC space, now missing for over a year..."
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"Our country does more for us than anything else in the world; therefore, give something back to it."
―Personal mantra.

Hi, I'm The All-knowing Sith'ari, though to save yourself from repetitive strain injury, you may call me Sith, Sith'ari, and less-commonly, TAKS. I'm currently working with Specops306 with the War of Vengeance and Second Great War sections of the Labyrinth Canon. Connected to this is my semi-official project to develop a concise and realistic series of articles on the weapons, organisation, personnel and doctrine of the UNSC, UEG, and UNSCDF, partly out of a desire to develop an armed force that is unbeatable in DHW. I often draw inspiration from David Weber's Honor Harrington series, as well as real-life weapons, people, and events. A lot of my character articles are based on people I know.

Since I'm British, and I am very British (though I do not like tea, nor am I English; I'm a Scotsman), most of my "good characters" are Brits, and most of the bad ones are not. (This isn't iron-clad; I have a raving fascist who's British, and an out-of-touch socialist, who's British. The heroic and Churchillian war leader is French.) As you may have guessed from the above quote, I'm something of a patriot, and like some of the other users here, I hope to join my country's armed services when I'm older.

While I'm generally a tolerant guy, I have little patience for canon violators, those whose writing is so bad that they are surpassed by apes in terms of academic excellence, those who think "England" refers to Britain as a whole, those who I consider to be Bible Bashers and illiberals, conspiracy theorists, and those who use political identifiers as if they're insults. And idiots.

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Articles I'm proud of

The squad

My interpretation of what a UNSC infantry squad should look like. If any of the more military types on here want to correct me, please go ahead.

Fireteam Alpha (Assault)

1. Squad leader: Rifleman
2. Light Machine Gunner
3. Rifleman with weapon attachment (UGL or shotgun)
4. Shotgun/Rifleman

Fireteam Bravo (Support)

5. Designated Marksman (BR55 or M392, may or may not have weapon attachment)
6. General Purpose Machine Gunner
7. Grenadier/Rifleman
8. Light Anti-Armour Weapon/Rifleman

Fireteam Charlie (Security)

9. Squad 2IC: Rifleman
10. Rifleman/Drone operator
11. Rifleman with weapon attachment
12. Medic/Rifleman

Demotivational Poster

My first attempt at a Demotivational Poster.

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