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Post-Field Duty

  • Watershed Division: Research and Development Chief
  • NavSpecWep: Tactics and Evaluation Group Chief
  • Serve as Aniela's Senior Enlisted Advisor

Collection of Ideas

Samuel Medical Reports

The idea is to have Sam undergo an experience which causes something to go wrong, preferably traumatic to help. This can involve a TBI leading to an epileptic seizure, a brain aneurysm, and so forth can be ones that can't be detected as easily. These can be slow building, to a point where memory loss and further can lead to a serious discussion and a need to study him. Another can involve losing a limb and forcing him to undergo extensive training to be re-qualified as a Spartan. I don't know if losing his teammates will be as effective as others, but it could be something worth exploring. Either way, it will happen when he isn't expecting it. It showcases he's still vulnerable despite being a Spartan. Obviously this will lead to the further reports and Project GEROUSIA since Sam will have to take more of a administrative role compared to what he's done before. There is a debate for this to happen in the Post-Created timeline since it gives me time to still write some content, but I don't want to drag him into the forever of doing operations. I do want to explore other aspects of a SPARTAN's life and have Sam walk a different path. I do want this to happen when he is a Chief Petty Officer, which is going to be in the Post-Created and possibly during the Created.

An analysis led by LtCol. Amélie Hägele and CDR. Aniela Kasowska determining Samuel is no longer fit for duty. I do not intend for Samuel to continue deploying for the UNSC because I don't want to write that many missions. This pulls Samuel out of the field without him going rogue or severe injury. I want to focus on the mental health aspect more.

  • Test concludes Samuel to be unfit for deployment
    • Untreated PTSD, concussions, TBI, anger, night terrors, anxiety, depression, and burnout
      • Required to undergo cognitive, psychologist, and neurologist therapy
      • De-augmented by ONI and UNSC Medical Corps, Project GEROUSIA

An analysis led by Col. Han Gengxin and CDR. Aniela Kasowska assessing Samuel's physical health following his de-augmentation. To help with the reconstruction of areas around bones. A SPARTAN's life probably puts a lot of stress on their body, so seeing this type of breakdown may only scratch the surface.

  • Conducted one year after Project GEROUSIA
    • Required multiple surgeries to rebuild torn ligaments, cartilage, and ruptures
      • ACL, MCL, UCL, Shoulder, and Achilles Tendon Repair Surgery
      • Elbow, Shoulder, Hips, and Knees Cartilage Surgery

An analysis led by LtCol. Amélie Hägele and CDR. Aniela Kasowska assessing Samuel's mental and physical health. I theorize having a SPARTAN adjust to a civilian world will be much harder for him. This type of assistance can help him along the way.

  • Conducted throughout the remainder of the UNSC Armed Forces career
    • Focus on Mental Health and Physical Well-Being
      • Includes treatment plans, cognitive exercises, chemical balancing, and medications
      • Includes workout plans, meal plans, general exercise, and activity planning
    • Enroll Samuel into University Courses to help him build better critical thinking skills.

The name of this Project reflects when a Sparta citizen becomes a council elder. Since Sam undergoes the operation to have his augmentation enhancements removed, he will become a civilian who advocates for SPARTANs deploying into the field.

  • Height: 6 feet 6 inch
  • Weight: 226 pounds
  • Neural Interface: UNSC Navy Intelligence Enlisted Neural Interface

Education Notes

Once Sam leaves active-duty, he'll undergo a few courses, and attend school as a means to give him something to do. Due to his training, he'll have a variety of hard sciences he can build off. Most likely, his field at the end of Spartan Education will look a lot like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The idea is to give Sam a more academic background to enhance his critical thinking, research developing topics, and contribute to the military's academic circle. In doing so, this will include an assortment of degrees, courses, majors, and graduate programs.

Undergraduate University will be completed at a Naval Officers Academy. This will most likely be done online and through a hybrid learning structure to help with concealing his Spartan identity. Majors can include Computation and Cognition, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Behavioral Decision Sciences, Cognitive Sciences, Operations Research, and Quantitative Economics. There is an option to put him into a double-major program since some of these majors can overlap. Minors will not be a focus since I want to have him attend graduate school to expand. At the end of his undergraduate studies, he will not accept a commission and return as an enlisted personnel.


90 Days (TPF) - Collection of Samuel and Aniela. It's my attempt at having a SPARTAN paired with an ONI Section Three officer. I will need to do research to ensure I don't write something too weird.


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