ThePeteFiles Overview of Projects and Work

This page is the central hub of all my projects, completed projects, and what needs completion.


Expanded Universe

The main area of focus revolves around the following characters:

Upcoming Project

  1. Merging stories under one page named Tertia Optio/Stories.
  2. Write out bios for all characters in Tertia Optio.
  3. Creation of Team Osage AI.
  4. Creation of Office of Naval Intelligence Special Operations Command

Current Focus

  1. Oriana-A058 (TPF)

Projects that Need Attention


  1. Andrew Graver (TPF)
  2. Yvonne Wagner (TPF)
  3. Mathilda-B079 (TPF)
  4. Isidora-G159 (TPF)
  5. Darrick-G274 (TPF)
  6. Julia Danvers (TPF)


  1. Asymmetrical Action Group
  2. Mission Support Activity (TPF)


  1. Team Quantum (TPF)
  2. Team Specter (TPF)


  1. Confirm the deaths of Niklas Gronseth, Stephan Ferguson, and Winnifred-A296.
  2. Delete the following article(s) -
  3. Read through short stories, and catalog the ones that follow the EU.

Character Notes


  1. Residence - Carson City, Nevada, URNA

UNSC Battles during the Human-Covenant War

  • Parisian Front
    • New Beijing Campaign
    • Siege of Paris IV
  • Battle of Meridian
  • Fall of Reach
  • Mars Sustained Defense Campaign
    • Defense of New Manila
    • Battle for Mount Sharp
    • Battle for New Harmony
  • Earth Sustained Defense Campaign
    • Battle of New Sydney
    • URNA Southwest Campaign


  1. Kill Elsa-A033 and Emerysen in 2560.
    1. Team Specter reactivated.
    2. Return to Headhunter Program.
      1. CPO: 2565-2572
      2. SCPO: 2572-2580
  2. Transition into an Officer for ONI Special Operations Command.
    1. Spartan Officer Candidate School - Unrestricted Line Officer
    2. Office of Naval Intelligence and Spartan Operations Liaison Officer
      1. Section Three Officer with ties to Beta-5 Division and the Delta-Six Division.
      2. Focus on Office of Naval Intelligence/Spartan Operations Special Operations Command.
    3. Headhunter Troop Commander, Headhunter Operations Officer, Joint Augmented Advance Force Operations Officer, Joint Augmented Task Force Operations Officer, Deputy Head of Special Operations Command, and Head of Special Operations Command.
      1. ENS, LTJG, LT, LCDR, CDR, and CAPT.
      2. S-3, S-3, S-3, S-3, S-1, and S-1.
    4. Stalker Team creation for hunting high-value targets.
      1. Section 0, 1, 2, and 3 personnel working together to capture or kill high-value targets.
      2. Brainchild of Samuel and Mathilda.

Personal Life

  1. Get rid of SPARTAN Tag and Rename: Samuel Rafal Gwózdek
    1. Marriage: Mathilda Ignace Gwózdek in 2584
      1. Witness: Smart AI Retter (Savior in German)
    2. Residence: Campbelltown, Australia from 2582 to 2610
    3. Relocation and Residence: New Harmony, Nowy Korfantów

Ranks and Promotions

 Rank   Date of Promotion 
UNSC-N Captain
Captain April 15, 2602
UNSC-N Commander
Commander August 24, 2597
UNSC-N Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander June 6, 2592
UNSC-N Lieutenant
Lieutenant September 11, 2586
UNSC-N Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant, Junior Grade May 22, 2582
UNSC-N Ensign
Ensign January 19, 2580
UNSC-N Senior Chief Petty Officer
Senior Chief Petty Officer December 2, 2572
UNSC-N Chief Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer March 30, 2565

Colton Bryson

General Background

  • From Missoula Montana in the United Republic of North America
  • Graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in Communications.
    • 22 years old when enlisting into the UNSC Army as an enlisted soldier
  1. UNSC Army Career - Enlistment - 2527 (25 Years of Service)
    1. 6 Years as an enlisted soldier, rise to the rank of Sergeant within the UNSC Army Rangers as a Sniper Team Leader.
      1. Charlie Company, 3rd Platoon, Delta Team of the UNSC Army Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition Special Operation Capable Force.
      2. Target Spotter (PVT PFC), Sniper (SPC), Master Sniper (CPL), Sniper Team Leader (SGT).
    2. 19 Years as an officer, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel within the UNSC Army Rangers and the Unified Special Warfare Command.
      1. Platoon Commander (2nd LT and 1st LT), Company Commander (Capt), and A Squadron (MAJ).
      2. Serve with the 2nd Ranger Battalion Rifle Company (Officer) and Regimental Reconnaissance Operational Detachment (Officer).
      3. Unified Special Warfare Command as a Task Force Operations Officer, Advanced Force Operations Officer, and Commander of USWC deployed assets.
  • Nickname - Serpico

Personal Life

  1. Divorce in 2540 and a remarriage in 2550.
  2. Private Individual who does not seek recognition.
  3. Considered a top Special Operations Officer within the UNSC Army Rangers and Unified Special Warfare Command.


  • Private (E-1) - 2527
  • Private Second Class (E-2) - 2527
  • Private First Class (E-3) - 2528
  • Specialist (E-4) - 2528
  • Corporal (E-4) - 2529
  • Sergeant (E-5) - 2531
  • 2nd Lieutenant (O-1) - 2533
  • 1st Lieutenant (O-2) - 2536
  • Captain (O-3) - 2540
  • Major (O-4) - 2542
  • Lieutenant Colonel (O-5) - 2548

Random Operation Names



Post-Covenant War Conflicts


Story Brainstorm

  1. Halo: Alpha Red One - 2537 to 2552
    1. Alpha Company Training, Siege of Paris IV and Battle for Earth from Oriana-A058 POV
  2. Halo: Endgame - 2552
    1. Team Specter during Operation: DARKSPEAR in 2552
  3. Halo: The Last of The Old Tribe - 2525 to 2552
    1. UNSC Army Enlisted/Officer recount of the Human-Covenant War.
  4. Halo: The New Hunters - 2556 to 2558
    1. SPARTAN-IV Headhunters and their missions together.

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