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Samuel-B256 Notes


  • Civilian Life (32 to 38)
  • SPARTAN-III Training (39 to 44)
  • HeadHunter (45 to 49)
  • Red Team (50 to 52)
  • Solo Work (53 to 57)
  • Asymmetrical Action Group (57 to 58)
  • Special Activities Division (58 to XX)

Personal Life

  • Relationship status: Civil Status
  • Date Locations: Sundown, Cascade, and Castellaneta.
  • Joint-Residence: Post-Created conflict
  • Residency Location: Cascade (should create location)

Other Notes

Medical Reports

An analysis led by Col. Han Gengxin and CAPT. Aniela Kasowska determining Samuel is no longer fit for duty. I do not intend for Samuel to continue deploying for the UNSC because I don't want to write that many missions. This pulls Samuel out of the field without him going rogue or severe injury. I want to focus on the mental health aspect more.

  • Test concludes Samuel to be unfit for deployment
    • Untreated PTSD, concussions migraines, anger, night terrors, depression, and burnout
      • Required to undergo cognitive, psychologist, and neurologist therapy
      • De-augmented by ONI and UNSC Medical Corps, Project GEROUSIA

An analysis led by Col. Han Gengxin and CAPT. Aniela Kasowska assessing Samuel's physical health following his de-augmentation. To help with the reconstruction of areas around bones. A SPARTAN's life probably puts a lot of stress on their body, so seeing this type of breakdown may only scratch the surface.

  • Conducted one year after Project GEROUSIA
    • Required multiple surgeries to rebuild torn ligaments, cartilage, and ruptures
      • ACL, MCL, UCL, Shoulder, and Achilles Tendon Repair Surgery
      • Elbow, Shoulder, Hips, and Knees Cartilage Surgery

An analysis led by LtCol. Amélie Hägele and CAPT. Aniela Kasowska assessing Samuel's mental and physical health. I theorize having a SPARTAN adjust to a civilian world will be much harder for him. This type of assistance can help him along the way.

  • Conducted throughout the remainder of the UNSC Armed Forces career
    • Focus on Mental Health and Physical Well-Being
      • Includes treatment plans, cognitive exercises, chemical balancing, and medications
      • Includes workout plans, meal plans, general exercise, and activity planning

The name of this Project reflects when a Sparta citizen becomes a council elder. Since Sam undergoes the operation to have his augmentation enhancements removed, he will become a civilian who advocates for SPARTANs deploying into the field.

  • Height: 6 feet 6 inch
  • Weight: 226 pounds
  • Neural Interface: UNSC Navy Standard Enlisted Neural Interface


  • Halo: Fault Line: 2550
    • Destruction of Station of Unlimited Fortitude and Retreat of Silent Witnesses
    • Battle of Juniper IV
    • UNSC Task Force Ghostrider (UNSC Navy)
    • UNSC Task Force Marauder (UNSC Marine Corps and Red Team)
      • Red-01: Oriana, Omar, Lynn, Isaac, Riley, and Tucker
      • Red-02: Draven, Emilia, and Samuel

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